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Smash Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Penyek)


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

In most shopping mall now in Kuala Lumpur we can find a Nasi Ayam Penyek outlet or loosely translated as Smash Chicken Rice.Smash Chicken Rice or Nasi Ayam Penyek is of Indonesian origin. A friend gave me the recipe recently and so I am sharing it with you. The recipe consists of the rice, the chicken, the tofu and tempe or fermented soya bean, the soup and the chilli sauce.
The rice and the soup are my own version.

I supposed there are many ways of cooking this Ayam Penyek. Maybe in future I could find a really good one. For now I think this is quite good. So hope you will try this.

Here's the video.

And here's the recipe.
Smash Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Penyek)


3 cups Basmathi rice or any white rice (soak for 1 hour and drain)
3 cups chicken stock
1.5 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup butter
1in. ginger (pounded)
2 pandan leaf(screw pine)

2 cloves garlic (pounded)
1 big onion slice
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp cardamom
2 stick cinnamon
1 star anise

1) Wash and drain the rice. Place in a pot with the pandan leaf.
2) In a deep pan, heat the butter and fry the onion,garlic,ginger and the spices.
3) Fry until brown
4) Add the chicken stock and the evaporated milk.
5) Add salt to taste.
6) Pour the mixture into the rice. Stir well.
7) Cover the pot with foil. Place the lid.
8) Cook the rice in the rice cooker.
7) When the rice is cook, stir the rice.
8) Put the rice on warm for further 5-10 minutes.
Ready to serve.Garnish with fried shallots



1 chicken (cut into 4, boil.Keep the stock for rice and soup)
1 big onion (blend with half cup of water)
3 garlic (pounded/grated)
3 in. ginger (grated/pounded)
1 tbs chicken curry powder
some rice flour
enough oil for frying
salt to taste

1 tbs black peppercorn (grind)
1 tbs fennel (roasted,grind)
1 tbs cumin (roasted,grind)
3 tbs coriander seeds (roasted,grind)

1) Place the boiled chicken in a bowl.Add all the spices,onion,garlic,ginger and curry powder. Marinate for few hours.
2) Coat the chicken with the rice flour.
3) Fry until brown.
4) Smash the chicken with a stone pounder or the side of a chopper.
5) Cut the chicken and place in a plate to serve.


3 pcs. of tofu cut into four
1 pc of tempe slice thinly
enough oil for frying

1) Use the ingredients for marinating the chicken to marinate the tofu and tempe
2) Coat the tofu and tempe with rice flour and fry until brown.
3) Serve.


3 pcs. Japanese egg tofu
3 pcs dried tofu
3 tbs mixed frozen vegetables
1 cup glass noodles (cut and soak in boiling water)
1 piece dried sheet bean curd (break into small pieces and soak in boiling water)
3 cloves garlic (pounded)
1 in ginger(pounded)
2 tbs soya bean paste
1 tbs oil
1 litre chicken stock
some spring onion for garnishing

1) Heat oil and fry the ginger,garlic and soya bean paste for few minutes.
2) Add the chicken stock.
3) Add dried tofu,mixed veges,glass noodles,dried bean curd and bring to boil.
4) Add the egg tofu and let it boil.
5) Salt to taste.Serve and garnish with spring onion.


6 pcs. fresh chilli (remove seeds)
1 big onion ( cut into 4)
1 tomato ( cut into 4)
6 pcs. garlic
1/2 cup sugar
juice from 2 lime
1 tbs shrimp paste
salt to taste
oil for frying

1) Fry the chillies,onion,tomato and garlic.
2) In a blender place the chillies,onion,garlic,shrimp paste,lime juice,sugar and salt.
3) Adjust the taste and ready to serve.

Smash Chicken Rice (Nasi Ayam Penyek)


Yesterday I posted an article on the riots in London.I have not included the real incident that triggered the riots in the first place.I have however posted the link to Al Jazeera English should you wish to read in detail about the killing of Mark Duggan a 29-year-old resident of the Tottenham neighbourhood in London which had spurred some residents to march to the Tottenham police station to express their anger and demand answers about Duggan's death.

I am happy to note that my posting has received a response from a resident in London who is also a fellow blogger. I'd like to share with you his comment which would give you a better picture of what is really happening there.

FunnyAsFcuk. said...

I live in England and the London Rioting started because one guy was shot dead by the police as the young guy had a gun but there was no proof that the young guy tried to used it so the young people thought this was wrong and started the first day of rioting.
Then the Rioters saw that the police was scared to stopping them so they started hitting the town centres and stole and looted the more hight class stores.
I am 20 and go to University do you see me rioting no this rioting cost England over 200 million pounds which I saw in the news so in a time of recession and these young people do this.
I was here and I am young same age as them I do not support what they did at all they where just thieves look for what next to steal.
The looter have killed and bad hared a lot of people for example a old man was trying to stop a fire to help and they put him in a hospital nearly killed him so in my view there rioters where uneducated and heart less people all they care about was stealing so this all started because that young man was shot dead by the police not because of the cut of jobs and other thing but that did contribute to the rioting.
I just want to add my views of the rioting hope you like.

May peace reign again in the street of London.Till we meet again.Take care.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan



  1. salam..
    memang betul,banyak terdapat di serata
    shooping complex..salah satu KLCC,saya
    pun tak ketinggalan..sedap kerana ayamnya
    lembut :)

  2. Good morning dear! Being a chickenlover, I'm not craving for your Nasi Ayam Penyek ( I see some shops name it as Penyet ).

    What a lovely menu...ahhh drool drool drool!!! :D~~~~

  3. Umi... the moment you open the rice cooker automatic my eye's open wider. Huh... really goods. The basmathi rice you used must be great!!... Kakak want it umi huhuhu....

    Again open my eye with the riot at London right now...:(

  4. @zulkbo
    Ya ayamnya lembut.
    Terima kasih sudi singgah dan komentar di blog umi
    Selamat berbuka

  5. @♥LOVE2COOK♥
    Hahaha now i wonder which is the right spelling.

    Thanks for dropping by dear friend.

  6. @Kakzakie

    :)..ya it's good but pretty expensive.

    Thank you luv for dropping by and leaving me a comment.
    Enjoy the breaking of fast with your loved ones



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