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Kerabu Tauge and Bubur Nasi Berempah

Kerabu Tauge

My dear readers,

In this outing I have invited my sister Ina, to share 2 recipes with us. She has kindly agreed to share with us Bubur Nasi Berempah (Spicy Rice Congee) and Kerabu Tauge (Bean Sprout Salad). Both dishes are simple and not expensive to cook. Bubur Nasi Berempah and Kerabu Tauge are two very popular dishes during Ramadhan here in Malaysia. There are various ways of making them depending on the area and district. The recipes here are from the Malaysian state of Perak.

I am happy to present you the videos...enjoy.

Here's the recipe:


1/2kg. Bean Sprout/Tauge (Blanch in boiling water,and drained)
1 cup dried shrimps (pounded/grind)
4 big onions (slice thinly,rings)
2 in. ginger slice thinly
1/2 cup kerisek (fry grated coconut without oil until brown and pound)
1/2 cup sambal belacan (pound 5 fresh red chillies with 1 inch square of shrimp paste)
juice from 5 lime preferably limau kasturi
Salt to taste.


1) In a mixing bowl add sambal belacan,pounded dried shrimp,ginger,kerisek and lime juice.Mix well.
2) Add salt to taste. Add onions.Mix well.
3) Add in the tauge and mix well.
4) Ready to serve.


Here's the recipe:



3 cups Basmati long grain rice (wash and drain)
1/2 kg. meat (cut into small pieces)
2 liter water
3 cups coconut milk
10pieces small bombay onion (slice thinly)
5 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
2 in. garlic (slice thinly)
3 tbs. ghee
1/4 cup oil
salt to taste.

1 stick cinnamon
1 piece star anise
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp cardamom
1/2 cup kurma powder (see below how to make Kurma Powder)


3 tbs coriander corns
1 tsp cumim
1 tsp fennel
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 stick dry turmeric
1 tsp cloves
1 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
3 nutmegs (grated)
1 teaspoon cardamoms
1) Dry roast the ingredients separately until fragrant, except for tumeric and candle nut,then set aside to cool. (note: the fire must be low,and keep constant till all spices are roasted.Don't try to hasten the process coz the spices will be burnt)
2) Grind all the ingredients together in a spice grinder or coffee grinder.Store in an airtight jar.

1) Put the rice in a pot with one liter of water to boil.
2) Add in the meat.
3) Keep adding the rest of the water while the congee is boiling.
3) Boil until the rice is cooked for about half hour.
4) Add in the coconut milk and salt to taste.At this point cook under very slow fire.Let the congee boil again.Stir constantly to prevent burning.
5) In a separate pan heat the ghee and oil.
6) Fry the spices for 1 min. Add in the onions,ginger and garlic until brown.
7) Add in the kurma powder and half cup of water.
6) Fry until the oil separates and bubles of oil appear at the surface.
7) Transfer the spices into the congee and stir well.Let it boil for a minute.
8) Ready to serve. Garnish with celery,spring onion and fried onion.

Bubur Nasi Berempah

I'd like to thank Ina for her generosity; taking the time to share with us Kerabu Tauge and Bubur Nasi Berempah. Hope you will try these dishes. Until next time, take care of yourself.


(All pix from umidishes album)


  1. Hi Umi,
    I am sure they are as delicious as they look.
    I always love tauge however it is cooked, my favorite is an East Java soup called Rawon which consisted of small sliced meat, tauge, cooked using a spice called Kluwek, and eat it with marinated duck egg. Oh, I missed my Mom's cooking I better visit my parents tomorrow.

  2. Hi Nizam,
    The Rawon soup sounds delicious indeed and I love marinated duck egg especially in Ramadhan during 'sahur'.I know that spice Kluwek.That also reminds me of another soup dish called soto. Have a nice visit tomorrow and bon apetit my friend while you are there :)

  3. Those are my favourite Ummi but as usual.. I donno how to prepare them . Thanks 2 u, I now have a recipe book online.Here in Tganu they have nice bubur as well. They put fish and pucuk paku merah and lots of black pepper. It's so delicious.

