Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Eid

Kalio Ayam, peanut sauce and Nasi Himpit

How was your Eid? Hope you have had a joyous one. Driving out to visit my family in the rain was not a pleasant experience. Traffic was crawling at snail's pace..poor visibility, poodles of water...sigh*. The smell of the Ayam Kalio, Sayur Lodeh and peanut sauce filled the car as I was waiting yet again for the traffic to move..prepared them in the night for my Dad. I wish I had made my dad's favourite sweetmeat dish..but lately after my illness I feel tired easily. He loves Semolina Dessert or Halva. After cooking the 3 dishes I don't have the energy to cook anymore. My late mum learned how to make this lovely Indian dessert from our Indian neighbour,auntie Sarjeet, when we were residing in Ipoh.

Dad was I went to my niece's place nearby. Her husband is a good cook. I love his Gulai Masak Kawah with bamboo shoot. My sister and her family were also there to enjoy the special Eid dishes that were served. The rest of the relatives had left to visit their folks and friends. There were the usual Ketupat Palas, beef rendang and peanut sauce. Dad came in later and joined us. I was happy to see him. He didn't eat much though. The talk was centered on the flood at Arafah in Mecca. Alhamdulillah no one talk about the local politic.Dad seemed sad however.

My cousin who was in Penang had just passed away two weeks ago. This is sad news indeed. My cousin was a great help to us during my late mum's hospitalisation in Penang. He was a constant visitor, providing us with moral support during that sad time.Sis left early. I would be going to her house next. As I was leaving, I dropped by Dad's was asleep again..kissed him and left quietly to go to my sis's house. Will the rain ever stop..kept thinking about how frail my dad seemed.Thought about my late cousin too..wish I could visit family and relatives more often.Oh no..the traffic light was not working..and no traffic police to ease the few kilometer long jam..:(


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