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Once awhile when we are blog hopping we would stumble upon a gem. One such gem is called Petitchef.Why not drop in and enjoy the experience of the East meeting the West, sugar and spice and everything nice. Peruse the many genres of dishes from General to Culinary arts, Soups, Cocktails, Large heads Recipes, Recettes diététiques, Recipes exotic & foreign, Regional Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Sauces, Spices and condiments, Dairy Products, Foodstuffs. Desserts, Confectionery, Bread, Wine, Restaurants, caterers, Fruits etc.

I have placed the widget here on my page for your culinary delight and adventure to Petitchef website.

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To all my readers I wish you a very Happy New Year. May the new year brings peace and prosperity and good health to us all. May Allah's blessings and guidance be upon us all. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I see you again in 2010 insyaAllah.

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Black Pepper Beef with Vegetables

This is the last recipe for the year 2009. It has been a pleasure for me and my dedicated video photographer Jaja to produce umidishes for all of you my dear readers. I look forward to another productive year and many years to come.

Not many people likes vegetables especially children. Cooking vegetable dishes can be quite a challenge. In this outing I am sharing with you a delicious vegetable dish that hopefully the children wouldn't refuse :)



500gm meat or chicken (wash and cut thinly into small bite size)
3 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
1 in ginger (slice thinly)
1 stalk spring onion (cut into rough 1in. size lengthwise)
1 big onion (cut thinly into rings)
3 potato (cut into small thin pieces and fry)
2 cups processed peas
1 tomato (cut into wedges)
2 fresh red chillies (cut into thin slices)
100gm cauliflower (cut into small pieces)
100gm fresh button mushroom (canned mushroom if not available)
1/2 carrot (cut into thin strips)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
salt to taste

Black pepper sauce

Mixed the followings with a cup of water:
2tbs black pepper (pounded coarsely)
2tbs coriander powder
2tbs corn flour
3tbs black soya sauce


1) Heat the wok and put in the oil.
2) Fry garlic and ginger until slightly brown.
3) Add in the meat. Let it simmer until the juice starts to appear.
4) Add in mushrooms, cauliflower, carrot, onions, peas, potatoes, the black pepper sauce and salt.
5) Stir in well and add in the chillies, tomatoes and spring onion.
6) When the sauce has boiled remove from the stove and serve.

This dish is quick to prepare and quite well balanced. It is a meal by itself or can be eaten with rice. Hope you will try it. Take care of yourself ya. Bon apetit.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Savoury Potato Pudding (Bengkang Ubi Benggala)

savoury potato pudding/bengkang ubi benggala

Hello to all my readers.In this outing I'd like to share with you a special pudding called Bengkang Ubi Benggala or Savoury Potato Pudding. In the northern state of Malaysia, my home town, this dish is normally given to future groom from the bride-to-be family or vice versa either as a gift in an engagement or wedding occasions. This dish is also served in formal high teas or is made when receiving important guests to the house.

It is not Malay in origin. My guess is it's adopted during the British reign in Malaya then or from the Middle East.

Savoury Potato Pudding


Meat layer:

400gm minced meat or chicken
4 big onions cubed
3 tomatoes cubed
3 fresh red chillies shredded thinly/cubed
1 stalk chinese parsley shredded thinly
1 stalk spring onion shredded thinly
1in. ginger pounded/grated
4 cloves garlic pounded/grated
1tsp. cinnamon powder
1tsp. nutmeg powder
1tbs. black pepper powder
50gm butter for frying
salt to taste

Potato layer:

4 eggs
1/2 cups fresh milk
4tbs. flour
1tsp salt
1kg. potato boiled and mashed
20gm butter to line the baking dish and to sprinkle over the pudding mixture

Meat filling:

1) Heat butter in wok/pan
2) Saute grated garlic and ginger for a minute
3) Add in the meat and spices (pepper,cinnamon,nutmeg powders)
4) When the meat is about half cooked put in the onions and stir well for a minute.
5) Add in the tomatoes, chillies, parsley and spring onions.
6) Add in the salt and stir well until the meat is fully cooked.
7) Remove from fire and set aside.

