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(Basic) Rice in Coconut Milk with Sambal/ Nasi Lemak (Asas)


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

I am sharing with you today the basic recipe of Nasi Lemak or Rice in Coconut Milk. The basic Nasi Lemak comes with Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis or anchovies in dry chilli gravy,fried anchovies, fried peanuts, cucumber slices and hard boiled egg. In addition Nasi Lemak can also be eaten with curry or rendang and fried chicken.

(Basic) Rice in Coconut Milk/Nasi Lemak (Asas) is usually eaten for breakfast. However nowadays this dish is eaten at any time of the day and night

Here's the video:

Here's the recipe:

The Rice in Coconut Milk/Nasi Lemak

3 cups of rice (wash and drain)
4.5 cups coconut milk
1 tbs salt (or as preferred)
3 pandan leaf (screwpine leaf) essence can also be used if pandan is not available
1 in ginger
1 lemon grass ( bruised)
1) Put the rice into the rice cooker
2) Place the pandan and ginger into the rice
3) Add salt to coconut milk and stir, pour into the rice and stir.
4) Cover the pot with aluminium foil and place the lid. Cook the rice.
5) When cool stir the rice and ready to serve

The Anchovies Gravy / sambal tumis ikan bilis

1 cup dried anchovies
1 big onion slice into rings
1 lemon grass bruised
1/2 cup tarmaring juice
salt and sugar to taste
1/2 - 3/4 cup of oil for frying

chilly paste
20 dried red chillies
1 big onion
2 cloves garlic
1 in shrimp paste
1/2 cup water
Blend all with half cup of water

1) Heat oil and fry chilly paste until oil separates
2) Add tamaring juice,salt, sugar, anchovies and onion
3) Simmer until cooked

Serving suggestion:

Serve nasi lemak with the sambal, slices of cucumber, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and fried peanut.


Accompanied by hard boiled eggs, cucumber slices,fried dried anchovies and fried peanuts

Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaf


A blogger Cowboy Caleb has recently highlighted in facebook a website called

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Kung Fu (1972-75)
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I let the pictures illustrate the Racebending.

Miss Saigon (1989-1999)
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Keith Burns as Thuy

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Antonio Banderas as Ahmad ibn Fadlan

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Genghis Khan (announced, 2013)
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Have a good weekend every one.
Jazakum Allahu Khairan



  1. salam..
    moga sihat empunya blog..

    lapar pula pagi2 nih nampak
    nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang

  2. @zulkbo
    Terima kasih sudi singgah
    Umi nak keluar pergi open house
    Nak pekena satay sebab tempatnya diKajang :)

  3. MashAllah nice me now want it.Thanks for sharing.
    Allah make easy for you

  4. Hi Umi! I love your presentation of Nasi Lemak. Foods should not only be well cooked, it should also be well presented to entice one's appetite.:)
    I'm familiar with the dish. I always order it from restaurants here in Cambodia. It's delicious!

  5. We call nasi lemak here Nasi Uduk.

    Re: David Carradine
    His death was tragic

  6. i like the presentation...looks appetizing!
    are you a chef umi?

  7. @mishkash
    Thank you for visiting. May Allah blesses you always my friend

  8. @Krizza
    Hi dear
    You are living in Cambodia? How interesting. The food of South East Asian counries in particular and from other part of the world in general is more or less easily available in this region.

    Thank you my dear for visiting

  9. @H.Nizam
    Ah I see. I have wondered what Nasi Uduk is. So it is Nasi Lemak ya :)
    Thank you for that info.

    Yes the late Mr Carradine died tragically.A fine actor he was.

    Thanks for dropping by Harry.

  10. @reese

    I am not a chef dear. Just sharing what I cook at home. Sharing what little I know with anyone who wants to learn and try.

    Thank you my dear for visiting

  11. I can almost get the aroma across ..Yummy! ..I love the presentation..

  12. @aynzan

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the kind comment my friend
    Always good to see you here :)

  13. Nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang of course menggamit rasa dgn aromanya lagi huh... Umi mcam nak makan tengok gambar tu...:)

  14. Assalamualaikum Umi,

    Hope not too late in wishing u Eid Mubarak..maaf atas segala silap dan salah...

    Sedap pulak bayangkan nasi lemak panas2..hehe..


  15. Interesting post about yellowfaces, Umihoney!

    I honestly prefer to see Asian faces in kungfu and martial arts movies as they do more justice to the film.

    I can watch Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen from dusk to dawn on any given day without switching channels :)

  16. @Kakzakie

    hahaha..kalau dah berbungkus dengan daun pisang memang rasa nak makan jer.Memang datuk moyang kita pandai membuka selera :)
    Terima kasih singgah Kakzakie
    Salam sejahtera

  17. @Cheqna

    Alahai Cheqna rindu Umi dengan Cheqna yang macam biskut marie ni :)
    Manis jer
    Selamat Eid Mubarak..maafkan kekhilafan Umi ya
    Thanks for dropping by

  18. @teecup
    I couldn't agree more. I'd rather watch Jackie Chan, Jet Lee etc..and feel the real aura of martial art.Countless other actors from Thailand,Korea, Japan, Philippines,Indonesia and Malaysia that I'd rather watch :)

    Thanks for dropping by my dear.

  19. I remember on Television when the show Hawaii 5-0 first premiered, they didn't know how it would do as they were actually using Real Hawaiians and Asians in the roles. It worked wonderfully, and became a television classic. Of all the movies you mentioned, I haven't seen any of them except Mr. Norbit. It should be noted that Eddie Murphy is Black, and he played many roles in that movie, including an old Jewish guy.It was more a matter of make-up magic than yellow face I believe.

  20. Definitely gonna try this. I've always been on the lookout for Indonesian/Malaysian/Singaporean dishes because my husband, who's Indonesian misses his native dishes.

    The Twerp and I

  21. Very nice way to present the dish.......its a very delicious combination of food....loved it :)
    you have a nice space...glad to follow visit my space
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  22. oh,my! I'm drooling over your cooking...yummmmmmmy!

  23. Hhmm,,,,, yammiiiiii.
    food menu is very tempting.

  24. looks yummy,is it spicy? pls visit my post

  25. Dear Umi you have an excellent talent on dishes !!
    btw, I sent an email to you check FB or Gmail

  26. the nasi lemak looks delicious

  27. Yummy!I really miss Nasi Lemak!Hope I can visit Malaysia again.Want to cook this but can't find fresh coconut milk and ikan bilis here. :P

  28. Salam kak. saya silent reader blog akak ni dan terus terang saya cakap, saya amat menyukai blog akak ni sbb ada video tutorial. banyak membantu saya yg baru belajar memasak. Terima Kasih, mm...kemana akak menghilang ye. Semoga terus sihat dan dirahmati Allah -Nani-

  29. My favourite NL tradisional in banana leaf, yum2! :)

  30. Rice in coconut milk is new to me... In the Philippines rice is a staple food and coconut is very loved, combining them is cool! The anchovy dish is savory yum yum!!!

    Lette's Haven

  31. MMMM this is so delcious, I am hungry right now, I am craving thanks for this post gotta try it, I hope I can find all the recipes needed.

    Zero Dramas

  32. not so familiar with the food but looks yummy especially the boiled egg. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  33. Umi... keep on peeping here, but it seems that you are away for so long. Hope you are in good health. Hope also that you may drop few words as your N3 soonest. Miss you dear...


  34. Utterly delicious Nasi Lemak dear...goodness!!! :)



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