Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rendang Pedas Utara (Hot Northern Rendang)

rendang pedas utara

(pix from umidishes album)

Hello dear readers. Umidishes presents Rendang Pedas Utara or Hot Northern Rendang. This dish is native to the northern state of Malaysia especially Kedah. The ingredients are pretty simple and few. I have used chicken for this rendang dish but you can use any type of meat instead..up to you. Those of you who are celebrating Chinese New Year on this coming February 14th. may try this simple rendang. The amount of chilly can be reduced or added according to your preference. Please excuse the slight noise in the recording.It was raining during the shoot hence the noise. I hope you will enjoy the video. Lets watch.

Here's the recipe:

1 whole chicken or any type of meat of your choice (cut into small pieces)
4 cups coconut milk
40 pieces of dried red chillies (boil and blend)
3 large big onions (pounded)
3 lemon grass (bruise)
3 in. galangal/lengkuas (pounded)
6 pieces candle nut/buah keras/kemiri (pounded)
(Umi's note:candle nut is optional to add taste and to thicken the rendang.)
1/2 cup tamarind juice
salt to taste

1) Heat the wok and put in the chilly,onions,galangal,candle nut and coconut milk.
2) Mix all the ingredients well and let it boil.
3) When the rendang mixture has boiled and the gravy has slightly reduced, add in the lemon grass, salt,tamarind juice and chicken.
4) Mix them well and let the rendang simmer under slow fire until the chicken has cooked and the gravy has thicken.
5) If you prefer the gravy to be thicker simmer longer else remove from the stove.
6) Ready to serve.

So that's my recipe for today. Do visit umidishes next time for other dishes. In the meantime take care of yourself.Happy trying...bye.



  1. I have never tried it before but from the plate of the RENDANG PEDAS UTARA as shown in the photo above, looks very tasty!

    Bezo sikit dengan rondang nogori, sini rondang eh koring yo, hitam warnanya.

  2. Thank you Den Macho for visiting and your comment. Kalau nak kering pun boleh,masak lama sikit lagi jadi kering dan gelap sikit warnanya. Umi suka ada kuah sikit. Cubalah masak..tak susah sangat..bahan pun sikit je. :)

  3. my current city come to spring season, (Still cold but not as cold as winter days ago) I think this food is best choices. So yummy you have idea if I want to change the cundle nut(hard to find here my dear pal...)

  4. Hi Umi,

    Hmmmmmm ..... yummy
    I can imagine the aroma, the taste, the ....
    Ooooh I better go to the nearest Restoran Padang to order for Rendang.

    Before that, I want to take a cup of tea first.

  5. ngdlover you can use almond instead..grind or use the powder..walnut is also fine..i have used both before..taste just as good.thank you for dropping by.

  6. oh my Restoran Padang..the best food la..bon apetit Nizam

  7. Ahhh, everytypes of rendang from Utara, especially Kedah very nice!

  8. Pak Karamu visiting your blog and rendang utara too

  9. Pete thank you for visiting..appreciate your support. Ya Kedah mali :)..try this simple rendang in the universe for Chinese New Year.

  10. PakKaramu thank you for visiting.Drop by often :)

  11. It has been months since I last had rendang..I am so tempted. I have never tried rendang Utara.It must be very nice!

  12. TK thanks for visiting..this is I think by far the simplest rendang to make.Try it and taste it :)

  13. Never have seen this dish, but it is a hot dish, so I probably would like it. Looks good, Umihoney!

  14. Nyam..nyam..nyam... jadi lapar nih Umi... hahaha...

  15. Hey David,it sure is hot and yes it tastes good too.Try it :).Thank you for the visit and comment.Appreciate your support David.

  16. kartunmania terima kasih sudi melawat.Silakan cuba memasaknya..pasti lazat :)

  17. Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

  18. Hi
    I love Rendang especially Beef Rendang which is Indonesian I guess. Where are your tempe treats?

  19. I like this page umihoney, it makes me almost want to cook!

    Rendang is great.

  20. Hello dace,thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave comment.In M'sia too we do use beef for rendang like the Indonesian,no difference :) tempe..not very good at that LOL..I'm not of Javanese descent though I do like tempe very much. I think of something for you OK.Take care.

  21. ahh..that would be awesome Luke..I'm sure it would turn out good.:)..have fun cooking Luke.

  22. Jonathan thank you for visiting.I do visit your site,and i like your fun site :)

  23. Uau, i like the video, and th food is delicious! So hot!

  24. Walkyria thank you so much for visiting.Ya rendang is hot :)

  25. Man that looked kinda good. Ive been looking for different things to cook for my boyfriend since we moved. and this really looks good.

    Thanks for video I just might try this out.



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