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Laksa Asam

Laksa Asam

Dear readers,

Asam Laksa is a Malaysian favourite especially in the northern states of Malaysia. It's chilly hot and sourish very much akin to Tom Yam. The fish that is being used actually determines the taste of the soup. In my opinion the best fish to use is Ikan Parang (wolf herring) coz the smooth and white texture of Ikan Parang makes the soup tastier.However the fish is very bonny and quite tedious to remove them.

Enjoy the video.


400 gm laksa (boil and drained)
1 kg kembung fish/mackerel (clean and wash}
40 dried chillies (boil)
1 big onion
1 in shrimp paste (belacan)
some daun kesum/praew leaf/Vietnamese cilantro/Cambodian mint
3 bunga kantan (torch ginger)
10-15 asam gelugur/garcinia fruit
2 liter water

for garnishing:
1 cucumber (cut into match stick size)
1 stalk salad (cut thinly)
few stalk mint leaves (remove from stalk)
1 big onions (cut into quarter rings)
2 red chillies (cut thinly)
5 thai green chillies (cut thinly)
1 lime (cut small pieces)
3 hardboiled egg (halved)


1) Boil Laksa noodles until soft.Drained and set aside.
2) Prepare the soup.
a) Blend chillies,onion and shrimp paste.
b) In a pot boil fish with daun kesum and 5 pieces asam gelugur.
c) When the fish has boiled remove the fish and strain the fish stock from the leaves and asam gelugur.
d) Remove the bones from the fish and pound finely.
e) In a pot containing the fish stock, add in the fish, blended chilli,daum kesum,bunga kantan and asam gelugur.
f) Cook until the soup boils. Add salt to taste.
3) Serve the laksa noodles with the garnishings and the soup.

Laksa Asam

Till we meet again take care ya. Bye.


(pix from umidishes album)


  1. Hi Umi,
    I has been quite a long time since I last visited your "delicious" blog.
    It's 8 am right now in Jakarta and I am now at my office looking at the photos of your Laksa Asam.
    WOW! I am hungry!

  2. Hi Nizam,
    Great to have you back.Been awhile for me too.Will start blog walking again soon.LOL makes you hungry eh..sabar xD

  3. Another nice one......thanks for the recipe again. :)

  4. Hi Ummi! most of the days I makan. My children love Laksa so much so I usually buy for them. In Terengganu we have laksa lemak, laksa kuah merah and laksa Penang. Laksa Penang is my favourite coz it's fat free. The other 2 sedap jugak but then takutlah makan lemak byk2.I've never tried laksa ikan parang...but I know apa2 yg ada ikan parang mmg sedap.

  5. Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Umi lapar :(

  6. I guarentee... must be yummy...
    Love to see you on video again .
    Welcome back Umi syang...

  7. Collin thank you for dropping by.

  8. TK dear..laksa memang kegemaran Malaya hahaha

  9. Nensa sayang..thank you for making the time to watch..hugs

  10. lunaticg cant agree with you more.Thank you for dropping by dear

  11. Wolf herring is the best fish to use? The dish looks really good, have not heard of that particular fish, though.

  12. Wah, Laksa Utara, saya nak satu! LOL!

  13. One laksa with orange juice please....send to me here :)

  14. salam
    tak boleh tahan ...perghhhhhhhh

  15. Aduuh...
    Setiap kesini, air liurku berguguran Umi... hahahaha...

  16. Umi,
    I also like to eat Laksa Asam in malay stall in hawker center.
    The soup has unique flavor, I think is because of all the nice ingredients. When I drink it, I want to drink more the soup.
    Thanks for the information.

  17. I love Laksa! It was the first taste of Asia for me. On the streets of Singapore, hot and humid, on a busy little sidwalk hawker stall I sat and experienced the most wonderful combination of tastes known to me up to this point!

    Tiger beer, Laksa, Singapore weather. It does not get any better than that!

    Thanks for posting this so I can make it myself!

  18. i invite you to read a wonderfull book of Jason Goodwin " The Jannissary tree", an interesting histoy of Yashim, a detective gourmet in the Turkey of XIX century.
    Take care, my friend.

  19. salam Umi..

  20. Another nice one. Thanks for sharing.

  21. @Pete worry one laksa on the way hehe

  22. @NGDlover
    by courier?..sure thing my friend

  23. @Kartunmania
    Terima kasih sudi mampir.Dilain waktu bawa tisu ya..hahaha

  24. @coolingstar9
    Thank you my friend for dropping by and commenting.I agree with you..laksa is the last spoonful.

  25. @Randal
    Thank you for dropping by.Do try the recipe.Get a few friends over for a "laksa" party..have a blast.

  26. @cordolaproduction
    Thank you for the suggestion.You take care too my friend.

  27. @collin
    I thank you for taking the time to read and watch and comment..appreciate it my friend.

  28. @Datin El

    Hahaha..tu la pasal..memang perghhhh

  29. @Zulkbo
    kegemaran ku jugak :)

  30. hye...i really enjoy ur meals..i mean ur blog

  31. @Anonymous
    Hey..thank you for dropping by..wish you would leave yr name so we can be friends :)..thanks for the kind comments and compliment.Do drop in again ya.Take care.

  32. salam umi. saya nak tanya jangan marah ye. saya suka blog umi. hehe

    emm... sebelum rebus ikan, nape x buang "najis" dia dulu? saya x tahu masak laksa... tengs umi :)

  33. @amir bagus
    MasyaAllah..kenapa la buat fitnah camtu.Umi tak pernah seumur hidup tak buang perut ikan walau masak apa sekali pun. Dah buang basuh dengan air asam dan garam.Belum ada lagi keturunan kami yang masak ikan tak buang perut dek non oi.

    Ikan tu dah dibuang perut. Kalau pandai siang memang perut tak akan pecah dan terbuka. Saya sangat kecewa kerana sebagai orang Islam saya tahu mengenai najis. Dan saya sendiri tak gamak nak rebus ikan dengan najis dan bagi makan keluarga.

    Saya rasa ini bukan soal pandai masak laksa ke tidak. Ini soal kebersihan.

    Apa pun terima kasih susah payah letak comment.

  34. emmm....saya mintak maaf umi. saya xde niat nak fitnah umi.saya suka makan laksa. ikan tu nampak cantik sangat la umi. umi, saya mintak maaf, xde niat nak fitnah. :'(



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