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Nasi Daging (Meat Rice)

Nasi Daging (Meat Rice)

Dear Readers,

The last several days have been very trying for me and have prevented me from being online.Alhamdulillah, everything is back to normal and by His grace and mercy I am able to post new recipe again.

In this outing I am sharing with you a rice dish which I think is very suitable for Ramadhan or even Eid. It's a complete meal by itself if you were to add some vegetables to it as well like carrot or cauliflowers or green peas or even mushrooms if you like. The rice dish is called Nasi Daging or Meat Rice. You can substitute the meat with chicken or seafood or just vegetables if you are not a meat eater. Garnishing is totally up to you.The side dish can be salad or curry or both.

I'd like to point out that the cup that I am using in all my recipes is the standard measuring cup used in cake making.Same goes for the spoon measurement,they are the standard measuring spoon in cake making too. For the rice you can use any available measuring utensils that you have at home as long as the ratio of rice to liquid is 1:1.For example if you use a bowl to measure then its one bowl of rice and one bowl of liquid..and so on.Another thing is, this recipe and for my other recipes,normally its for 5-6 people average..depending on how big an eater the people are in your family or friends :) Therefore if we are cooking for one or two persons then reduce the amount of the ingredients proportionately by half or quarter.The reason I normally prepare for 5 or 6 people is because I am taking a standard number..not too many and not too few.

This is my late mum's favourite dish. Whenever any of us visited her in Penang she would always have this Meat Rice waiting for us. We can smell the aroma as we enter her welcoming and so full of love.I am very happy to share this recipe with you hoping that your house would also be filled with the aroma of this lovely rice dish and also with lots of love.

Enjoy the video.Forgive the slight inaudibility and noises in the background. Have to bear with the neighbours' dogs barking for no reason, must be asking for TLC from the owners..and my cats can be so naughty sometimes asking for food when I am shooting :)

Here's the recipe:

Nasi Daging (Meat Rice)

5 cups rice (any rice is alright if you don't have Basmati rice.Note also 5 cups=1Kg)
5 cups meat stock
1 Kg meat (boiled,cut into preferred pieces and set aside 5 cups of the stock for the rice)
1 cup evaporated milk (can use fresh milk if evaporated milk is not available)
2 tbs yogurt
5 tbs ghee or butter
1/2 cup oil
1 big onion (slice thinly, use 10 shallots if you don't like big onion)
6 cloves of garlic (slice thinly)
1 in ginger (slice thinly)

2 pcs cinnamon (kayu manis)
1 tsp cloves and 1 star anise (tied in a pouch)(cengkih & bunga lawang)

1 tsp cumin (jintan putih)
1 tsp fennel (jintan manis)
1 tsp cardammom (buah pelaga)
1 tsp nutmeg (buah pala)
1 tbs corriander seeds (biji ketumbar)

some curry leaves,coriander leaf,spring onions and pandan leaf (screw pine)
3 pcs fresh green chillies (halved,remove seeds if you prefer)
6 pcs candlenut (grind) (buah keras)
1 tbs salt (to taste)
2 tbs sugar
some fried onions for garnishing.


1) Heat oil and ghee. Fry onions until brown.Add the garlic and ginger and cinnamon and curry leaf.
2) When the garlic and ginger are brown add in the spices.
3) Stir for one minute until aromatic and add in the stock, evaporated milk,yogurt,candlenut,salt,sugar,spice pouch,green chillies,the corriander leaf and spring onion and the meat. Stir and let it boil for a bit.
4) Add in the pandan leaf and rice. Let it boil until 3/4 cooked and closed the pot with aluminium foil.Cover and place something heavy on top to prevent the steam from escaping.Lower the fire to very low and cook for 20-25 minutes.
5) Open the lid and stir the rice well before serving. Garnish with fried onion or any other preferred garnishing.

Bon appetit.

Nasi Daging (Meat Rice)


MY PC AND I...wuvya


The last few days has brought home to me how important is the internet to me. I have online friends that I want to keep in touch with, I have blogs that I need to maintain, blogs I need to visit, mails I need to look at etc etc.I have this online life that I have probably taken for granted.

I logged on Saturday morning and I have no internet connection. Could I have missed paying the bills. Called up the net provider. Nope.No missed bills. So kindly tell me whats the problem. It could be your modem said the all learned one at the other end of the phone.The noob me went out to buy not one but 2 modems..just in case with a separate router and one with inbuilt router.So if they come I have the new modem ready. Then the waiting game began. No one came till evening. Call up the learned one. Sorry Maam, its half day today and tomorrow is Sunday so we can only settle this issue on Monday. Ah well..can't do anything about that.


