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Welcoming Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum and hello to all my readers,

Very soon Ramadhan Al Mubarak will be with us again. As per the custom in my family we usually do a spring cleaning of the house...discarding all the stuff that has long exceeded their usefulness but somehow can't bring myself to throw them all away. Likewise I have also done some pruning online. Tea With Umi is shelved temporarily at the moment until I decide it's future course. And I will be sharing the dishes of Tea With Umi with you here especially for the Ramadhan. Apart from that, my facebook account Umihoney Azizan will also undergo a transformation. It will be known as Umidishes henceforth.

The first recipe from Tea With Umi that I am sharing with you here is Cucur Udang Utara or Shrimp Fritters

cucur udang utara
(pix from teawithumi collection)

Cucur Udang or Shrimp Fritters is one of the favourite 'kueh' for afternoon tea or supper in the northern states of Malaysia like Penang, Kedah and Perlis. This fritters is also a favourite 'kueh' for the breaking of fast during Ramadhan. The cucur in the north is normally served with fried tofu and cucumber slices dip in peanut sauce. In other places the cucur is not served with cucumber and fried tofu; and chilli sauce usually accompany this cucur instead of peanut sauce.

Enjoy the video.

And here's the recipe

cucur udang
(pix from teawithumi collection)


Peanut Sauce
3 cups peanut (fry in oil and grind/pounded)
20 dried red chillies ( fry in oil and grind/pounded)
1 in shrimp paste (fry in oil and pounded)
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup tamarind juice
2 big onions (quartered and fry lightly in oil and pounded)
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients with some water. The gravy shouldn't be too runny nor too thick.

cucur udang utara
(pix from teawithumi collection)


500 gm flour
1 cups bean sprout (wash and drain)
4 stalk spring onions (wash and cut into small pieces)
1 tbs tumeric powder
1 cups shrimp
1 egg
salt to taste
enough water for mixing
5 cups vegetable oil for deep frying


1) Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with some water. The consistency shouldn't be too thick nor runny.
2) Using a spoon scoop the batter and deep fry the batter until golden brown.
3) Drain on tissue or dish cloth. Cut into bite pieces and serve with fried tofu, cucumber slices and peanut sauce or Chilly sauce if you prefer.


Ramadan Comments
Ramadan Comments

Ramadhan will be here soon. As always we will undergo a one month compulsory training programme. The question is are we a better Muslim now than we are last year and the year before that and the year before that. Have we make a difference to our fellow human beings regardless of religion, colour or creed. Have we become a good embassador of Islam especially Muslims leaders ,following in the footsteps of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was just,fair, kind,loving, forgiving and tolerant to all mankind. He upheld the right of the masses, men and women, young and old, rich or poor. believers and non-believers alike. I am positive if we do that, dictators in the Muslim world would be non existent.

This Ramadhan may we take the time to do a much needed Jihad within ourselves. What is this Jihad? I am not asking anyone to take up arms. The Jihad that is most pressing is the acquisition of knowledge.Seek the knowledge within Quran. Don't be a Muslim by birth only. Learn the true teachings of Islam. Read the Quran and understand the words of Allah that will guide us here and beyond. Self-improvement is also key. Make a point to learn new things and new skills.Pursue knowledge so that you may be honourable and respected. Do not hate what you do not know; for the greater part of knowledge consists of what you do not know.That is why man is at enmity with what he does not know.

Allow me to share with you some quotes from Saidina Ali (r.a)about knowledge:

1) The man the most secure in his knowledge is he, whose convictions are not weakened by doubt.

2) Choose the best part of each science, as the bee sips the most delicate part of the flower.

3) Gain knowledge: it adorns you, if you are rich, and feeds you, if you are poor.

4) By knowledge you are saved; by ignorance, lost.

5) Riches diminish by expenditure, while knowledge is increased by dissemination.

6) The rare a thing, the more its value increases, except knowledge: the more diffused it is the more valuable.

However do remember that:

7) The knowledge the most useful is what one puts into practice.

Last but not least I leave you with this reminder:

That knowledge is very superficial which remains only on your tongue; the intrinsic merit and value of knowledge is that you act upon it.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

p.s. Each day think,reason,reflect and ponder.

- Imam Ali (r.a)
Book Reference :
Quoted from "Maxims of Ali"


  1. salam Umi,

    Lama dah takder resepi Umi sihat ker?

  2. @mankucai
    umi sihat terima kasih. Sibuk dengan business takder masa nak shoot.Hopefully soon.
    Take care.

  3. salam..
    ermmm..resepi cucoq utara ka nih?
    memang sedap time berbuka puasa..
    moga sihat Puan Honey kita ye..?

  4. @zulkbo
    w/salam sahabat
    LOL biasa la orang utara mesti kata anything utara the best..matter of opinion kan..orang Pahang sure suka masakan Pahang..:)
    Terima kasih sudi singgah rumah Umi ni
    Take care

  5. @rusliesophian
    Thank you my friend for dropping by. Always very glad to see you here.
    Take care

  6. Its nice to see you posting after a long time. Welcome back to the world of blogging.

  7. @collin
    Hi my friend.Good to see you here.Thanks for dropping by my friend.

  8. Hello Umi,

    I am very happy to know that your are updating this blog again. It seems like ages.

    Cucur Udang Utara ? hmmmmmmm.... yam, yam, it would be great for Buka Puasa.

    I am glad that we will be having Ramadhan soon, it will give us (especially me) an opportunity to improve myself.

  9. @Multibrand
    Hi Harry,
    I'm so glad to see you here. I know it's been a awhile :)

    I share that sentiment too regarding Ramadhan.Great opportunity to improve ourselves ya.
    Thank you Harry for dropping by and taking the time to leave me a comment.
    Take care



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