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Sambal Ikan Tenggiri (Mackerel Fish Sambal)

sambal ikan tenggiri

Dear Readers,

How time flies. Very soon the Muslims will be welcoming the month of Ramadhan al Mubarak. In view of that I have decided to share with you a simple dish to prepare either for Iftar (breaking fast) or for the dawn meal or sahur.

The type of fish is really up to you. The amount of vinegar is also as per your preference. So have fun viewing the short video.

Here is the recipe:

Sambal Ikan Tenggiri (Mackerel Fish Sambal)


4 pcs. Mackerel fish steak (rub with some tumeric and salt and deep fry until brown)
30 pcs. dried red chillies (boiled and blend with 1/2 cup of water)
5 small onions (slice thinly)
6 cloves garlic(slice thinly)
2 big onions (slice thinly into rings)
1 in. ginger (slice thinly)
1 tomato (cut into wedges)
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tbs sugar
3 lemon grass (bruised)
salt to taste
oil for frying the fish
3/4 cup oil for frying the sambal
1/2 cup water

1) Heat the 3/4 cup of oil and fry the small onions and garlic until brown.
2) Add the lemon grass and ginger. Fry for one minute.
3) Add the chilli paste and half cup of water. Fry until oil separates and bubbles are formed.
4) Add sugar and salt to taste and vinegar.
5) Stir and mix well.
6) Add the tomato wedges and onion rings and the fish. Stir and mix well for few minutes.
7) Remove from stove and serve.

sambal ikan tenggiri


Ramadan Kareem orkut scraps, e-cards, glitter graphics, Myspace comments

I am so looking forward to Ramadhan Al Mubarak. All my memories of Ramadhan has been good and beautiful. Ramadhan in the village is not the same as in the urban areas. The exchanging of food between neighbours contributed to the excitement of Iftar (breaking fast)...and the food prepared during Ramadhan are extra special coz they are not often cooked at other times.

Of course in the urban areas those food will be available at the Ramadhan Bazaar..however they are quite pricey too. If you know how to prepare those dishes then I feel it's better to cook them at home. The reason is simple..when we visit the food bazaar with an empty stomach, we tend to over spend. More often than not we end up throwing away the left overs coz we will be fasting and will not be able to eat them anyway.

I hope to share with you some special dishes for the Ramadhan in my future postings.

So till we meet again, take care.

Ramadan Kareem orkut scraps, e-cards, glitter graphics, Myspace comments


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  1. Nice sambal fish. Ramadhan month coming.....can get all my favourite food from the afternoon bazaar! LOL!

  2. Salam..
    teringat kata-kata ayah saya dahulu
    "orang miskin makan ikan kering..orang kaya
    makan ikan tenggiri.."tapi itu dulu..sekarang saya tak kaya pun tapi sampai jemu dah makan ikan tenggiri ni..he he

  3. Hi Umi,
    It is always good to be back here.
    The food you offer always make me hungry .. LoL.
    Ramadhan is coming soon, and hmmmmmmm ......
    Sambal Ikan Tenggiri would be GREAT for buka puasa.
    Thank you for sharing the secret recipe.

  4. @Pete
    Hi Pete..good to see you here..LOL I know non Muslims too look forward to shopping at the bazaar :)

  5. @zulkbo
    w/salam sdr zul..dulu ikan masin ikan bilis dan sardin dan yang sewaktu dengannya memang murah..sekarang semua tu mahal belaka..ikan basah lagi murah jika nak dibandingkan....nanti ramadhan telur dan telur asin akan lebih mahal.Semua naik takder yang turun..kecuali hujan :)

  6. @H.Nizam
    Hey Harry great to see you here in my new home hehehe. Its a pleasure to share recipes with everyone. Thank you for visiting me and commenting Harry.

  7. Ya lah Umi...kita ada about a month lagi untuk sambut bulan Ramadan. Sara not sure sama ada kat sini atau luar negara. Tapi ikan tenggiri masak sambal gitu mmg favourite Sara.

