Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spicy and Hot Fried Chicken


Dear Readers,

It is raining heavily outside. This is a good time to prepare something spicy and hot. I'm sharing with you a marvelous finger food called Spicy and Hot Fried Chicken.It is good to eat with chilli sauce. Perhaps you can have this fried chicken while watching the World Cup Final :)

Don't fry the chicken for too long coz that would make them too dry.

Enjoy the short video.

Here's the recipe.

Spicy and Hot Fried Chicken

1 chicken (cut into small pieces)

6 cloves garlic
1 big onion
2 lemon grass
1 in ginger
1 in galangal
15 dried red chillies (boiled)

grind coarsely
2 tbs coriander corns
1 tbs cumin
1 tbs fennel

2 eggs
3 tbs corn flour
lime juice from 2 lime
salt to taste
oil for frying
some curry leaves


1) Prepare the marinate mixture
a) In a bowl mix well the pounded ingredients and the spices.
b) Add in the curry leaf and the eggs. Mix well
c) Add in the corn flour. Mix well again
2) Rub into the chicken the lime juice and salt.
3) Rub into the chicken the marinate mixture
4) Set aside for about 2 hours.
5) Heat oil in a wok and deep fry the chicken.
6) Remove when the chicken is brown (don't fry for too long)

Bon appetit



Why do some men (some women too) prefer not to watch the World Cup matches at home. In Malaysia they congregate at cafes, Mamak's Restaurant and some watering holes that provides big TV screen. My guess is the fun of watching together with friends..besides the endless supplies of "pulled tea" (Teh Tarik). It has become a ritual not only for World Cup but for any major sports events. You got to admire the mamaks for their brilliant idea of putting up humongous TV screen every time a major sports event is screened live.To all the soccer fans,have fun.

Till we meet again, take care of yourself.

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cartoon :
pix from umidishes collection


  1. Halo Umi,
    It is always good to be back here on your 'delicious' blog. I noticed that you have re-designed your blog, I like it.
    Re: Spicy and Hot Fried Chicken
    You made me hungry, but it's 11.45 pm here now.
    I'll go to a Sundanese (West Java) resto tomorrow.
    Re: watching WC soccer match:
    Many people love watching with others, but I'd rather watch at home.

  2. @H.Nizam
    Hello Harry,
    It is always good to see you here.Took me awhile to set this up hahaha..thank you,glad you like it.Sundanese food must be tasty.Bon appetit for tomorrow :)

    I too prefer to watch at home.Take care and thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Salam Umi

    When i look at your ingredients..walaa..i love it...looks like chicken n spicy..

    Hehehe.. nice template!

  4. @Man Kucai
    W/salam Man..ya definitely hot and spicy :)
    Thank you..glad you like it.
    Thank you too for dropping by.Wasallam

  5. Ayam goreng macam ni kalau masa camping mmg berebut dia orang....mau 10 ekor ayam kena goreng hehehe!

  6. @rusliesophian
    Hi ruslie
    So glad to see you here sahabat. Hahaha..betul tu ..siapkan dari rumah dulu ..goreng kat tepi sungai..perghh

    Thank you my friend for visiting and leaving a comment. Happy camping :)

  7. Umi sayang,
    woww... my mouth was watering... seeing that pic (hot friend chicken)
    actually I love the hot or spicy food, but not too spicy.. coz my stomach couldnt understand me..hehe...
    will definitely try this recipe Umi..
    about WC.. I prefer to see it at home together with our famiy...
    hw about u Umi...?
    a hug

  8. @Nensa Moon
    Dear Nensa,
    Just reduce the chilli amount and you are set to cook this finger licking good fried chicken. Don't fry for too long though.

    I am a hermit hahaha..I go out only when its necessary. Yes I prefer the comfort of home when watching TV :)

  9. tengok je dah nampak sedap... especially part rempah yang garing tu.. makan ngan nasik panas.. perghhh..

  10. @.:nhalilah:.

    Terima kasih sudi ziarah umi.Ya rempah tu boleh lah dikeluarkan terlebih dahulu sebelum terlampau garing nanti pahit pulak kan.

  11. Yummy.....dieing to taste it.

  12. @collin
    Hi my friend collin,
    Good to see you la. Thank you for visiting me. Try the recipe :)
    Have a good week ya.

  13. wajahnya mengeliurkan, warna kemerahan lada yang nampak spicy tu pheh ! menyelerakan sungguh. wow !! enak sekali.

  14. @ps
    Tulisannya lebih menyelerakan dari gambar hahaha..bijak betul menulis ps ni.
    Terima kasih sudi singgah ps.

  15. salam bertandang lagi..
    tangan yang pandai memasak ni
    buat ayam goreng pun nampak sedap..
    saya paling suka bila ada daun kari tu
    terasa aromanya sampai ke sini..he he

  16. @zulkbo
    w/salam zul..terharu umi zul setia berkunjung..terima kasih tak terhingga..ya zul daun kari memberi aroma yang oomph bila pekena dengan nasi :)

  17. Hi,
    How r u Umi? I hef been searching for this recipe 4 sum time now. I had it at hubby's Aunty's house. It was so delicious. I even e mailed her asking 4 da recipe n till now tak dapat2. So far my hubby's Melaka relatives r great cooks but susah nak dapat resipi :( Tak tau kenape. I just want to cook better for my family. May Allah bless u with wealth n gud health. Insya allah



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