Saturday, September 7, 2013

Salted/Dried Fish with Pineapple in Spicy Gravy(Masak Lemak Ikan Kering dengan Nenas)


Assalamualaikum and hello dear Readers.

Another quick and simple dish for lunch or dinner or Iftar.I am sharing with you a dish called Salted/Dried Fish with Pineapple in Spicy Gravy(Masak Lemak Ikan Kering dengan Nenas) If you don't like pineapple, you can use sweet potato or pumpkin. As usual the amount of chillies can be reduced if you wish. I have used Salted/Dried Red Snapper. Dried fish is quite expensive nowadays. My grandmother used to make her own dried fish as were the norm with fishing folks in Langkawi and other fishing villages in Malaysia.

Here's the video

Here's the recipe:
Salted/Dried Fish with Pineapple in Spicy Gravy(Masak Lemak Ikan Kering dengan Nenas)

400 gm salted fish (soak in warm water for half hour and drain)
1 small pineapple (cut into small pieces)
30 green Thai chillies (blend with half cup of water)
2 tbs turmeric powder
2 lemon grass (bruised)
1 turmeric leaf
1 litre coconut milk
salt to taste.


1) Place all ingredients in a deep pan or pot and slowly bring to boil.
2) Put salt if necessary
3) Ready to serve


  1. Assalam mualaikum Umi,

    Salted/Dried Fish with Pineapple ? Yummy!
    I remember living in KL years ago my Mom prepared similar dish with Salted Fish (we call it Ikan Asin) from Penang (?).

    Re: your two males
    Wish I can help you take care of Ali and Abu Bakar but vets here are usually full during Ramadhan.
    Hope you would enjoy their company.

    Thanks for sharing, Umi.

  2. @Multibrand
    W/salam Harry
    Northern would be curry Ikan Kering with Nenas also apart from the lemak.

    I do enjoy their company.Love them both.Just that Ali is being Alpha and hurting Abu. Well, it's a cat's world :)
    Thanks for the visit Harry dear.

  3. Owh no..I was craving for something like masak lemak today, ended up making fish curry due to unavailability of ingredients.

    Salted fish with pineapples masak lemak...first time seeing such a dish and I bet it tastes heaven! Truly appetizing.

    Owh poor Abu...

    I actually had shoutbox since the day I started blogging but removed it just recently due to spam messages and I sometimes unable to reply all. Thanks for passing by my blog dear, though no updates...:)

    Have a blessed Iftar :)

  4. @♥LOVE2COOK♥

    Would be great if you have one dear.Look around for one with captcha to prevent spam.

    Thank you for dropping by.Probably in time Ali will slow down :)

  5. ass..
    aduh puasa-nya jadi pingin batal deh..hehehe. air liur di lidah jadi ngecees ni.hehehe

    nice post Umi slm

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  7. @Wisata Murah

    Sabar sahabat :)
    Thank you for dropping by dear friend

  8. @Liz
    Thank you for visiting .I shall visit you.

  9. Umi, never forget you share the house with the cats not the cats share the house with you. They invite you into their world never the other way round.
    They might get better in time, mean while enjoy their world.

    Great recipe again.

    Have a great week and rest and no stress

  10. @Luke
    Ya Luke I will always remember that.Thank you for reminding me. They choose to be with me and have made me happy since they were tiny kittens.

    Thank you Luke for dropping by.You too have a good week.Hope the week ahead would bring some rain.



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