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Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang

Assalamualaikum Dear Readers,

In this outing umidishes presents Nasi Dagang literally means Trading Rice. I don't know why it is called that. Perhaps someone could shed some light on this.It is a popular dish in the East Coast states of Malaysia i.e Kelantan and Trengganu as well as Southern Thailand. In Kelantan the rice is prepared using the Nasi Dagang rice while in Trengganu the rice used is a ratio of 1:3 i.e 1 part of glutinous rice is mixed with 3 parts of Thai scented rice. The rice is eaten with tuna gravy,boiled egg and vegetables pickle and chilly sambal. Nasi Dagang is a breakfast dish actually but nowadays it is eaten at all times.

If you don't like to use fish you can substitute the fish with chicken and use meat curry powder instead of fish curry powder.

Here's the video.

Here's the recipe:


Nasi Dagang

The Rice
3 cups Nasi Dagang Rice or
1 cup glutinous rice mix with 3 cups Thai scented rice
(soak overnight or 6-7 hrs)

3-4 cups coconut milk (boil with pinch of salt)
1 in. or thumb size ginger (slice thinly)
6 shallots (slice thinly)
1 tbs halba or fenugreek

1) Wash and drain rice. Steam for 1 and a half to 2 hrs.
2) Place the rice in a bowl. Add the shallots,ginger and fenugreek.
3) Stir in the coconut milk a bit at a time until the rice has absorbed the coconut milk.
4) Place in a steamer and steam again until rice is cooked.

Ready to serve

Tuna Gravy or Gulai Ikan Tuna Nasi Dagang
Gulai Ikan Tuna Nasi Dagang


2 pcs. Tuna fish (clean and wash. Boil with 5 asam keping or 2 tbs. vinegar and salt)
6 cups of coconut milk
2 tbs fish curry powder
salt to taste
1 tbs sugar

Chilly paste:
20-30 pcs of dried chillies (boiled until soft)

1 in or thumb size galaghal
6 shallots

Blend all ingredients until fine.

1) Boil coconut until bubbly and oil surface on the top.
2) Add in the chilly paste and curry powder. Boil again for 5 minutes until the chilly and curry powder are cooked.Keep the fire at low.
3) Add in the fish and boil for few more minutes.
4) Salt and sugar to taste.
5) Lastly add the Thai fresh chillies. Ready to serve with the rice.


The other day I went to an old part of Kuala Lumpur; Chow Kit Road. This is an amazing place to shop. I went to the wet market section. Here I can get food supplies from all over Malaysia. I don't have to go to Penang to get authentic Penang prawn paste or belacan nor I have to go to Kedah to get fermented fish or ikan pekasam. The arrays of herbals in any form be it roots or shoots found here could make me a jamu/traditional herbal medicines producer if I want to.

Here too I can see the extent of immigrants influx; Indonesian,Phillipinos, Bangladeshis, Africans and so on. They seemed to like to congregate here. Most likely because the prices are cheaper here due to the many bundle traders and wholesale malls and shops as well as the numerous cheap lodgings.

The shops and stalls are old and some are downright derelict. It would be a good idea to rebuild the market area. Make the area free from fire hazards and most importantly a hygienic and healthy place for all to trade and shop.Cleanliness should be the order of the day.

Till we meet again take care of yourself.I leave you with an oldie by our late Sudirman.May Allah place him among his beloved servants.AlFatihah.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan

1)source of Chow Kit road photo:

2)source of video on Chow Kit:

3)source of pix: umiazizan album


  1. Hi Umi,
    Nasi Dagang, I have heard about that but from the photos I can tell that it looks very good hmmmmm.
    Chow Kit .... I remember that went there several times. It's close to Jl. Tengku Abdulrahman

  2. @Harry Nizam
    Hi Harry,
    Thank you for dropping by.
    It's an East Coast States traditional dish,quite delicious and very very filling for breakfast lunch or dinner.
    Chow Kit Road.I guess anyone who visits KL would have visited Chow Kit. Yes you're right, this road is called Batu Road and it goes straight down to Jalan TAR.

    Have a great week ahead Harry.

  3. Nasi dagang is my favorite...but of course nasi dagang Terengganu the best!

  4. Wow, yummy foods. http://doshareit.blogspot.com/ stay around

  5. @rusliesophian

    i love it too and I certainly agree with you there :)
    Thank you so much for dropping by Ruslie.

  6. @Jonaflormicfren
    Thank you so much for visiting. I'll visit you soon.
    Take care.

  7. Wah..Nasi Dagang! It's been quite some time since I last had nasi dagang. I love both Terengganu and Kelantan Nasi dagang! Did you get the rice (beras perang tu) from Chow Kit because it's very hard to find it. Kat Terengganu pun susah nak jumpa beras tu.

  8. @TK
    Hi TK. Ya I bought the rice in Chow Kit market. The seller is from East Coast and he sells glutinous rice and Nasi Dagang rice from Thailand.I know it is so hard to obtain them here too except of course in Chow Kit. Sometimes I think they have everything here for sale except mum and dad hehehe.
    I learned this recipe from a friend who was from Trengganu. However I just love Nasi Dagang that uses this rice coz it look so unique. Just love the color :)
    Thank you dear TK for visiting and leaving me a comment.I appreciate that.

  9. Salam Umi..
    ermmm..saya suka nasi
    dagang..selalu makan yang
    beli je..almaklum
    mRs orang utara kalau
    buat pun yak berapa
    nak jadi..he he..moga
    anda sihat selalu
    di sana...

  10. @zulkbo

    w/salam sdr. zulkbo,
    Umi juga suka,
    Buat sekali sekala jer,
    Ada juga beli
    Umi orang utara tak pandai sangat jadi
    belajar ngan sahabat dari Trengganu
    Alhamdulillah hasilnya not bad sebab practice
    makes perfect kata mat saleh :)
    Semoga sdr dan keluarga sihat senantiasa
    diberi Allah.
    Terima kasih sudi luangkan masa melawat Umi dan
    memberi komen

  11. Assalamualaikum Umi,

    silap, silap datang sini sebelum breakfast..now dah kempunan nak nasi dagang..mana nak cari at this time..hehehe..

    been a while since I went to Chow Kit area..congested and susahlah nak parking. :-)

    I enjoy the song and ur video, tq..Al-Fatihah to arwah..semoga tenang ruh-nya di sana...amiin.

  12. @cheqna
    W/salam Cheqna
    Pekena Nasi Dagang pagi pagi memang la best :)
    Tapi Cheqna pandai masak,you can cook for 2moro hehe

    I don't go that often,it's been awhile too since I last visit the place. Like you said parking is extremely hard.

    Amin to that.I like most of his songs.

    Thanks Cheqna for dropping by so early in the morning and leaving comments for me.Appreciate that.

  13. Fav ni, masa dikuantan, rajin pekena nasi dagang, kenduri atau baca yasin biasa ada nasi dagang, ikan favnya ikan tongkol, kena dgn karinya (style pantai timur) pheh !! posting mengamit memori ni UmiHoney

  14. Hey Umi, Nice to see your still hanging in there and going your think. Love it Girl .

  15. @Hati Curio
    Terima kasih sudi ziarah. Memori semestinya membuatkan kita tersenyum terutama sekali memori makan hehehe.Tak caya tanya Cheqna.

  16. @Squirly
    My dear I have just looked at your blog..gratz on the new blog. I didn't see any comment button and also no shout box so I couldn't leave my footprints hehehe.I look it up in facebook later and catch you there.
    Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.



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