Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friendship is a sheltering tree.

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Friendship is a sheltering tree - Samuel Coleridge

I am truly blessed with the friendship of my fellow bloggers. For the umpteenth times I received two more awards from Boja Linuxer . Thank you for this honour my friend.

I Love Your Blog Award


I am grateful for this award and I am happy if my blog has been beneficial and helpful to you my valued readers. I hereby pass this award to the following bloggers coz I truly love their blogs.

2) cheqna
3) Luke
4) rt
5) TK

Keep on blogging my friends. Thank you for making a difference with your writings.

Bonk AVA Award


The next award is called Bonk Ava Award. Thank you once again Boja for this award. There's a few questions that came with this award, so here goes:

Q - How Many blogs do you have and how long has it been in existence.

A - I have 2 blogs. They are Tea With Umi and umidishes. They have been around for almost a year and half.

Q - When did you first start to blog

A - A year and a half ago.

Q - What is the factor that interest you to blog and why do you blog

A - I love to write if I could but I know I am not best seller writer material. Blog has given me the platform to write thus fulfilling my dream. I have chosen to share what I love doing most with everyone in the blogger-sphere coz as the saying goes:

"Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, "This is the real me," and when you have found that attitude, follow it." - William James

Q - What in your opinion makes your blog better than the other blogs and what is lacking about your blog?

A - This can only be answered by my readers. I have and will always try to give the best and hope that all of us have fun and knowledge in the process. Personally I don't think my blog is better than the other blogs in the blogger-sphere. Likewise I am sure there's room for improvement for any deficiencies.

I am happy to pass the award to the following bloggers:

1) PeteFormationFoodie
2) NGDlover
4) Laughter
5) zulkbo

Tag Enjoy About Me from Nensa Moon

This is hard la..hahaha..Feel like I am being interrogated by the police la. Thank you my dear Nensa for tagging me.

1. When do you first started blogging?

answer: Year and a half ago kurang lebih


2. Name of blog?

answer: I have 2 blogs. They are 1) Tea With Umi and 2) umidishes. They have been around for almost a year and half.


3. What do you look at first when you log on to your blog?

answer: shout box and visitors widget...reply comments and shout box and return the favour of those that visited and proceed with blog walking if time permits there and then..if not do it at a later time.


4. What kind/genre blog you prefer.

answer: Almost all kind of genres.I'm not choosy for we can learn from anyone.


5. Town of residence?

answer: Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia

6. Occupation?

answer: Rearranging my thoughts about everything and everyone..hahaha..I live and work in my thoughts mostly...$$$$$$$$$


7. According to your friends, whom do your face resemble most?

answer: The last time I checked, I look like this from what ever angle and distance:


8. Which part of your anatomy that you like most?

answer: All... hahaha


9. Who contributed most in your life?

answer: Parents,siblings,Quran teachers and people who loves me at different stages and phases of my life.


10. Funny incidents in school?

answer: There was a bully in class. He always bullied me. I was a skinny and short girl then. Couldn't fight him physically. So I waited for him around the corner of the school building. Since this was a rural area we have chickens all over the compound. So I took a thin piece of coconut stick from the leaf and dip the end into a chicken poop. When this boy passed by I smeared his back with the poop without him realising it. So for the whole morning he smelled shitty and was sent home...:P


11. Memory of first love?

answer: Cannot be your heart out...hahaha


12. What kind of man/girl you find attractive?

answer: view of the current World Cup season I would say sexy legs..hahaha


13. How many kids you wish for?

answer: If I could have all the orphans in my area that would be too few.


14. What will you do if your spouse/partner cheated on you?

answer: mmm...I think I would just walk away. I don't fight over a man...more precisely I don't want to have to fight for affection. Love me only or leave me.


15. What was your recent dream?

answer: sorry I can't remember even if I had one.I don't dream often..coz I normally sleep like a log.

16. What will you do with a 1 million dollar gift?

answer: I hope I will do the right thing.

17. The kind of exercise that you often do?

answer: Ride my exercise bike.

18. Things that could make you laugh?

answer: When my loved ones laugh..funny sketches in print or visual, watching my cat's funny antics..reminiscing funny incidents in neverland with my dear Sifu.


19. Your hope for the blogger world.

answer: That we remain steadfast and sincere in our contribution and we could remain united and harmonious no matter where we come from.

So I am passing this tag to:

1) PeteFormationFoodie
2) NGDlover
4) Laughter
5) zulkbo

have fun answering hahaha

By the way I have posted a new breakfast dish at Tea With Umi. So hop over there to pick up the recipe if you like. Bon apetit every one and take care.




  1. Hi dear Umi, thank you thank you thank you for the award! Most of the awards I got are from you :)I appreciate it so much!

    Enjoyed myself reading you describing yourself..Umi pandai buat kelakar..

    mmm..are you infront of TV watching those sexy legs??

  2. Hi Umi,

    Congratulations for the three awards that you have received. You deserve each and every one of them.

    Your replies for the 3rd. award tell us more about you.

    Thank you very much for forwarding those awards to me and other blogger friends.
    This will enable me to place some posts, but will need some time coz I haven't been posting as often as I used to be.

