Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweet Sour Meat Balls


Dear Readers,

Alhamdulillah we are able to meet again here. In this outing I am going to share with you a dish that is simple and fast to cook.If we are busy and don't have much time to spend cooking elaborate dishes than this is the dish for you. It is called Sweet Sour Meat Balls. You can substitute the meat balls with meat,fish,chicken,sea food or egg or just plain vegetables if you like.

Enjoy the video.

Here's the recipe:

Sweet Sour Meat Balls

450gm meat balls (fry in 50gm butter and 2tbs oil until brown)
6 pcs small potato (cut into wedges and fry)
1 cup baby carrot (boiled)
1 cup cherry tomato
1 cup young corn (slice thinly)
1 cup fresh mushrooms (slice thinly)
2 pcs fresh red chiili (cut into four)
10 pcs green Thai small chilli (optional)
1 stalk spring onions (cut as you wish)
1 tbs black peppercorn (grind coarsely)
1 big onion (slice thinly)
3 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
1 in ginger (slice thinly)
4 tbs oil for frying

Sweet Sour Sauce:
1/2 cup tomato sauce
1 cup water
1 tbs corn starch
1/2 tbs sugar
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
for garnishing:
cashew nuts.fried onions,raisins and spring onions


1) Heat the oil and saute the onions,garlic and ginger until aromatic.
2) Add the sweet sour sauce.Let it boil for few minutes and add in half cup of water when it thickens.
3) Add in the vegetables; mushrooms,carrots,corns and tomato cherries.Boil for few minutes until the vegetables are cooked but not too long.
4) Add in the potato,meat balls,chillies and spring onions.Stir for few minutes.
5) Ready to serve.
6) Garnish with cashew nuts,fried onions,raisins and spring onions.

Bon appetit.

sweet sour meat balls


Thank you for all your doa.He has come home and is recuperating at home. However he is suffering from stone in the bladder and is in pain due to that. Alhamdulillah at the time of writing the pain has eased probably some of the stones have come out due to the medication. His tongue swelled because he is allergic to the stone medicines, so kinda difficult to eat.... he doesn't eat much anyways and this problem compounded that. We are hopeful that he will get better. On behalf of the family and my dad I thank you my fellow bloggers and friends for your prayers and doa and concern. May Allah reward you for your kindness. Thank you so much my friends.

Till we meet again, take care.


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  1. salam..
    nampak sedap jer ni
    biasanya tangan yang pandai
    masak apa pun sedap..he he

  2. Hello Umi,
    I am very glad that my favorite blogger is posting again, and this time about one of my favorite dish: Sweet Sour Meat Balls. WOW!
    I am also very glad to hear that your dad is now recuperating at home. Hopefully he will get well soon.


  3. @zulkbo
    w/salam zul..cubala memang sedap :)

  4. @H.Nizam
    Harry good to see you here.Glad you like the dish and thank you for the compliment.
    Thank you also for your get well wish for my dad.

  5. Hi Umi! You are back with delicious menu again. My children love meatball so I must try this recipe. Alhamdulillah your father is finally home. Hope he will get better and better soon.

  6. @TK
    Hi TK,thanks for dropping by.I am sorry if I haven't been visiting.Hard pressed for time at the moment dear. Ya meat balls are awesome.I love the ones in IKEA hahaha.Anyways you can use the ready made ones or make your own.If you need the recipe for it let me know.Take care.Hugs.

  7. I'll try this, tak yah makan dgn nasi pun tak pe..hehe..

    Alhamdulillah ur dad dah sihat, hope he recovers fully soon...have he tried minum air lobak putih?

    take care Umi.


  8. Nice to see you back and I m also happy to hear that your dad is better now. I m sure he will recover soon. Take Care.

  9. @Cheqna
    ya you can eat as is :)..Alhamdulillah..we are also grateful to Allah for my dad's recovery.Ya we did try that..he doesnt like it la.You too take care dear.

  10. @collin
    Thank you..I am happy to be back and to see you here.Thank you for the concern,appreciate that my friend.

  11. @Daily Morning Coffee
    Thank you for visiting and your kind comment.Do drop in again :)

  12. Alhamdulillah... Umi sayang, finaly you come back again... wth a new delicious recipe... haha... I'm very glad, esp. to hear that your dad was home...
    he would be more better soon...

    and the meatball wth many vegetables... will surely try this recipe... thx so much Umi

  13. hope your dad will be recover sooner, insyaAllah.

    sweet sour and meat ball, I thought this recipe surely delicious.

    happy to see you on blog again, Umi Honey.

  14. @Nensa Moon
    Hi Nensa,
    Happy to see you here my dear.Thank you for the concern. Do try the dish :)

  15. @riwayatterakru
    Hi rad
    Thank you for the doa.Allah bless you my friend.I'm happy to see you here.

  16. hi nice foodie blog.. I love browse all those yummy menu as idea for cooking.. usually I use meatball for spaghetti.. but this is a good idea.. tq

    I link yrs k..

  17. @.:nhalilah:.

    Welcome :) thank you for taking the time to browse the blog.Appreciate that very much. I shall link to yrs too.Take care and do drop in often.

  18. hello,all of your recipe was superb!! keep up the good did you make the meat balls? is it the same as in the curry meat balls recipe? thanks for sharing



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