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Unagi Donburi

Unagi Donburi
(pix from NGDlover collection)
(Unagi Donburi)

Hello my dear readers. Today is a special day for all of us here in the umidishes community. One of our umidishes family member has been very very kind to share a Japanese dish with us called Unagi Donburi. Our member is none other than NGDlover.Thank you so very much.I am truly honoured that he is willing to share this dish with all of us here. To all my readers and my dear umidishes community members please feel free to share your dishes with all of us here.Drop me a line and I will publish your dish here. Thank you NGDlover.

NGDlover family
(pix from NGDlover collection)
NGDlover's family in Nagoya,Japan enjoying Unagi Donburi

So here is the recipe for Unagi Donburi


600 gm unagi (fresh water eel that is used in Japanese dishes)

(Mix all together)
140 ml mirin (a Japanese rice wine use in Japanese cooking)
(Umi's note: Muslims can substitute this with apple juice)

140 ml shoyu (Japanese soy sauce that can be obtained from Japanese food store)
200 gm granulated sugar

if the eel is grilled over open fire, add
1 tsp ginger (grated)
1 tbs honey

(pix from NGDlover collection)
Unagi Donburi

Method 1 (as prepared in Japanese Restaurant):

1) Steam the eel with the sauce until all the sauce has been absorbed by the eel.
2) Remove the eel and grill the eel in the oven until golden brown as per the photograph above.
3) Remove from oven and serve with rice with omelette as topping.

Method 2 (as prepared at Unagi outlet or food stalls)

1) Grill the Unagi eels over open fire and keep basting the eels with the sauce.
2) Constantly turn the Unagi eels over.Grill until the Unagi turn brown and cooked.
3) Remove from the griller and serve with rice topped with omelette.

Bon apetit everyone. Hope we could all try this Japanese dish. Arigato gozaimas NGDlover chan.
Sayonara , till we meet again, take care everyone.



  1. Hi Umi.
    I have never seen a recipe for eel in such a way.
    But i would say the second one would be my favorite.
    I have in the past caught lots of eel and off course ate them and eel needs to be fried first then you can stew it in different ways as long as you add some of the grease that you baked them in to the stew ,just stewd doesn't give as much flavour.
    It's a pitty that due to polution and over fishing the eel has become very scares in North America and Europe.
    And they still don't know how exactly this fish reproduces.

  2. Its foreign to me too Will.It's a Japanese dish submitted by our friend NGDlover. Some would grill the eel first before stewing or adding to curry. Anyway this is Japanese style and I'm sure it would taste good. Anything foreign is an acquired taste I suppose. Thank you very much Will for your comment. I agree with you that it's a pity rivers are polluted nowadays not only in North America but in other places too due to industry waste etc. Any species that become extinct is gone forever :(

  3. Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

  4. Thanks for your great post, as will say not every countries have a fresh healthy natural caught ells due to pollution, but here in Japan and its neighboor countries, this kind of fish has getting farmed long time ago and getting 'above the average price' of other fish. Dont forget that this country has been famous by its sushi and sashimi, a non cooking first food...:) I invite you to try this sushi and sashimi ....thanks

  5. GooTar thank you for yr comment..yes i have visited yr blog :)

    NGDlover good to see you here. Thank you for visiting and your contribution.

  6. Hi Umi! Eeel..It's very nice.My children love eel so much We always buy it at Pasar Tani here in Terengganu. It's a favourite especially in Kelantan..My family loves Japanese food too so the recipe Unagi Donburi must be very nice I think.

  7. Hi Teika, thank you for visiting. Hope you will try the recipe.

  8. Hi Umi,
    Everytime I visit your "yummy" blog, I always get hungry. japanese food, hmmm ......

    By the way I have placed a blog list on my blog. Everytime certain blogger update their blog I can see the title from my blog.

  9. Hi H.Nizam
    Thank you for visiting. Ya its Japanese food contributed by another blogger NGDlover :)..if you have recipe to share I'd gladly publish it..take care

  10. Oh ya Nizam kirim salam pada keluarga..saya sudah cuba masakan ini tapi bukan eel sebab saya tak makan eel..saya coba dengan mackerel..sedap..:)

  11. Thks for the tips, substituting Mirin with apple juice. I think it would work fine!

  12. Hey Pete..good to see you here..thank you for dropping by..just want you to know I enjoyed yr site...happening la :)

  13. My Filipina wife loves eel. She would love this dish. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  14. Hello David,
    I'm happy to see you here.Thank you for dropping by. You're welcome and I hope she would try this dish.

  15. It looks good, will try it when I come to Japanese Restaurant ;) Thanks for sharing, Umidishes ^^

  16. Thank you Shabab for dropping by and comment.Appreciate it :)

  17. halo Umi,

    Saya jadi tergiur pada makanannya.
    Salam buat keluarga anda.

  18. nantikan dishes yang baru esok :)thank you for visiting..always good to see you here

  19. SK thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.Enjoy your visit to the Japanese Restaurant SK :)

  20. I've got a question:
    I've been to Japan for a year and I LOVE Unagi Don!
    The Restauran-Style-Unagi-Part says:
    "Steam the eel with the sauce until all the sauce has been absorbed by the eel."
    How is that meant: cook the Unagi in the sauce withe a lid on it or actually "steam" the unagi OVER the sauce? by doing that the sauce would caramelize, but wouldn't be absorbt by the fish or am I wrong?
    Sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Germany, but on german sites the recipes aren't that good.


  21. @Anonumous

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read and leaving a comment

    This particular recipe, if you notice is not mine. A reader and follower of umidishes who is currently living in Japan has submitted this recipe coz he wanted to share this recipe with the rest of the readers, which I think is kind of him.

    I personally have not tried this. Even the photos were from him. I am afraid I cannot give you the answer.You may contact him if you like.
    He is at

    Take care and thanks for dropping by



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