Potato layer:

1) Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl.
2) Beat in the milk.
3) Add in the flour and beat well.
4) Add in the salt.
5) Lastly add in the mashed potato. Mix well.
6) Line a baking dish with butter
7) Divide the potato mixture in 2 potions.
8) Take a potion of the mixture and spread it well in the baking dish.
9) Spread the meat mixture over the potato layer.
10) Cover the meat mixture with the 2nd potion of the potato mixture.
11) Sprinkle some butter over the potato and bake.
12) Oven temperature 150-175 celcius for 40 minutes and another 3-5 minutes use the upper grill to brown the top if you like.
13) Serve with chilli sauce if you prefer :)


I hope you will try this delicious pudding. Till next time, take care of yourself.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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I wish everyone who celebrate x'mas Merry X'mas and holiday cheers. Have a safe one with your family and loved ones.

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Masak Asam Keladi and Grilled Fish with Chilli Stuffing

Hello to all my readers. Hope everyone is doing good. It's been awhile since I have used charcoal for cooking. Normally I use charcoal when I have to cook a dish that requires simmering for a long time like the rendang or boiling ketupat for Eid or special occasions. In this outing I am going to use charcoal for grilling my fish stuffed with chillies. Somehow charcoal makes the food taste better, similarly cooking with firewood.

I'm sharing with you Masak Asam Keladi or yam stew. It is a Malay dish, quite popular in the northern states of Malaysia. Normally this dish is eaten with Nasi Ulam or Herbal Rice. I shall share with you Herbal Rice when I could find the herbs to make this rice. For those of you who are familiar with Tom Yam, Masak Asam Keladi has some similarity in term of the sour and hot taste.

The herbal leaf that I am using for this stew is called Daun Kesom.In Malaysia and Singapore this herbal leaf is usually used in the making of Laksa; a popular spicy fish soup eaten with rice noodles. It is known as chi krasang tomhom in Cambodia,as rau răm in Vietnam and pak pai in Thailand.I don't know what they are called in English.


I am also using a sour fruit slices which is native to Malaysia; called asam gelugor or asam keping translated as sour slices. The scientific name is Garcinia.In South India and Sri Lanka it is known as goraka and in Thailand it is known as Som Khaek. It is a souring agent so if you couldn't locate this ingredient you can substitute it with your own souring agent.

So enjoy the video that I have prepared for you.

Masak Asam Keladi


6 stalks of yam (wash and cut the skin off the bulb and take the inner stalk of the yam plant. Cut into small length and boil till soft)

Blend into a paste the followings:

1) 15 dried red chillies (boiled)
2) 2 big onions (medium size)
3) 1 inch belacan or shrimp paste

2 stalk Daun Kesum
5 pieces asam gelugor
1/2 liter water
salt to taste
1 tsp black pepper coarsely pounded
200 gm shrimps (shelled and wash)

1) Put in the boiled yam, shrimps, chilli paste and water in a pot.
2) Add in the daun kesom and asam gelugor and pepper.
3) Boil over slow fire.
4) Salt to taste.
5) Serve when the stew has boiled.

Ikan Bakar Belah Belakang (Grill Fish with Chilli Stuffing)

2 fish ( Cut the back of the fish lengthwise both sides and clean the insides)

Blend or pound into a paste the followings:

1) 12 red chillies
2) 1 in. belacan or shrimp paste
3) 3 stalk of lemon grass
4) 1 big onion
5) 1 in. ginger

1 tsp grounded aniseed
1/2 cup tamarind juice
salt to taste


1) Rub in salt and tuneric powder all over the fish. Set aside.
2) Mix the chilli paste with salt, aniseed powder and tamarind juice.
3) Mix well.
4) Put in the chilli mixture into the fish; both sides and inside the head.
5) Grill till it is done.

So there you have the 2 recipes. I hope you would try them. Until we meet again, thank you for being here with me, take care of yourself ya. Bye.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something Borrowed,Something Blue

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Thats an old English proverb as a good luck token for the bride. In Malaysia the colours of bride's attire are varied according to personal favourites. in this outing I'd like to share with you the wedding of my cousin's son.

The ceremony began early in the morning around 10am with the recital of Marhaban and ended around noon. It's a welcoming Nasheed for the bride and her family as well as praises for Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH).


