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Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together. - Unknown

Thank you TK for the Sunshine award. It is an honour and I truly appreciate the award. I am happy if my presence in the blogosphere has make a difference with what little I have to share.

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

and I have been inspired by all of you my friends from reading your blogs.Thank you all for the support and encouragement. I am proud to pass the Sunshine Award to the next 16 bloggers who have contributed a lot with their writings and articles and make our life so much richer thereof.

( Note: As usual the recipient of the award has to pass over the award to the next 16 (or whatever number of bloggers he/she seems fit) with their link shown in your blog and inform them of the award that they are given.)

1. Nensa Moon
2. Boja Linuxer
4) rt
5) cheqna
6) Danilo
7) booyakamix
8) caktal
9) CreaTivity
10) NGDlover
11) GreatViet's Channel
12) Kartunmania
13) Laughter
14) Kiri Jalan Terus
16) zulkbo

Keep on blogging guys. All of you deserve the award for the sunshine that you have given us.

Last but not least I leave a quote for my best and special friend who is responsible for my presence in the blogosphere. I owe him a lot. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Sifu Li.

A simple friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. - Unknown

Next one up is another award from TK. This is a tremendous honour and I am rather at a loss for words to express my gratitude.


Everyone in my book is a top blogger.It's a hard decision indeed to choose from the many. I hereby pass over this Top Blogger award to the following bloggers.

1. Nensa Moon
2. Boja Linuxer
4) rt
5) NGDlover
6) PeteFormationFoodie
7) Jakarta News

I hope we shall all contribute and share with the cyber communities and make a difference.


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  1. Thanks Umi, semuga berbalas dengan kebaikan dan kegenbiraan untuk Umi... ^_^

  2. @Boja
    You're welcome my friend and tahniah..Umi juga senantiasa titipkan doa buat semua semoga diberkati dan dekurniai kebahagian.Amin.

  3. Salam Umi,

    terima kasih..its been great having new frens like u...

    dapat pulak byk resepi2...lagi lah best..hehe..

    cuma nak buat posting on awards belum sempat lagi..


  4. @Cheqna
    W/salam Cheqna..umi pun rasa beruntung sekali dapat kenal Cheqna dan menumpang is a very noble effort..semoga usaha Cheqna diberkati Allah..Amin

  5. Hi Umi,
    Alhamdullilah ..... I am so lucky to have you as a friend. You are so generous, you like to make others happy. WOW!

    I will spread it to other blogging fans.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. hi my darling, i'm agree with you definitely friends are the sunshine of life and i'm happy about your knowledge( virtual) and your kind friendship, and tank you for your cooking suggestions. Take care.
    Tanks for to put your blog into your 15 favorites.

  7. Terima kasih Umi, maaf lewat sampai, hujan lebat tadi. baru ni line clear. Best la lagu ni. Pandai Umi pilih. best. terima kasih juga dengan award ni. Thousand toche buat umi.

  8. and tank you one more your extremely compassion about may english.

  9. @H.Nizam,

    You deserve the awards coz you have with your writings and article enriched our lives. Keep up the good work.I have tremendous respect for you.

  10. @Cordola
    You are welcome.Keep blogging coz your work is great. Gratz on the award.

  11. @rt
    hai hai sahabat lama..rt my dear friend..your writings are always about good values and that is very noble indeed. You are a good parental model and a very supportive friend.May Allah looks upon you and your family with baraqah and mercy.Amin

  12. you too UMI, may our life full with the baraqah. insyaAllah.

  13. @rt
    mekacih my dear friend ^-^

  14. salam..
    terima kasih umihoney
    for the award..sorry lambat reply ada urusan
    moga anda selalu manis dan ceria..

  15. your award a keep it here:

  16. Ah....another blogger award from my best friends, I hope someday I will meet you there to give an award offline, also to enjoy your special recipe...:) amiin....

  17. Hi Ummi, thank you for accepting the awards. You really deserved them. Sorry, I, offline 2 hari so kinda late sampai sini. It seems that our blogging community is getting bigger and I always remember you as one of the earliest blogger friends I found, here in blogland.You are really a nice blogger fren and I hope we'll remain frens 4eva.

  18. @zulkbo
    Im happy that you have accepted the award.I hope you shall continue writing from the heart for the good of all.Keep up the good work.

  19. @NGDlover
    How time has flies.I remember the early days when I first started this blog.You were one of the first to join and has even contributed articles to help me with content.That was very kind of you.Extending support,advice and friendship for a newbie like me.For that I am truly grateful.You certainly deserve the Top Blogger award.

  20. @TK
    My dear cikgu TK. Have I told you how much I respect you as a blogger,teacher and friend. You have extended your friendship to all of us your readers and shared with us snapshots of your life...snapshots full of colour and sunshine.Thank you my dear friend for the joy that you have given me.

  21. salaam Umi sayang... seribu maaf buat Umi, karena aku baru datang sekarang...
    seminggu terakhir ini aku berada di luar kota utk urusan anakku... jadi jarang buka2 blog..
    thanks so much dear Umi for de award (dapat 2 award sekaligus!!) am so happy n touched...
    will put the awards on my blog soon...
    but now I'm still on 'my vacation' hehe... insyaAllah will be back home in next 2 or 3 days ahead... mohon Umi maklum ye kalo aku jarang2 mampir ke blog Umi...

    w/ problem my dear friend I matters come first ya..You are a great woman,wife,mother and friend.Loving towards your family and friends.You treats everyone warmly and with respect.That is what so beautiful about you Nensa dear.Always have a kind words for everyone.Your articles are wholesome and a delight to read. Honest and straight from the heart.Thank you for sharing your family with us Nensa.You deserve the awards my friend.

  23. Thanks Umi, for the award. I am very honoured!

  24. Sorry, forgot Umi...
    Tahniah buat Umi for the double awards!!

  25. @Pete
    Youre welcome Pete. In my opinion you are one of the top bloggers.You have an awesome blog.Great content.,sharing with your readers useful information and whats important is your sense of humour and sincerity.

  26. @Nensa Moon
    Thank you my dear and gratz to you too xD

  27. I m honored. Thanks for this. Take Care. :)

  28. @collin
    Pleasure is mine. Your blog is like a ray of sunshine..bringing laughter and smiles..coz like they say laughter is the best medicine.Thank you for the sunshine collin.You deserve the award.Gratz.



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