Monday, January 4, 2010

Chicken Devil Curry

chicken devil's curry

Chicken Devil Curry

Hello everyone. To kick off the new year I am sharing with you a hot and tangy chicken dish called Chicken Devil Curry.I believe this dish originated in the Straits Settlement of Malacca,Penang and Singapore. It's a Peranakan or Nyonya Dish. There are various ways of cooking this dish. The one I'm sharing with you now was taught to me by my dear sister Geena. She learned this dish from her Eurasian mother-in-law who is from Penang.

So enjoy ya.


1 kg chicken (cut into small pieces and wash)
20 fresh red chillies
12 dried chillies (boiled)
6 big onions
4 cloves garlic (pounded)
3 inch ginger (pounded)
5 tbs vihegar
2 tbs sugar
6 pieces buah keras or candle nut (pounded)
3/4 cup cooking oil
salt to taste


1) Blend fresh chillies,boiled dried chillies and onions with 3 cups of water.
2) Pour the chilli mixture into a bowl containing the chicken.
3) Add vinegar and sugar. Marinate for 30 minutes.
4) Fry ginger and garlic until aromatic and slightly brown.
5) Add in the marinated chicken and candle nut paste.
6) Simmer for 20 to 25 minutes.
7) Add salt to taste. Remove from stove.
8) Serve.

Hope you will try this dish. Until then take care.



  1. Umi This Looks so nice.Make me want to eat it now.Thanks for shareing.
    Wishing You well

  2. Thank you for visiting mishkash. It tastes good so hope you will try it. I wish you well too mishkash.

  3. A very good idea to present a cooking recipes together with the video. Great Idea Umihoney.

  4. Hey rad..good to see you here.thank you for visiting and the comment rad.

  5. Hello Umi,

    Uhmmmmmmm .......
    One of my favorite menu at restaurants during my frequent visits to KL, Penang & Johor baru years ago was chicken or beef curry.
    Can I use your recipe ?

  6. Hello Multibrand,
    The recipes here are for sharing.You're more than welcome to use 'em.I'd feel honoured when you do.Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  7. that's a devil you can eat ,"

  8. lol..thank you marvin for visiting

  9. Hi umihoney, looks really good, I just love dishes that have plenty of heat! Thanks for posting this!

  10. Hi David,so do I..thank you for visiting and commenting

  11. Hi umihoney, thanks for all the visits to my blog.

    I love hot and spicy dishes and chicken so this would be a dish I would surely enjoy.

  12. i do enjoy visiting your blog David and thank you for being here

  13. Hi Umi Very nice devil curry. I want to cook today.
    Thank you

  14. hello umi,
    I'm trying your recipe today. Do the fresh chillies need to be de-seeded? And can i ground the garlic, ginger & candlenuts if i've no pounder at home??

  15. @linhui

    If you wish you can remove the seeds to lessen the hotness. Yes you can grind them using the grinder or food processor. Happy trying.
    Thank you for taking an interest and wanting to try.I am honoured.

    Take care and you are welcomed to ask me anything in case of doubt.



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