The food was good. My aunt's friend was the caterer. The dishes includes Briyani, white rice, dalcha, ayam masak merah, beef kurma, mixed dried fruit acar or chutney, pisang masak lemak (young banana in coconut milk stew), mixed dried vegetables, sambal belacan and fried salted fish. Water melon fruits and red sweet sherbet as desserts.


The bride arrived around noon and was welcomed by the groom and family accompanied by the beat of the kompang.


The couple were seated on the dais for the blessing ceremony by family and friends.



As a parting gift from the family to the guests, we were given a boiled egg decorated with flowers, a scented soap, bahulu (a traditional cake), scented poutpouri and another traditional sweetmeat called wajik (sweetened glutinous rice).

My wish for the newlyweds, may the marriage lasts for eternity and hereafter. To my readers, thank you for your time, take care.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seafood Curry

Hi everyone. In this outing I am sharing with you a favourite of mine, Seafood Curry. I am using lala (clams),coz I couldn't find crabs or prawns or squids at the store nearby..kinda lazy to go to the hyper mart considering the traffic jam. However the method is the same. Of course you would have your way of cooking this and this is just one way. Enjoy.


(PART 2)


1.5 kg seafood(crabs,lala,prawns,squids,lobsters,clams,cockles etc)
1 cup fish curry powder
1 cup coconut milk (can be substituted with cream or fresh milk)
1 liter water
1 big onions (slice thinly)
3 red dried chillies (slice thinly)
3 stalk curry leaf (remove from stalk)
1 in. ginger (slice thinly)
4 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
1 tbs mixed halba spice
3 brinjals (cut into small pieces)
1 tomato (quartered)
3 green chillies (cut into half)
salt to taste


1) Place seafood in a wok or pot.
2) Mix the curry powder with some water and stir to a paste. Put the curry paste into the pot containing the seafood and add the water. Boil the mixture.
3) In a separate pan heat 1/2 cup vegetable oil and saute onions,garlic and ginger.
4) Add the mixed halba spice, dried red chillies and curry leaf.
5) Fry well until the onions are brown and pour all into the seafood curry.
6) Stir the curry to combine the onions mixture with the curry.
7) When the curry boils, add the tomato,green chillies,brinjals,salt and coconut milk.
8) Stir for few more minutes until the brinjals are cooked.
9) Ready to serve.

It's simple to prepare and if you can get the ingredients why not try it. Till we meet again take care. Bye.


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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hello my dear readers and friends. Tis the wedding season again as usual in December. The rainy season not withstanding, invitations are pouring in. Once awhile I stumbled upon traditional dishes like the 'kerabu' or salad at these wedding receptions and that is indeed a delightful experience. The authentic traditional salads or 'kerabu' in Malay is not hard to make but it is time consuming. Furthermore the ingredients are not easy to find in the city. To name a few of my favourite kerabu..kerabu perut with umbut kelapa or rebung, kerabu pucuk paku, kerabu taugeh kerang, kerabu pegaga dengan kelapa,kerabu Ikan sambal belacan, jelatah timun..the list is endless..simply mouth watering.

And there are the 'Acar' or chutneys of various kind that are being served at weddings but none in my opinion beats the 'Acar Limau'. I have made a date with my aunt to learn how to make this delightful appetiser. I hope to show you how to make this acar and other acars, inshaAllah, in future.

For now I'd like to share with you the recipe for a simple kerabu called Kerabu Kelapa Kacang Botol. Enjoy.



200gm Kacang Botol (Four Angled Beans)
1 cup fresh grated coconut
3 red chilli
10 thai chilli
1 tablespoon belacan(shrimp paste) optional
2 big onions
1 in. ginger (slice thinly)
2 lemon grass (slice thinly)
2 tbs dried shrimps (soaked in warm water for 5 minutes)
lime juice from 2 limes
salt to taste


1) Wash and cut the beans thinly
2) Slice 1 big onions into rings thinly
3) Pound the soaked dried shrimps
4) Pound the coconut
5) Blend the chillies with 1 big onions and shrimp paste
6) In a mixing bowl or salad bowl mix together the beans,onion rings,shrimp,coconut,ginger,lemon grass, pounded/blended chillies,lime juice and salt.
7) Mix well and serve.

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you will try this kerabu. Till we meet again bon apetit and take care of yourself.

Salam from me,

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