  4. TK thank you for visiting me.I am glad to share what little I know with friends here TK.Have fun trying :).I am sure the food in Trengganu is awesome.Pucuk paku sounds great.I love em.

  5. I was not really used to eat kerabu before but your recipe look delicious. The bubur nasi berempah surely tasty. I like bubur especially bubur lambuk. Now have to ask my wife to try this new recipe of bubur nasi berempah.

  6. Rad thank you for visiting me.It's not hard to make and cheap too.Important thing is it taste good.Try it.Bubur is also delicious.Happy trying.

  7. I love crunchy taugeh, bubur berempah same as bubur lambuk?

  8. You really love to cook umi.
    Any dishes you don't know how to?

  9. Pete thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.Ya some call it Bubur Lambuk..of course different spices are used in some of them depending on the state or district of origin.

  10. LOL..of course lunaticg..I share what I know and there are much that I don't know.Love to learn though :)Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment lunaticg.

  11. That spicy rice really looks good. I think i might try that one. LOL if I do I'll let u know how it came out. (Smile)

  12. Squirly,
    Try it and let me know :) Thank you for dropping by and commenting.Take care.

  13. All very healthy foods, Umi! ♥

    I always cook Chinese food, because, aside from the fact that I am 1/2 Chinese, Chinese food is just simply healthy! I should say that most Asian cuisine is healthy! :)

    In the west, especially in America, they eat sooooo unhealthily!!!!

  14. Hi Umi when you make the kurma powder, do you grind each spice separately as well as roasting it separately. Have a lovely day. Jeannine

  15. Dear C,
    Ya Chinese food is healthy.Cooking at home with fresh ingredients is healthy no matter what kind of food..western or eastern.Important thing is balance diet.Thank you for visiting me and taking the time to leave comments.Have a nice week C.

  16. Wooww... 'Bubur Nasi Berempah'.. sounds so strange for me, Umi... I just knew 'Bubur Ayam' in my country.. hahaha..
    But I think its really different...
    I wonder how it taste, Umi...
    Pls you upload it for me..Umi... hehehe...joke!

  17. Jeannine my friend,
    Yes we roast the spices separately; except for the tumeric and nutmeg.However we can grind them altogether.Thank you for asking.I will amend the recipe to make it clear.I apologise for that.You too have a lovely day my friend.

  18. Nensa my dear,
    Kalau aja bisa di upload memang udah lama umi uploadkan HAHAHA..nakal ya nona Nensa ini :)..Try it to cook it Nensa..normally we cook this for breaking fast..the mosques' staff will cook and distribute the Bubur for free.So every Ramadhan we can see a long queue for the Bubur like buying tickets for a movie LOL.Thank you for visiting me dear.

  19. Bean sprout salad? Hmmm, never have tried that, Umihoney, but it looks good, and I'm sure it is good for me.

  20. Dave thank you for visiting me..the salad is not too hot and its good with white rice.Taste nice :)

  21. Every time I am visiting your blog, my mouth is drolling looking at my monitor.
    Maybe this is a new kind of disease? ["o]
    No new recipes for this week umi?

  22. lunaticg thank you for the 2nd round visit LOL..ya soon..I am not too well now..flu and sore voice so can't shoot video hehe..I will as soon as I got my voice back :)

  23. I like this bubur, I remember when I was a student in Depok. This kind of food is my special breakfast almost every morning...

  24. NGDlover,
    Thank you for visiting.It's a good wholesome meal to start the day :)

  25. These look great, thanks for sharing

  26. Moms always have the best cooking. Probably because of all the years of cooking and forcing us to eat. smile

  27. Thank you for visiting me Rachel.

  28. Squirly my friend,
    Thank you so much for visiting me again.I know what you mean,especially the veges LOL.

  29. salam umi..
    simple tapi sedap..

  30. w/salam zulkbo,

    terima kasih sudi lawat umi..ya simple kan?..cubalah :)



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