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Yellow Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kuning)


Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers,
Yellow Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kuning) is considered as very traditional and plays an integral part in Malay culture.I am sharing with you the recipe of Yellow Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kuning) today for those who wish to make this for Eid at the end of the month.Well if not for Eid, for any occasion, birthdays perhaps.So hope you will have fun trying.

The video:

The recipe:
Yellow Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kuning)
3 cups glutinous rice (soak in plain water with half tbs tumeric paste or powder and 2 pcs asam keping or 1 tbs vinegar to prevent the rice from breaking during steaming)
1 screwpine leaf or pandan
200ml coconut milk
1 cup water
pinch of salt


1) Wash and drain the glutinous rice. Place in steaming tray with the pandan leaf.
2) Pressure cook for 15-20 mins or steam until it's cooked.
3) Add the water to the coconut milk and add salt.Boil for awhile
4) Remove the rice from the steamer into a bowl
5) Add the coconut milk bit by bit and stir to enable the rice to absorb the coconut milk.

Ready ro serve with curry or rendang. Garnish with omelet or hard boiled egg.

Yellow Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kuning)



Glutinous rice plays an important part in Malay culture as much as betel leaf and betel nut.Royalty and commoners alike.Glutinous rice is an integral part of ceremonies like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, engagement, convocation rituals in martial arts and many more especially Yellow Glutinous Rice. This importance is often reflected in the pantuns (Malay poetic form consists of a quatrain)

Mengapa bising di tepi laut,
Ombak menghempas berderai-derai;
Kusangka tuan beras pulut,
Bila ditanak nasi berderai.


Why the commotion by the beach
Where the waves crashes and breaks
Why I thought you are the glutinous rice
When cooked you are but crumbly rice

The comparison of a man to the glutinous rice is symbolic, indicating substance or strength of character.This pantun expresses the disappointment at finding the true character of a person. Till we meet again, take care.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

P.S. I simply have to post here the reply to the classic pantun above by a fellow blogger and a friend Kakzakie of TITISAN NURANI

ku sangka tuan beras pulut
bila ditanak nasi berderai
sungguh tak kenal memang tak patut
bukan beras pulut mestilah terlerai


I thought you are the glutinous rice
When cooked you are but crumbly rice
Really not knowing truly not justified
To expect a glutinous rice from a crumbly rice

source: (koleksi pantun dalam maksud)


  1. Reading about the things you cook have changed my whole idea about food from your part of the world. I always thought your food would be much different than what I eat, but it is more similar than I knew. And it all looks so good.

  2. Salam umi,

    I loves pulut kuning. Every celebration / gathering in my family, pulut kuning is a must one of the dish. We can eat either with curry or rendang. This pulut kuning I can do. Hahaha... (show-off) umi... don't keep in heart.:)

    ku sangka tuan beras pulut
    bila ditanak nasi berderai
    sungguh tak kenal memang tak patut
    bukan beras pulut mestilah terlerai

    Salam ramadhan umi.. 16 days already!!

  3. @Ratty
    We have the same thought Ratty.I too was under the impressions that dishes from the west and other parts of the world are different from what we have here. I was wrong.There are some similarities.
    The wonderful thing about food in every part of the world is their similarity and their uniqueness.
    Thank you Ratty for taking the time to visit and comment.
    Have a great week ahead

  4. @Kakzakie
    I too love pulut kuning and love to make them.Hahaha I know you are showing off and I think you are a pretty good cook.Johor food is awesome.

    I simply have to post your reply to the pantun.I love it.

    Thank you Kakzakie for visiting me

  5. salam..
    pulut kuning mengingatkan
    saya zaman remaja dahulu
    dari berkhatan sehingga
    ke lulus periksa mesti
    di adakan majlis makan pulut
    kuning, tanda kesyukuran.

  6. Assalamualaikum Umi,

    Yellow Glotonious Rice (Nasi Kuning) hmmm ....
    In Indonesia we call it nasi kuning usually served during special occasions.
    So it will be great for Ied.

    I love the pantun.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Aiyo, long time didn't eat pulut kunyit suddenly crave for it....

  8. @zulkbo
    Ya betul. Khatam quran buat sebelah pagi,alahai sedap makan dengan rakan semengaji dan arwah tok guru. Kenangan tu.
    Terima kasing berkunjung sahabat.

  9. @Multibrand
    This dish is indeed meant for special occasions and thanks(kesyukuran) for Allah's blessings.

    You like the pantun Harry?So do I and I am also lucky a friend "bought" the pantun i.e. reply

    Thank you Harry for the visit

  10. @Pete
    Hello Pete.Good to see you here my friend.
    Haiya kawan, you are a superb cook.I know you can make this with one eye close la :)

    Thanks for the visit Pete



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