Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pineapple Salad (Jelatah)


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

I love salads especially if they are chilli hot and crunchy with peanuts. I am sharing with you one such salad. It is called Pineapple Salad (Jelatah). This salad is great with Briyani or Pulau rice or buttered rice. There are many ways to prepare this salad. What I am sharing with you is the way that was taught to me by my late mum.

As usual you can adjust the chilli accordingly. The taste is up to you also,you can adjust the sugar and the lime juice according to your taste. Have fun trying Pineapple Salad (Jelatah).

Here's the video:

Here's the recipe:
Pineapple Salad (Jelatah)

1 small ripe pineapple (slice into small pieces)
1 cucumber ( slice into this strips )
1 big onion (slice into rings)
2 tomatoes (slice thinly)
1 cup roasted peanuts (pound roughly)
4 tbs dried shrimp (soak in boiling water and pound)
10 fresh red chillies ( remove seeds and pound)
juice from 3 lime
2 tbs sugar
salt to taste


1) Place pineapple in a mixing bowl
2) Add in chilli, lime juice,sugar and salt.
3) Mix and squeeze some juice out from the pineapple.
4) Add shrimps,peanuts, cucumber and onion mix well.
5) Add lastly the tomatoes.Taste the salad to adjust the salt,sugar and lime juice.
6) Ready to serve.

Have fun trying.


  1. I love this dish, it looks so yummy and nutritious. Yes, let us all pray that the troubles escalating in UK would subside and peace will reign in that part of the world. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  2. Umi... I love this..:) Dont' say briyani, white rice also can easily finished 2 plate. Hehehe...

    Your thought on the incident happened at London hope can open our eyes. If here they scared with berseh more than that can also occur here... Allah.... umi everyday Allah shown us a lot of lessons but seems some just ignore it...:(

  3. I like in England and the London Rioting started because one guy was shot dead by the police as the young guy had a gun but there was no proof that the young guy tried to used it so the young people thought this was wrong and started the first day of rioting.
    Then the Rioters saw that the police was scared to stopping them so they started hitting the town centres and stole and looted the more hight class stores.
    I am 20 and go to University do you see me rioting no this rioting cost England over 200 million pounds which I saw in the news so in a time of recession and these young people do this.
    I was here and I am young same age as them I do not support what they did at all they where just thieves look for what next to steal.
    The looter have killed and bad hared a lot of people for example a old man was trying to stop a fire to help and they put him in a hospital nearly killed him so in my view there rioters where uneducated and heart less people all they care about was stealing so this all started because that young man was shot dead by the police not because of the cut of jobs and other thing but that did contribute to the rioting.
    I just want to add my views of the rioting hope you like.

  4. Assalamualaikum Umi,

    Pineapple Salad it looks good although I have never tried it. One thing love about salad is that its is more 'safer' because it is made mostly of fruit, vegetables.

    I am going to make it for fast breaking.

    Re: Your thought
    It is very sad what happened in Britain, I always thought that present days Europe is
    a tranquil place to live.
    But after what happened in Norway and then Britain, also France not long ago, I believe that no place is free from violence.

  5. @Mel Avila Alarilla
    This salad is one of the popular salad dish serve in weddings. Hope you will try it if you have the ingredients. For vegans the shrimps can be omitted and it will still taste good.

    It's always sad to see unrest anywhere in the world. However unrest did not just erupted for no reason out of the blue. Issues that are ignored and not resolved will find a way of erupting.

    Thank you for your visit.Appreciate it very much my friend.

  6. @Kakzakie

    Hahaha..2 plates of rice.Agree with you.I can eat this salad as it is without rice :)

    Kakzakie indeed you are right. They can ignore people's cry for justice and fair level of playing field but for how long. Next generation will take the matter up if the current generation fail to do so. Nothing last forever not even power.

    Thank you dear for dropping by.Much love for you Kakzakie.

  7. @FunnyAsFcuk

    I welcome your comment and opinion very much.Yes I like your comment.
    As an outsider I don't know the exact situation as you are, the resident of London. I did say as per Jazeera report it was due to alleged police racism. I was commenting in passing and referring the article for further info to the readers if they wish to know more.
    I guess it's only fair to tell the readers how the Riots for Justice started. I will take this up in the next post.
    I thank you for your lengthy comments and appreciate your side of the real story

    May Allah protects you and the people of London from the brutality and atrocities of heartless people.

  8. @Multibrand
    WOW Harry you are going to make this?...that is quite something..I didn't know you are adept around the kitchen too. Man of many talent ya :)

    Ya the protest was a shock considering the British abhorrent to anything distasteful and violent display of emotion. Alas, nothing is impossible in the year of 2011. I'm beginning to think this is a year of uprising for the people of the good old earth of ours.

    Thank you Harry for stopping by.Always good to see you here my friend.

  9. im not really a fan of tomatoes, but this one :O
    it just looks so delicioussss >.<

  10. @april
    Thank you April for taking the time to visit and comment.

    The tomatoes are not many and yes they do taste good here :)
    Take care and have a great weekend



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