Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fried Kuey Teow

kuey teow goreng

Dear Readers,
Assalamualaikum and hello to all.I am bringing back the recipe for Fried Kuey Teow for umidishes readers, which was previously posted in Tea With Umi,due to the numerous request from friends for the recipe.This is also a favourite dish for breaking fast even though it is a common enough dish, consumed by Malaysians at all hours of the day and nite.

Like all dishes in Asia, there are various ways of preparing Fried Kuey Teow, Chinese style, Mamak style, Malay style and also Thai style. This is my favourite style, taught to me by my mum, coz of the taste of the crunchy peanuts used in this dish. If Kuey Teow is not available in your area you may use pasta or spaghetti or noodles.

So I hope you will give this dish a try. Enjoy the video.

Here's the recipe:

Fried Kuey Teow (Kuey Teow Goreng)

900gm Kuey Teow (wash and drained.Alternatively you may use pasta or spaghetti or yellow noodles)
20 pcs dried red chillies (boil and blend with 1/2 cup water)
1 big onion (slice thinly/pounded)
6 cloves garlic (slice thinly/pounded)
2 pcs tofu (fried and slice thinly)
1 cup meat (slice thinly)
1 cup shrimps
1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup peanuts/groundnuts (roasted and grind coarsely)
1 cup chives (cut roughly size of matchstick)
4 tbs black soy sauce
2 tbs tomato sauce
1/2 cup fish sauce (salt if fish sauce is not available)
2 eggs
1/2 cup water
4 tbs oil for frying

3 fresh red chillies (slice thinly)
1 cup fried onions
4 pcs kalamansi lime (ordinary lime can also be used)
1 stalk spring onions (slice thinly)
1 stalk chinese celery (slice thinly)


1) Heat the oil and fry onions followed by garlic
2) Fry for few minutes until slightly brown.
3) Add in the chilli paste and the meat.Add in half cup of water to tenderised the meat. Let it simmer until the meat is tender.
4) Add in the prawns and tofu. Let it simmer for few more minutes.
5) Add in the fish sauce or salt to taste.
6) Add the Kuey Teow and stir until all the ingredients are well mixed.
7) Make a space in the centre of the wok and pour the egg. Scramble with a fork.When the eggs are about to set cover them with Kuey Teow.
8) Add in the bean sprout and chives. Stir for few more minutes.
9) Sprinkle some groundnuts.Ready to serve.
10) Garnish when serving.

Bon apetit

kuey teow goreng


  1. kuey teow kurang pedas 1 kak

  2. @sepaku
    Hi edy,
    Good to see you here..No no no..makan yang pedas jugak..nah amik kau LOL

    Thanks for dropping by little bro

  3. salam..
    panjangnya entri..
    berlainan genre..
    kalau di post dalam
    dua entri baik untuk
    SEO dan ping blog..
    he he..

    ***realiti saya suka kueyteow kerang...
    bab poligami saya tetap mengikut hukum Allah...
    tapi pada yang mahukannya.. selidiki diri anda, mampukah?

  4. @zulkbo
    w/salam sahabat

    Artikel ditulis kerana Allah jua. ping tak ping lantaklah..it was never a concern to me.There are times when I have nothing to say and you wont see anything at all hahaha.And when I do, this is it.

    Ya agree with kerang it would be awesome.

    Thank you for dropping by.

  5. Fried Kueh Teow....my favourite...with lots of eggs in it...lol!

    Hey, I remember this show, Madu Tiga...real funny!

  6. @pete
    Great to see you here my friend..ya la P.Ramlee sure no one can forget

    Thanks for dropping by Pete



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