Monday noon called the learned one. Maam you can log on now everything is ok now..just a problematic port at our end. Wow thats a relief..I got my connection back 2 and half days later plus 2 new modems including the current one ..hahaha..I was kinda hysterical for a while. Now I can finally post my new recipes. I have also bought a few thumb drives..wanna back up some files.Will do that Tuesday la..been wanting to do that for sometime but I am always so busy and kept postponing. So this time will definitely do it.


Tuesday afternoon was a lovely afternoon. Perfect for posting a new blog entry.Perfect for doing backup. Logged on. Voila I got the blue screen of death. Disc crashed.HAHAHA (hysterical laugh)

Till we meet again take care of yourself.I see you all soon insyaAllah.




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  1. Hi Umi, I know how does it feel when we can't be is really incomplete.
    Your nasi Daging makes me hungry. Maybe I can try it tomorrow..If only someone can cook for me...
    Have a nice weekend Umi!

  2. @TK
    So happy to see you here TK. I know you are a busy woman.So true. Amazing how computerisation has taken over part of our life.

    Great if you wanna try the recipe.But you wont have time dear.If we are neighbours I would have send you some already :)
    You too have a nice weekend.
    Thank you for visiting.

  3. I ever taste Meat Rice in Mexico... its look like this ,, and the name is Aros con Carne.. Peace :)

  4. Sure make a good Ramadhan meal!

  5. @Lembaga Pelatihan
    Thank you for visiting me and commenting. That is very interesting indeed. I shall definitely look up that Mexican dish and see if theres any similarity in the ingredients used. Thank you for coming and the info.

    Nasi daging is popular in Penang and the northern states.It would be interesting to find out the origin of the dish ya.
    Peace to you too :)

  6. @Pete
    Hi Pete my friend. Toche toche for dropping by la.You are so well verse in Malaysian food and a great cook too.Penang mali ka?

  7. Hi Umi,

    Nasi daging, WOW! would be great for buka puasa or even sahur. But I really wish that I can eat it right NOW (for your eyes only)

  8. salam umi..
    resepi tu saya nak
    ambik buat juadah berbuka
    sedap nampaknya..terima kasih

  9. serba tak kena yek?
    bersabarlah ada hikmah
    yang menanti tu..
    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

  10. @H.Nizam
    Hi Harry,

    This one is a winner for Ramadhan.I was told earlier by a fellow blogger that it is similar to a Mexican rice dish called Aros con Carne. Pretty awesome ya.
    Wish you could taste it too Harry.Don't know if you can get this in Indonesia.Perhaps in a mid east or mexican resto.

    Thank you for coming and commenting Harry.Have a great weekend.

  11. @zulkbo
    w/salam sdr zul.
    Umi suka sangat kalau zul dapat mencubanya.Selamat mencuba.

    Cubaan buat kita selalunya apa yang kita upaya menanggungnya.Syukur sangat dengan apa yang ada zul.
    Terima kasih sudi singgah dan beri komen.Selamat berhujung minggu.

  12. Salam Umi,

    Itu semua dugaan. Sabar ajela...! Anyway your nasi daging look very tempting. But I still preferred to be with mutton.

    Selamat menyambut Ramadan.

  13.'s new again for me, Umi! sound more tasty than nasi goreng..
    I wanna try this recipe, but I think looked like a little hard to do, so many ingredients used... pusiing deh!!
    I wanna instant nasi daging with no recipe and no cooking, Umi... bisa gak...?!haha...
    Ooo..Umi, it's really a can back online again after a couple days of no connection...

    Happy weekend to you and family, Umi sayang!!
    love and hugs

  14. @rusliesophian
    w/salam Ruslie
    You are absolutely right.Patience is virtue.

    Ya you can substitute beef for mutton or veal or any other meat.Mutton would be awesome :)

    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan to you too.Thank you for dropping by and commenting.Take care my friend.

    hahaha ..mau yang segera beli saja rempahnya di supermarket..don't know if you have that there or not...if you don't want to cook then you have to look for a restaurant that sells this :)

    Just watch the video many many times,you will realise its not so hard really my dear.

    Thank you for visiting me.You too have a great weekend with your family ya.

    Sayang Nensa take good care of yrself ya.

  16. Salam,

    Baru ada kesempatan nak ziarah...nasi daging? tak pernah dengar dan makan,kena cuba ni... my wife la jadi mangsa ni...he3

    kesian tak dapat online,resah gelisah rasa ye Umi..