  8. @Sara
    Hi Sara..thank you for visiting me. It would be great if you could write about your overseas Ramadhan experience. Keep blogging where ever you may be :)

  9. Wooww... Umi, this sambal fish was my son's fav dish... but he loves with more ring onion on the top..
    I think so... it's good for buka puasa.
    Looking forward for Ramadhan's recipe from Umihoney... hehe

    a love

  10. @Nensa Moon
    Salam Nensa dear,

    Hahaha so he loves more onion rings ya. His mama can cook now and serve this for Iftar :)

    InsyaAllah I will share recipes for Ramadhan..if you have any Indonesian dish you want to share you can also share it here with us.I'd be glad to learn from you too .

    Take care dear Nensa.

  11. Umi dear,

    that looks delicious, one of my fav, REALLY..hehe..luv it nasi panas2..timun and if tempoyak u know why i cant stay on diet..haha..

    Yes..with Ramadhan coming, may we be a better muslims..better chance to do more of amal ibadah.

    I prefer to cook during fasting month, simple is enuf.


  12. @Cheqna
    Salam Cheqna
    Thats pretty good ..with that kind food neither can I resist hahaha.

    Ya simple is good. Nanti berat perut nak terawih..mula cari bantal LOL

  13. I am drooling ni.. I love anything red and hot!Merahnya sambal tu..

    So Ramadhan nanti boleh cuci mata here... I am sure Umi will come up with recipes of delicious food nanti. Can't wait!

    Yap..hopefully we will become better muslims this coming Ramadhan. Amin..

  14. @TK
    Hi TK, so very glad to see you here my dear cikgu hehe.
    Ya we are alike in that sense,I don't think I can live without chillies.
    Amin to that too my dear, and may Allah grant all our doa.

    Take care.

  15. errmm.. bestnyer sambal tu.. saya mmg suka apa2 yg pedas.. sambal.. asam pedas.. if tak pedas rasa mcm tak lengkap..

  16. Sambal Tenggiri delicous....I come back here again! LOL!

    PS: Please vote for my blogger friend Bananaz, Blog Idol Finalist. Just type "I vote You're the Voice" at the comment box in
    Thank you!

  17. Hi Umi,

    When does the fasting start for you in Malaysia. It will begin here on the 11th August. Will you fast all the way through or like Indonesia, you can choose not too?
    Where will you be at the end of the fasting month and who with? I am curious about the festival as it is something I don't really experience personally.

    Hope alls well.


  18. @.:nhalilah:.
    Samalah kita..umi pun takder cili tak boleh nak telan hehehe..terima kasih kunjungannya

  19. @Pete
    no problem my friend shall do :)

  20. @Luke,

    As compared to the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadhan vary, moving backwards about ten days each year based on lunar movement.

    In 2010, Ramadhan is expected to begin on or around 11 August 2010 and will finish on or around 9 September 2010, which will be proceeded with Lebaran / Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Aidil Fitri). It is however not a confirmed date, since only the Muslim organization in each particular country can declared the exact date of the festival, based on moon sighting.

    South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei generally share common dates for Ramadhan and Hari Raya Idul Fitri, however other countries might celebrate the festivals on slightly different day since it is based on moon sighting on each particular country

    On your next question, its based solely on individual willingness to be true to his faith. It's compulsory as a Muslim to fast throughout the entire month of Ramadhan from sunrise to sunset unless unable due to sickness or for the women due to period or for those that are travelling. Nothing random about the fasting,its compulsory.

    I will be with family members on the day of Eid to perform the morning Eid prayer at the mosque..location I am not so sure yet..see what the family decides.It is generally a very family thing in the morning of Eid.After the prayer the door is open to guests.

    Eid is a time to celebrate the successful completion of the month long self-restraint of all the senses thoughts and deeds...hoping that we would be a better Muslim and fellow human being.Perhaps I will blog about it a bit for your benefit ya.

    Hope this info has helped :)

  21. Umi, thank you for voting. Cheers!

  22. @Pete
    No problemo senor..anytime for a friend :)



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