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opor nangka muda
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During my schooling days I used to visit my aunt who at that time was living in Parit,Perak. The village she was staying in was mostly populated with descendants of Sumatran specifically the Minangkabau folks. I just love the dishes that were cooked during weddings there. One dish in particular was the Opor Nangka. It is hot and spicy. I'd like to share with you,my umidishes readers, the recipe of this delicious Indonesian dish ;the way my auntie taught me and hope you would try it. Enjoy :)

1/2 kg. young jack fruit (cut into small pieces and boiled)
1/2 kg meat/ribs (boiled/pressure cooked)
2 cups concentrated coconut milk
5 cups diluted coconut milk
1 tbs. cinnamon powder
1 tbs. nutmeg powder
4 pieces tumeric leaf (slice thinly)
2 pieces kafir lime leaf
3 pieces lemon grass (bruised)
2 pieces asam keping (can be substituted with 1/2 cup lemon juice)
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup kerisek (fry grated coconut from 1 coconut without oil until brown and grind/pound very finely)

1 tbs cumin/jintan puteh
2 tbs coriander
6 pieces candlenuts/buah keras/kemiri
20 pieces dried red chillies (boiled)
20 pieces thai/bird chillies
4 pieces fresh tumeric
2 in. ginger
2 in. galangal/lengkuas
1 big onion
4 cloves garlic
(Note:The spices like cinnamon,nutmeg,coriander, candle nut and cumin have to be roasted first before grinding)

1) Heat oil in a pot and fry onions and garlic for few minutes until aromatic.
2) Add in the red chillies, thai chillies, lemon grass, galangal, ginger.tumeric, candle nut, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder and asam keping (use lime or lemon juice alternatively).
3) Stir well and leave it to fry for few minutes until aromatic and the oil separated.(bubbles of oil will appear)
4) Add in the diluted coconut milk and the kerisek.Let the gravy boil and the liquid reduced a bit.
5) Add in the concentrated coconut milk,jack fruit and the meat. Simmer with slow fire until it boils again.
6) Add in the kafir lime leaf and the sliced tumeric leaf. Simmer a little longer until the gravy thickens. Remove from the stove.
7) Ready to serve.

That is all for now. Till we meet again with another umidishes, have a great week ahead. Take care of yourself ya.



  1. Wow, lots of spices in it. I have never used jackfruit for cooking but is sure looks tasty!

  2. Thank you Pete for visiting. Yes lots of fact by right I should also add 2 more i.e kencur or cekur and the rind of the kafir know how hard it is to get them in the city unless I plan ahead to get them from Pasar Tani or Chow Kit lol..and with Thaipusam and City Day today I don't think I can bear the jam. Have a great week ahead Pete.

  3. I love this dish so much. I donno that it's an Indonesian dish. It tastes so good if it's really hot!. In the east coast, it is not really a favourite and very hard to find.

  4. Thank you for visiting TK. Yes its Indonesia in origin.In KL we can sometimes buy this dish from Padang restaurants located around Kg. Bharu. Now that we are talking about Padang restaurant..oh my..i just so love Padang dishes next to Thai food LOL.Have a great week with family TK.

  5. what a nice cook UmiHoney. I love Nangka.

  6. Wow...
    One of my favourite dishes. I just love to add this with "ikan masin" and a bit of belacan. with extra chili, it will not harm my appetite.

  7. Den Macho thank you for being here and your comments..ya nangka is my fav too

  8. Hi Umihoney, we have a jackfruit tree in our back yard. I'll have to give this recipe to my wife. I don't believe she has ever cooked it this way. I love jackfruit, so this should be good. Thanks!

  9. lunaticg thank you for visiting and commenting..yes that sounds good to me :)

  10. David my friend, good to see you here. Sounds like a good plan to me, you can reduce the chilli amount if you and family prefer less chilli hot.Thank you so much for your comments.

  11. Hi Umihoney.
    thank you for your kind comment on blog catalog.:)
    It's highly appreciated by all of us at MFS.
    Have a great Week-End!

  12. You're very welcome.Thank you too for giving me so much pleasure in reading and for sharing knowledge and info.

  13. i have been looking for recipe to cook nangka masak lemak.. but there is one problem..I've found this brilliant website that teaches me how to cook with videos and ingredients, but i really have no idea where to get the ingredients as i am not familiar with malay ingredient(but i love malay food*yums*). can i get all these ingredients in Tesco supermarket?

  14. Hi Emily,welcome to my blog.Good to see you here.I am not sure whether Tesco sells nangka muda or not.I know we can get it at Giant and Mydin and sometimes at Carefour apart from pasar malam and pasar tani and the wet market.All the ingredients here you can get 'em at Tesco. You can use chicken if you don't like meat or just plain nangka muda. For the coconut milk I use the ones in box packaging coz its concentrated. Mix with some water to dilute it ya.

    Masak lemak nangka is simpler than opor.You just boil the nangka first then you pound or blend 20 pcs. Thai chillies. Put the chillies and nangka in the pot and pour the coconut milk in. Add lemon grass and tumeric leaf and 1 tbs tumeric powder and salt.Some people use nangka muda with ikan bilis or dried ikan kurau or ikan merah. I suggest you just use nangka as this is your first try. Cook over slow fire until it boils. That's all.No spices for masak lemak.

    Good luck with your cooking.Feel free to ask me anything.
    Take care :)

  15. I umi!!! thank you very much for your recipe.
    It was delicious...I like green jackfruit with coconut milk.

  16. @vanee krishna
    Hi vanee. I am glad you like it.So do I. Thank you for dropping by.



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