Saturday, September 7, 2013

It Never Rains but it Pours


Dear Readers,

For this coming week or so I may not be able to post a new recipe nor visit your blogs. I am sorry. I may not have the time to do both for awhile. My dad is in hospital recuperating from a recent operation. He was involved in a motor accident. They have fixed the joint of his elbow with a metal joint. He has a heart condition and is still under observation after the ops. They might continue with his heart treatment soon after. I am not sure...have to wait and see.

I hope to blog soon when time permits.InsyaAllah.My thanks go out to rad and H.Nizam for the doa..appreciate that so much.A special appreciation and thanks to dear Sifu Li for his support and strength during this difficult time.

Take care folks.I see you soon.



(pix of my dad from umidishes album)


  1. Hi Umi,
    Glad to read your update again. I sincerely hope that your dad will get well soon.
    I also hope that you would try to rest and relax.
    Doa saya for your dad.

  2. salam..
    alahai kesianya abah
    kenapa bagi naik moto
    moga abah cepat sembuh

  3. Umi

    I hope your father makes a quick recovery and gets better soon. Please dont worry about us. You need to focus on your family and yourself.
    Take care and I hope everything turns out well.
    A Friend


  4. Apa lagi yang dapat dibantu melainkan doa. Semoga ayah Umi segera pulih. Mudah-mudahan Tuhan mempermudahkan urusan ini.

  5. @Nizam/@zulkbo/@Luke/@rad
    Thank you guys for the kind words..I am touched by yr concern. Thanks for the doa.

  6. Umi, I really feel sorry for you... I didnt know before that your dad was really ill...
    Umi sayang semoga umi diberi ketabahan and kekuatan oleh Allah swt... and your dad will be better soon...
    God bless you and your dad too... Umi keep up your spirit girl... you're a very kind hearted woman, you have so many fellow blogger here... and they love you... they must pray for you...
    Tabah ya Umi...!!
    Doaku dari kajauhan...
    Hugs n kisses

  7. @Nensa Moon
    Nensa dear..your words are like the morning dew that soothes.Thank you.Hugs and kisses dari kejauhan.

  8. Ummi, I just came back from holidays and just read about this. Semoga ayah Ummi cepat sembuh ye. You are very lucky you stiil have your father to love and care. Take Care Ummi.

  9. I m sure ur dad will get well soon. Take Care.

  10. Assalamualaikum Ummi,

    sorry..i just read this posting...didoakan semoga ayahnda Ummi segera sembuh sepenuhnya...

    u take care ye.

  11. @collin
    Thanks..I hope so
    Terima kasih for the doa

  12. Salam dari Jakarta...
    Teriring doa, semoga ayahnda cepat sembuh... Amin 3X

  13. Umi dear, hw about your dad ...?
    hope everything more better now.
    take care fren...

  14. sure your dad ,finally, will get well,definitely...u'r sensibilty is not common, i love that...Take care, my friend.

  15. @Nensa
    Thank you dear for the doa and support..sayang Nensa

    Danilo thanks for the support,you too take care ya my friend.



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