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Nasi Minyak (Plain Buttered Rice)

nasi minyak/plain buttered rice
(pix from umidishes album)

Hello dear readers.On this auspicious day, Chinese New Year, umidishes shares with you a popular rice dish called Nasi Minyak or Plain Buttered Rice. I am sharing this Nasi Minyak recipe due to request from friends.I have used a combination of ghee and vegetable oil. You may substitute these with butter or just plain vegetable oil. You may also reduce the amount of any ingredients according to your taste. Enjoy the video :)

Here's the recipe:



4 cups Basmati rice (soak in water for 1 hr with 1 tbs vinegar)
4 cups plain water (add 1 tsp rose essence for aroma)
2 cups evaporated milk
6 small Bombay onions (slice thinly)
2 in. ginger (grated or pounded)
4 cloves garlic (grated or pounded)
1 stalk of coriander leaf and some mint leaf/pudina (chopped roughly)
2 pandan leaf (can be substituted with bay leaf)
salt to taste
spices in a pouch: cardamom,cloves and star anise.
2 in cinnamon (break into 2)


1) Wash rice thoroughly and drain. Set aside.
2) Heat the pot and put in the oil and the ghee/butter.
3) Fry onions,ginger and garlic until slightly brown and aromatic.
4) Add the cinamon and rice. Fry for few minutes until the oil and ghee have combined well with the rice.
5) Pour in the water and milk. Add the spice pouch and salt.
6) Cook until the rice is about 3/4 cooked.
7) Add the coriander leaf,mint leaf/pudina and pandan/bay leaf.
8) Cover the pot with aluminium foil.Put back the lid and place a heavy thing on it.Place a sheet of tin or old pot lid beneath the rice pot to prevent the rice from burning.
9) Let the rice cook for half hour more under very slow fire.
10)Open the lid and foil. Stir the rice and remove from stove.
11) Ready to serve. Garnish with fried cashew nuts, fried onions and raisins if you prefer.

That's all for now. Buttered rice is excellent with Dalcha, Kurma or curry. Bon apetit. Till we meet again, take care of yourself and thank you for taking the time to read and watch the presentation. Bye.



  1. a tasty Nasi minyak can be eaten on it own without curry. From the ingredients, I think yours is the one. Good recipe Umi Honey.

  2. Thank you Rad for visiting.Yes you are right Rad,it can be eaten on its own.When I was a kid,I used to wait in line at the madrasah during Ramadan for the rice as well as the crust of the rice coz they taste so good :) budak tak malu :P

  3. Hi Umi,

    Hmmmm .... I can imagine the aroma.
    The nasi lemak itself with the cinnamon plus curry. Reminds me of my mom's delicious food.

  4. Hi Nizam, thank you for the visit. Mother's food is always the best food Nizam, agree with you.

  5. You know what, I've never prepared Nasi Minyak. Nasi Beriyani adalah try bcause it's my mother's favourite and she taught me how to do it. In Terengganu Nasi Minyak is a favourite which we usually have 4 breakfast. It's like Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan. Since the recipe is here, I should trylakan..Thanx 4 the recipe..

  6. TK thanks for dropping by.Ya same in Kedah..the nasi lemak Kedah is somewhat similar to Nasi Minyak except it uses santan too.Perhaps I will show how to do it one of these days.Its eaten with Gulai Udang and Kacang Panjang ...yummy.Our nasi Kerabu is called nasi ulam, quite different from the Kelantan version though I do like it too.It would be nice if you could try this recipe..just follow the video step by step and you will get it right.Beras Kelantan sedap so you will get an awesome Nsi Minyak .Have fun trying.

  7. delicious food , my darling, perfect description, how must be a spiritual s food.
    Tank for your visit. take care you too.

  8. Danilo thank you for visiting.Food cook from the heart will touch the heart I suppose, is that spritual enough :)..and you're welcome.

  9. Great illustration. Thanks for sharing. Its making me really hungry now. :o)

  10. I will have to try this sometime, I wonder if it's easier to cook it in the rice cooker. Thanks for the great illustration.
    Ivan from San Jose, CA.

  11. @Anonymous

    Hi,thank you for taking the time to view the dish. Yes you can use rice cooker. In a separate pot do the steps until step 5 and pour into rice cooker. Use the aluminium foil to cover the pot before putting the lid on. When its cooked remove the foil and give the rice a stir and put the foil and lid back on and leave it for awhile on warm.
    Happy trying.Take care.

  12. @iWilis

    Thank you for dropping by.

  13. In order to succeed this recipe you have to use Diamond Pearl Basmati Rice. This is a Pure Indian Basmati rice. If you want more informations go on the website or send a mail at

  14. Hello Umi,

    Awesome recipe! :) It will be great to taste some traditional malay food abroad. Just a quick question, how do you tell if the rice is 3/4 cooked? Do I cook it in (insert heat) for certain amount of time? Thanks! :)

  15. @Sam
    A rice is 3/4 cooked when the liquid is almost all dry but not quite. You can still see some liquid and they are bubbling together with the rice. When you taste the rice,its almost cooked but not fully,still a bit hard and partly soft.

    If you have a rice cooker you can do all the steps until step 5 separately and then pour into the rice cooker,cover with foil and cover it.Switch the cooker on and let it cook.When the light show as cooked remove the lid ,stir well,right to the bottom of the pot,then cover it up again with foil, and try to switch it on again,if not let it on warm for another 5-10mins. You will get a soft and fluffy rice.

    Thank you for taking the time to watch.I will be making another video on another type of rice soon and I hope I can show the viewer what a 3/4 cooked rice look like.Thank you for the heads up.Valuable indeed for me to ensure the viewers are able to cook the dish after they have seen the video.
    Take care of yourself ya.God bless you.



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