Monday, September 2, 2013

Check In

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Assalamualaikum and hello,

Been a long while away,and noticed some changes.I too am going to make some changes henceforth. Starting with future videos and the recipes. They will be published in dual languages; English and Bahasa Malaysia. mmm..what else..I will let you know as we go along...depends on how much time I can spend blogging, I guess. I look forward however to share new videos with you,at least once a week.

Notice the disappearance of my followers widget.Unfortunate. It has been replaced with Google+Followers.I am still quite new to all this changes,so if you are previously my followers and likewise I am yours,and you are now on Google+ let me know so we can add and follow each other as before...if you so wish that is. What else is missing...ya the Entrecard. That is so very very sad.

So insyaAllah, God willing, I see you guys soon with a new video. Very likely in a week's time. Somehow I have misplaced the charger of my cam. Looked for it high and low..couldn't find it. Had to order a new one..that would take between 4 days to a week to deliver.That is all for now with regard to the videos and recipes and Google+.

Salam sejahtera buat semua pembaca. Bermula sekarang saya akan menulis, termasuk lah video saya, dalam dwibahasa; Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia. Seperkara lagi, widget Followers yang lama sudah ghaib,digantikan dengan Google+Followers. Andai kata anda dulunya mengikuti saya dan saya percaya saya juga pasti turut mengikuti anda,dan anda sekarang didalam Google+,sila beritahu saya dan kita boleh mengikuti sesama kita kembali..itu pun jika anda mahu. Itu saja buat kali ini.InsyaAllah, kalau diizin Tuhan,saya akan muat naik video2 yang baru ,sekurang2nya seminggu sekali, terpulanglah kepada keaadaan dan masa.

 photo mythought.jpg

 photo Merdeka.jpg
Photo:Declaration of Independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957,31st August by YAM Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia

It is still not too late to wish all Malaysian, happy Independence day (belated).Much have been said about this topic,especially since the nation has just been through the General Election last May,2013. I just want to share a few interesting thoughts about patriotism.

 photo Patriotism-demands-the-ability-to-feel-shame-as-much-as-to-feel-pride.jpg


 photo True-patriotism-hates-injustice-in-its-own-land-more-than-anywhere-else1.jpg


 photo Politics-is-too-partisan-and-sometimes-patriotism-is-cast-aside-Patriotism-is-honor-and-love-of-your-country-and-your-brothers-and-siste.jpg

and therefore

 photo I-do-think-the-patriotic-thing-to-do-is-to-critique-my-country-How-else-do-you-make-a-country-better-but-by-pointing-out-its-flaws-.jpg

and so it goes without saying that

 photo Dissent-is-the-highest-form-of-patriotism.jpg

however,let us speak our mind with patience and wisdom,because

 photo clenchedfist.jpg

I hope we all can learn something from what Confucius had said thousands of years ago,that

 photo confucius.jpg

As a Muslim we know this too,coz everything starts from the home

 photo The-first-responsibility-of-the-Muslim-is-as-teacher-That-is-his-job-to-teach-His-first-school-his-first-classroom-is-within-the-househo.jpg

and spread within the community,town,states and the entire Ummah/Nation.

Till next time,take care of yourself


source: photo Mr.Google/wiki


  1. Kakak mulakan dengan assalamu'alaikum Umi... lama menyepi.
    Welcome back with your recipes for the next N3:)

  2. @Kakzakie
    w/salam my dear kakak.Ya lama menyepi dan bermuhasabah diri :)Terima kasih kerana sudi ziarah

  3. Salam..
    lama menghilang,
    selamat kembali menulis

  4. @Zulkbo
    Terima kasih.gembira dapat menulis kembali,insyaAllah.

  5. Salam, Welcome back!! Thanks for your sharing:D

  6. @MAG
    Thank you and you're welcome

  7. Salam Merdeka to you and thank you for visiting, have a great weekend! :)

  8. @Mariuca
    Salam Merdeka. Visiting your blog is a pleasure.Thank you for your visit and you too have a great weekend.



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