  3. @TK
    You're welcome dear. Reading your blog is a pleasure.You deserve the award.Thank you for accpeting.Gratz..and yes yes..watching em kicking LOL

  4. @H.Nizam
    Hi my friend.Gratz and thank you for accepting.I do love your blog and look forward to reading more from you. Happy answering hahaha.

  5. Hi dear Umi, thank you thank you thank you for the award! I appreciate it so much! (macam ku pernah dengar ayat ini, tapi di mana ya)

    terimakasih Umi Honey, nanti isnyaAllah saya ambil award ni. Ni tengah berebut pc dengan anak-anak la pulak :)

  6. salam bertandang hari
    sabtu..moga sihat selalu
    la yek?yang manis itu gula,
    yang lazat itu madu,yang
    ceria itu anda..
    terima kasih ingatkan

  7. @ps
    Youre very welcome ps alias rad alias den alias rt ..adeh banyak nama la pulak :)
    Hujung minggu memang tuk bebudak main pc..yang kertu gi main jauh2 hahaha

  8. @zulkbo
    w/salam..welcome welcome zul

    Sekali pergi menuba,
    Sekali ikan merimbat;
    Sekali Umi disapa,
    Setahun rindu terubat.


    Buah langsat kuning mencelah,
    Senduduk tidak berbunga lagi;
    Sudah dapat Award bertuah,
    Rajin rajinlah berblog lagi.

    Have a great weekend..and tahniah.You deserve the award.

  9. selamat... selamat... for the awards, Umi sayang!!
    and the tag... I really enjoy reading it...
    especially no. 14... I love the answer: "love me only or leave me"... hahaha... great answeR!! setuju banget tuh!!
    oya Ebiet G Ade...I love his song all the time...

  10. My dear Umi,

    thank u very much for the award..very nice of you, so diterima dgn senang hati..

    I love reading ur answers..hehe..witty.

    Keep on blogging my fren!


  11. @Cheqna
    You're very welcome my dear.I am glad you have accepted the award and also glad that you senang hati hahaha..ya we shall keep on blogging RAWWRRR....^-^

  12. @Nensa Moon
    My dear Nensa thank you for giving it to me.Ya no. 14 itu memang tiada jawaban lain yang cocok selain yang sebegitu..say goodbye to skank guys hahaha.
    Umi suka Ebiet juga kerana lagu puisinya berunsur kemanusiaan.

    Thank you for visiting me my dear sahabat.

  13. Hi Umi, Congrats. Thks for passing the awards to me. Cheers and have a nice weekend.

  14. @Pete
    Hi Pete, you're welcome.Cheers to you too my friend and enjoy the Sunday :)

  15. yup umi.. friendship is a sheltering tree.. sometimes I more preferred virtual friendship thru' blog especially coz we seem know each other and no hanky panky, jealousy etc among us. tak macam kwn2 depan mata.. depan baik.. belakang mengata..

    just my 2 cents..

  16. @.:nhalilah:.
    Ahlan wa sahlan my friend.Good to see you here.How sad but true..I believe if we are true to our conviction and faith,hold fast to the good values that have been instilled in us,we will be alright wherever we are.
    "Benih yang baik jatuh kelaut menjadi pulau". Thank you for having me as your friend.

  17. Congrats for the awards and thanks for selecting me to pass the award.

  18. Hi umi,
    congratulations for the award.
    I think it will keep on coming for you.
    New blog template, again?

  19. @collin
    Hi collin. Thank you and gratz on the award.You deserve the award and I hope to read your answers to the tag questions ya .Have a great week ahead my dear friend.

  20. @lunaticg
    Hi my friend lunaticg.Thank you for gracing my blog with your presence.I see $_$ hahaha. Ya..hobby tukar template hehehe

  21. Hehehe...Sara like it. Good work, Umi. Congratulation for the award.

  22. @sara
    Hi sara..thank you for dropping by and the kind comment. Do drop in often :)..Take care my friend.

  23. hahahahaha....
    you should try change to a new template.
    Something that look nice for video blog like yours.

  24. @lunaticg cheq ni tak cun ka?Merah menyala..hahaha..cheq nak yang ni jugak..depa tak suka takpa..^-^

  25. hei, am I missed something ? thanks for the award, hope youll be the best in yours, like their blogs here.....

  26. @NGDlover
    Ya you missed quite alot Budi :)..havent seen you for ages.Glad to see you here again.Thank you for the support and encouragement..I have a long way to go to achieve that.^_^

  27. Hi Umi,
    I haven't take the award, sorry. Later okay?

    Are you interested in writing in other people's blog? It is one of the way to attract more visitors to your blog. If you are interested
    I shall very glad to be your host. You can write about what Malaysians think about Indonesians, or other similar topics.

  28. @H.Nizam
    Hi Harry,
    Its good to see you here.Don't worry about it my friend.I know you are a busy man. Take your time.

    Thank you for the offer Harry.I take that as a compliment. If I can contribute sure I will. Have to think of what to write hahaha. Offhand can't think of anything yet. I shall let you know ya. Appreciate the offer very much Harry.



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