Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Page for Beginners Soon
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Assalamualaikum and hello,

Good news is I have finally received the charger for the camera and insyaAllah,I shall shoot a new video 2moro and publish same the next day.
I plan to create a new page for beginners; i.e for those who may want to start learning how to cook.I will publish starter lessons on basic cooking,for example, how to cook rice etc. insyaAllah. It is not meant for readers who are already good in cooking.I believe that not all of us have rice as staple food and so cooking rice is not something that they know how to do.For some,maybe now they are independent and staying away from home and was not used to cooking for themselves,so, this may be a good time to start.Simple stuff like learning the various herbs and spices commonly used in Malay cooking or how to make sambal belacan or air asam, stuff like that.

I hope readers of umidishes will gain something beneficial from that,insyaAllah.

Berita baik ialah saya sudah pun menerima charger untuk kamera saya hari ini. InsyaAllah besok dapat shoot dan lusa dapat naik muat keblog.

Saya juga bercadang untuk memulakan satu page khusus untuk pembaca yang baru hendak belajar memasak, contohnya seperti cara2 memasak nasi atau cara2 membuat sambal belacan atau air asam dll. kerana saya percaya tidak semua pembaca yang makanan ruji mereka adalah nasi, jadi mungkin mereka tak tahu. Atau pun mungkin sekarang tinggal berjauhan dari keluarga dan baru nak belajar memasak untuk diri sendiri.Saya akan berkongsi benda2 asas seperti rempah ratus yang selalu digunakan dalam masakan Melayu dan sebagainya.

Semuga pembaca umidishes memperolehi munafaat dari page sebegitu,insyaAllah.

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I have nine cats at the moment and two walk-in guest cats.

Introducing the chief,ALI
Mr Ali photo d209bbc2-4e66-490f-b243-0d6df1b7c8d4.jpg

Next Mr.Kin
Mr Akin photo 6edfb406-1fad-4b6c-b423-40496a9a2ab3.jpg

Puan Mok
Puan Mok photo ef7dad26-6c44-4eb6-8862-dfe65ea21528.jpg

recently given birth to Cik Tom,Mr.Panjang and Mr.Bear
 photo e41cfc47-22ab-414f-84af-60add12954ac.jpg

and the 3 youngsters,Mr.Bu,Mr,Teh and Princess
 photo 077fe117-8aef-4c19-ae3e-bcff40611575.jpg

Cats kept me busy and the past few months had been an anxious one with some of them had to spend time being warded at the vet.Tell you more next time.
I hope to see you soon,with new videos.Till then,take care.
I leave you with a video of Chief ALI.



source:I Love Funny Cat Pictures A Lot
photos from Umi Azizan collection


  1. Hi Umi, its good to be able to write comments in your blogs again, you have been gone too long. I am looking forward to what you will be cooking up for us thats for sure. But for now, what do you really look like? Any chance of a real me picture?

    Enjoy your day :)

  2. @Luke Regler
    Hi Luke, you are such a dear friend,always supportive and encouraging. My best wishes to you and wife.Have a great Sunday you two.Kiss baby for me. Take care.

  3. Greetings from London - love your blog and love the recipes and videos. It is also great that you are now doing them in both English and Malay - not only am I getting great cookery lessons, you are helping me increase my Malay vocabulary - an added bonus :)

  4. @Nigel
    Thank you Nigel for the kind comments.Happy cooking.Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the dishes or ingredients that you may not be sure of.
    Salam from Malaysia to you.



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