  17. @Man Kucai
    W/salam Man
    Nasi Daging ni famous sebelah utara.tu pasal dek non tak tau LOL..cubalah..sedap nasi ni..kalau ada papadom lagi best.

    Betul Man..main pokemon ngan solitaire je la jawabnya HAHAHA

    Have a good Sunday to you wife and kids ya.

  18. Salam my dear Umi,

    had been away for few days so a bit late in checking ur recipes, but glad u are back online and back with recipe that makes my stomach usual can't resist food!


  19. dear umi..
    yup.. sgt la betul computer and internet nowdays is not a luxury but a necessaries.. if takde sgt la susah nak buat keje..
    nasi daging.. it can be my list of dishes during fasting month.. nak try buat.. ;)

  20. @Cheqna
    W/salam my dear.I appreciate your coming here despite being busy.
    Who can resist food especially as Ramadhan gets nearer hehe

  21. @.:nhalilah
    My dear thank you for visiting me. Its true,without the internet its like food without salt :)
    Do try the recipe above and Happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak.

  22. Lapar ni pagi2..tunggu tamu2 bangun b4 nak breakfast kat luar...hehe..tuan rumah tak de mood nak masak.. :-)

  23. Like other reviewers, I tweaked it a little bit. I used fresh spinach instead of broccoli, added sun dried tomatoes, garlic and upped the pesto a little bit. Fabulous!

  24. I know how does it feel when we can't be is really incomplete.
    Your nasi Daging makes me hungry. Maybe I can try it tomorrow..If only someone can cook for me...
    Have a nice weekend Umi!

  25. @collin
    Hi collin..YOU are cute hehehe

  26. @cheqna
    terima kasih singgah rumah umi ni..selamat berpuasa..masa berbuka sendiri mau ingat ya hahaha..amaran kerajaan malaysia tu..makan jangan sampai jadi anaconda

  27. @Gabby
    Hi Gabby, so good to see you here. You are so right..we have indeed two lives..real and cyber :)

    Hahaha..who I wonder would cook this for you..Thank you my friend for dropping by and the kind comment.

  28. I made a more mild version of this, but it was still wonderful.

  29. @Jenny
    Thank you for dropping by Jenny. I am glad it turned out wonderful. Cooking is all about taste. As long as you got the taste that suits you then thats the right recipe for you. Take care.

  30. Yummy! I used wild rice. Instead of mixing in a bowl, I mixed it all in the skillet. Less to clean up.

  31. hi...Umi my dear friend, long time no see, last sunday in fukuoka mosque there a grand ifthar which was held by Bangladesh community, and they served brasmanti rice and its variations. This nasi daging is remembering me to them. next saturday will be hold by Malaysian community together with Pakistan Community, I dont have idea what they will be serve as an ifthar to us here, would you join us ? :)

  32. @Mariah
    I have never tried wild rice before.The taste must be nice.I wonder if its similar to our hill rice or "padi huma". Does wild rice takes longer to cook? I am glad it turns out good for you. Thank you for dropping by Mariah and for trying the recipe. Take care.

  33. @NGDlover,

    Hi Budi my dear friend in Fukuoka,Japan. I am sure the coming Iftar at the mosque would be a great one..maybe Briyani Rice :)

    I'd like to come and join you.InsyAllah. hehehe..take care Budi and have a baraqah Ramadhan with family and friends.

    Jazak Allah Khairan my friend.

  34. I really wish that I can eat it right NOW (for your eyes only)

  35. lama betoi tak makan..dalam 1 bulan gak la..huu..nasi daging peveret kami ni

  36. Wow, I really think that if you wait for a man that will fill all of these points then i think you are going to be a lonely person. Thank you for the share:)

  37. @Okumugee Lawyer

    Thank you for visiting.Appreciate that very much. I am sorry but to which article you are this posting I was talking about my PC problem.
    Anyways your comment is always welcomed.Thank you and take care ya

  38. I agree that your logo shouldn't go to H1 if you want to have it optimized best. Good info, I enjoyed the post.

  39. I have enjoyed your writing. The only advice I can give is to make your captcha image more user friendly, keep posting..

  40. @school attendance management system

    Thank you for the advice and for taking the time to drop by and for your kind comment

  41. I've tried this recipe twice. The first one in small amount just for my family, they love it. Then I make for 4 kilos of rice because I'm organising a small birthday party cum kenduri and my guest also love it too. Today InsyaAllah I'm going to do another for my family. I recommend try it



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