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Kari Ikan Tenggiri Cik Jah (Cik Jah's Mackerel Fish Curry)


Dear readers,

I am happy to share with you a recipe that was handed down to me by my late mum Cik Jah. So I named this dish Kari Ikan Tenggiri Cik Jah (Cik Jah Mackerel Fish Curry). Cik Jah was a demanding teacher :)..she was a perfectionist when it comes to cooking and housework. Her curry was famous among our family and friends. The secret is in the curry mixture and slow cook. The fire has to be low and the curry has to simmer slowly. Usually she used the earthen pot. Mine has cracked recently and so I used normal pot this time.

Here's the video.Enjoy.

Here's the recipe:


4 pieces Mackerel steak (wash and clean)
10 pcs small Bombay onion (slice thinly)
5 pcs garlic (slice thinly)
1 in ginger (slice thinly)
2 tsp mixed halba spice
1.5 liter water
1/2 cup tamarind (mixed with the water to make tamarind juice)
1 cup coconut milk
2 tomatoes (cut into wedges)
10 pieces ladies fingers
5 pieces green chillies (cut lengthwise)
3/4 cup oil
some curry leaf
salt to taste

curry powder mixture

1 cup fish curry powder
2 cloves garlic
5 small Bombay onion
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp black peppercorn
1 tbs salt


1) Prepare the curry powder mixture:
a) Pound the onion and garlic until fine.
b) Add in the cumin and black peppercorn.
c) Pound until fine.
d) Add the onion mixture and salt into the curry powder.
e) Mix the curry powder with the tamarind juice.

2) Heat the oil.Fry onions,garlic,ginger,mixed halba and curry leaf.
3) Fry until brown. Add the curry powder mixture.
4) Add a little tamarind juice and let the curry mixture boil until the oil separates and bubbly.
5) Add some more tamarind juice,half of the tomatoes and half of the green chillies.
6) When the curry has boiled add the rest of the tamarind juice and the coconut milk.
7) Add the fish. Let it boil and and add the ladies fingers and the rest of the tomatoes and green chillies.Check the taste.If needed add some salt.
8) Boil for a further few minutes.
9) Ready to serve.

Do try Cik Jah's Mackerel Fish Curry.It can be eaten with rice,bread or prata or chappati etc. We used to dip the butter crackers biscuits with this curry..awesome.Till we meet again,take care.


(pix from umidishes album)


  1. Hi Umi,
    The photo of Kari Ikan Tenggiri Cik Jah makes me hungry although not is still early in the morning.

    I always love fish because they say that it's safer to consume compared to meat. Although people say that Santan/coconut milk will increase cholesterol, but I will never hesitate to eat it.

  2. Hi Nizam,
    Thank you for dropping by. Agree that fish is safe to consume. Santan taken once awhile is alright :)..alas most of our dishes have santan in them..kinda hard to resist too LOL.

  3. Thank you so much for taking all the valuable time to share and even take videos of your recipes and dishes to share with us all, Umi! :)

    I appreciate it. :)

    And we have this dish here in The Philippines. Here it's called kare-kare. :)

  4. Dear c,
    Pleasure is mine to share what little I know with my readers.Thank you for the kind words.I'd love to try cooking Phillipines dishes too one of this days.It would be fun ya.

  5. Yummmy.....believe me my mouth is watering. :P

    I m sure this recipe must be very close to ur heart. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You know, mackerel fish is a kind of fish that delicious to serve in many matter of sea foods, like this one, hope I'll be the first to enjoy this food if you were in my current city...hhmmm.....

    @collin...hey, be careful ! dont drop your 'saliva' here...:)

  7. Hello Umi i always come away from your blog wanting some of your yummy food. have fun cooking up a storm

  8. Dear collin thank you for visiting.How very perceptive of you.Yes its very close to my heart.My pleasure to share with you collin.

  9. NGDlover yes apart from tuna and red snapper (ikan merah)Mackerel is certainly delicious in any type of cooking. Maybe one day I turn up at your doorstep and I sure will cook for you and your family :)
    Thank you for visiting.

  10. Hello Jeannine my friend.
    Happy to see you here.Hehe I had fun 'cooking up a storm' for my friends here and that includes you dear.Thank you for visiting me.

  11. Alamak, kari kegemaran saya, ikan tengiri masak kari lagilah favorite saya. baru hari ni saya tahu ikan mackerel tu ikan tenggiri. Nice cook and nice photos

  12. Hi rb,
    Terima kasih sudi lawat umi.Memang pun kari favorite kita..cicah biskut pun meletup hehe.Umi pun tak tahu semua nama ikan kita dalam bahasa Inggeris..especially ikan kembung LOL.Thank you for the kind comments.

  13. OMG! The curry looks so delicious with the ladies fingers, chillies and tomatoes. Mackerel curry is definitely d best compared to ikan lain. ..Kalau masak curry I put lots of ladies fingers and I ratah sampai habis!Thanks for sharing your mum's recipe. Special tu..

  14. Wooww...the fish curry with green chillies..really makes me feel hungry, Umi!

  15. Nensa dear,
    Thank you for dropping by.I am happy that you like the recipe and you are welcome.Try it :)

  16. TK cikgu sayang,
    I am fond of ladies fingers and tenggiri too..sama la kita,suka perabih hehe. You are welcome,pleasure is mine.Yea ,kinda special and sadly nostalgic too.Thank you for visiting and your comments.

  17. Hi umihoney.
    Nape masak makanan kegemaran saya semua ni?
    Guna curry powder ape?

  18. HAHAHA lunaticg dear apparently we have the same fav.Umi guna Babas and sometimes Adabi curry powder.

  19. Salam umihoney..wah..tiba2 je lapar perut tenguk kari ni..emmm yum yum..

  20. Dear Datin El,
    W/salam..terima kasih sudi lawat and komen.

  21. wow that looks nice is it hot

  22. Boyaaka

    Thanks for visiting.Very very happy to see you here my friend.It is not very hot,its spicy and yes its delicious.



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