Saturday, September 7, 2013



I'd like to thank my fellow blogger and friend Rovie of

Anything About Bella

for giving me this award. I am truly honoured and touched by her kindness. This is so unexpected and a pleasant surprise. Thank you Rovie.

As usual I will in turn give this award to my fellow bloggers. The following recipients are required to link back to the one who has given the award and pass it along to other blogger friends preferably post on blog along with their links.

So I hereby pass this awards to the following bloggers who has given me knowledge, joy and inspiration with their writings.

Harry Nizam of MULTIBRAND

Luke of Jakarta News

Namz of Namz Crypt

Ratna of Cerita Ratna

Interesting Photos of Interesting Photos

Pete of Pete Formation Foodie

A Five Minute Vacation of A Five Minute Vacation

Kat of A Woman's Note

Funny as Fcuk of Funny as Fcuk

Sdr. Zulkbo of Zulkbo

Boja of Boja Linuxer

Kakzakie of Titisan Nurani

c2u of c2u

Love of Love to Cook

Congtatulations to the above mentioned bloggers.Happy blogging. The blogosphere is made interesting by your presence.Thank you Rovie once again for the award.

I leave you with this inspirational video dedicated to all my fellow bloggers. Thank you all for being my friend.Love and peace to all.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan



  1. Wow... fantastic!! I thought when you asked me to peep here it could be a special dish displyed for me. Unexpected view... really great appreciate as I'am in the list given the award. Again thanks so much dear!!

  2. Assalamualaikum Umi,

    Congratulations for the Versatile Award, you deserve it Umi.

    And thank you very much for passing the wonderful award to me. It really means a lot to me.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. @Kakzakie
    You're very welcome.
    This is something nice for you and hope it will make your day brighter and happier today.
    Take care

  4. @Harry Nizam
    w/salam Harry and thank you.

    You have been a constant friend from my very early days of blogging. You too deserve this award for you are truly an awesome blogger.You're very welcome Harry.

    gratz to you Harry

  5. salam..
    terima kasih ingatkan saya..
    dah 2 kali dapat award dari
    Puan, pertama masa mula blogging
    dulu.. Bonk AVA Award :)
    mungkin saya tak tayang di blog
    tapi tetap di dalam hati

  6. Hey, thanks for the awards. Have a nice weekend!

  7. @zulkbo

    Budi baik sahabat umi kenang selamanya
    masa umi baru blogging sahabat ambil peduli dan support umi.Tak terbalas umi kebaikan sahabat cuma Allah jua membalasnya.

    Tak tayang takpa Umi tahu sudah mencukupi sebab Umi ikhlas dan Umi tahu sahabat juga ikhlas.

    Salam sejahtera buat sahabat sekeluarga

  8. @Pete
    You're very welcome Pete
    You too have a great weekend.

  9. Terima kasih sangat Umi... Umi sememangnya sahabat yang amat baik, terharu menerima semua pemberian Bunda ini, akan saya ambil dan saya letak pada kumpulan award sahabat, salam hormat pada Umi.. Bunda yang baik hati.. :)

  10. @Boja Linuxer
    Boja, Umi akan senantiasa kenang budi baik Boja yang peduli semasa Umi baru saja berblog. Boja setia ziarah umi dari saat itu sehingga kini. Tidak terbalas umi budi baik Boja terhadap Umi.

    Semuga Allah jua yang membalas keikhlasan Boja.

  11. Thank you, this is my first award.I am humbled. I'm glad you have found inspiration and fun in my blabberings. thanks for stopping by the blog, and thanks so much for the award.

  12. @Mike
    Im happy to see you here Mike. I love your blog. You deliver truth in your own way and make a difference.
    Gratz for this award. You deserve many more.
    Have a great weekend

  13. thank you for the link umi dear... and that video is so inspiring... i was so touched by the truth of it. would you mind if i borrow it and post it in my blog?

    Congratulations dear!

  14. @rovie
    You are very welcome dear
    No I don't mind hun, go ahead and use it.Just copy the source at the bottom i.e owner of the video coz I took it from youtube :)

    Have a great weekend Rovie

  15. thanks dear... i'll post that one later... meantime need some time offline... have a great day!

  16. Congratulations to you and to your chosen winners!

    Have a fantastic weekend and have fun all the time!

    Show Me Your Look Today

  17. @Micheal

    Thank you Myke You too have a great weekend ya
    Thanks for taking the time to visit me

  18. Hi Umi, Sorry not visited sooner, been busy. There are many blogs I read and I can honestly say yours is always informative and helpful and well thought through and so your award is totally deserved. Well done.
    I am also honored and delighted that you want to pass it onto me as well. Thank you very much. I will add it to my blog shortly.
    Again thank you very much :D

  19. @Luke
    Thank you for the kind comments and for accepting the award.
    Your blog has been a pleasure to read and the info is truly helpful and an eye opener for some.You deserve this award too Luke.

    Have a great Sunday Luke



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