Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tapioca in Palm Sugar Syrup (Sira Ubi Kayu)

sira ubi kayu

Hello my dear Readers,

Assalamualaikum.In this outing I am sharing with you a sweet dish called Sira Ubi Kayu or Tapioca in Palm Sugar Syrup.This dish doesn't take long to prepare and it is also cheap. Sira Ubi Kayu is also very popular during Ramadhan. If palm sugar is not available,we can substitute it with brown sugar.Tapioca in Palm Sugar Syrup makes a nice treat for afternoon tea. You can reduce or add more sugar according to your preference.One thing to remember, choose tapioca that is fresh,to get a soft fluffy texture after boiling.

Enjoy the video.

Here is the recipe:


3 tapioca (cut into small pieces wash and boil until soft)
3 palm sugar
1 cup sugar
a pinch of salt
pandan leaf (substitute with cinnamon if not available)
1/2 liter water

1) In a pot put in palm sugar,sugar and pandan leaf.Add in water and boil.
2) Boil until the sugar dissolve and add salt.
3) Let the syrup simmer until it is reduced by 3/4.
4) Add the boiled tapioca and simmer further until the tapioca have absorbed the syrup.
5) Remove from stove.Ready to serve.

Have fun trying.


I felt like having dinner while watching the news on Al Jazeera.


I made this simple dinner of Black Pepper Beef Hailam Style. The weather has been extremely warm,I didn't feel like eating much coz I have been drinking plain water all day.Feel so thirsty and dehydrated.

I want to share with you the news.

North Korea stricken by flood.


About 46,000 hectares (113,666 acres) of fields in South Phyongan and South Hwanghae provinces also known as the "main granaries of the country."were destroyed by the flood.The flood was caused by the heaviest rains ever recorded in North Korea.At least 600 people are dead or missing , approximately the homes of 240,000 families were detroyed, leaving some 900,000 others flood-stricken.Unfortunately about 200,000 hectares of cropland was submerged and buried under silt or washed away just before the farmers could harvest.

South Korea hit by deadly mudslides

Heavy rainfall of about 400mm in 17hrs has hit South Korea this week starting on Tuesday afternoon.More than 250mm fell on Chuncheon in the last two days causing two landslides in separate areas.Five people were killed and two are missing in the landslide that occurred in a mountain resort in Chuncheon. In the second landslide which occurred in Southern Seoul,there were five casualties and 800 houses were flooded.

My sympathy for the people of North and South Korea.How unfortunate.This come at a time when the leaders of the two countries are supposed to meet for talks in a landmark summit between the two Koreas sometime end of August.The summit is now postponed to early October.

I am still hoping for some rain.I am positively wilting here.I see you soon.Take care.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

source & pix from:
Al Jazeera
umidishes album


  1. Your dinner looks delectable! I wish I had your cooking skills. I'm such a terrible cook. I'm only good in eating food.

  2. @teecup

    Aww..thank you for the compliment.I can cook but only those that we usually have at home. Wish I could cook like a chef.

    And honestly I wish I could write as good as you.Your blog is so amazingly good.

    Thank you dear friend for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment.

  3. Assalamualikum,

    Tapioca in Palm Sugar, it would be great
    for breaking our fast during Ramadhan.
    I really love tapioca, Umi.
    In Indonesia we call it Singkong, while
    ubi is sweet potato.

    Have a wonderful Ramadhan.

  4. @Harry Nizam
    yes indeed its good..I like it too. Here sweet potato is keledek :)

    You too Harry have a wonderful Ramadhan.Thank you for dropping by

  5. salam..
    kenapa saya macam tak pernah makan pula sira ubi kayu ni?ermmm..tak cukup melayu lagi..he he

    Simpati buat mangsa bencana alam di Korea tu..

  6. @zulkbo
    Ada banyak lagi makanan Melayu yang Umi sendiri pun belum rasa dan ingin sangat nak belajar. Kita pun ada banyak negeri dan pelusuk yang punya belbagai masakan. Bukan sahabat tak cukup Melayu,belum terjumpa :)

    Terima kasih kunjungannya.



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