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My warmest wishes to all my Muslim readers and friends on this day of EidulaAdha.
On this auspicious day I'd like to share with you sayings and quotes by Muhammad (PBUH). May we be guided by them in our deeds and actions,inshaAllah..amin.

Khalid bin al-Walid narrated the following hadith:
A Bedouin came one day to the Prophet (PBUH) and said to him, “O Messenger of Allah! I’ve come to ask you a few questions about the affairs of this Life and the Hereafter.”

He, (PBUH), replied, “Ask what you wish.”
“I’d like to be the most learned of men.”
“Fear Allah and you will be the most learned of men.”

“I wish to be the most just man.”
“Desire for others what you desire for yourself, and you will be the most of just men.”

“I want to be the most favoured by Allah.”
“Engage much in Allah’s praise, and you will be the most favoured by Him.”

“I’d like to complete my faith.”
“If you have good manners, you will complete your faith.”

“I wish to be among those who do good.”
“Adore Allah as if you see Him. If you don’t see Him, He sees you. In this way you will be among those who do good.”

“I wish to be obedient to Allah.”
“If you observe Allah’s commands, you will be obedient.”

“I’d like to be free from all sins.”
“Bathe yourself from impurities, and you will be free from all sins.”

“I’d like to be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.”
“Don’t wrong yourself or any other creature, and you will be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.”

“I’d like to bestow His mercy on me.”
“If you have mercy on yourself and others, Allah will grant you mercy on the Day of Judgment.”

“I’d like my sins to be very few.”
“If you seek the forgiveness of Allah as much as you can, your sins will be very few.”

“I’d like to be the most honourable man.”
“If you do not complain to any fellow creature, you will be the most of honourable men.

“I’d like to be the strongest of men.”
“If you put your trust in Allah, you will be the strongest of men.”

“I’d like to enlarge my provision.”
“If you keep yourself pure, Allah will enlarge your provision.”

“I’d like to be loved by Allah and his messenger.”
“If you love what Allah and his messenger love, you will be among their beloved ones.”

“I wish to be safe from Allah’s wrath on the Day of Judgment.”
“If you do not lose your temper with any of your fellow creatures, you will be safe from the wrath of Allah on the Day of Judgment.”

I’d like my prayers to be responded.”
“If you avoid forbidden actions, your prayers will be responded.”

I’d like Allah not to disgrace me on the Day of Judgment.”
“If you guard your chastity, Allah will not disgrace you on the Day of Judgment.”

“I’d like Allah to provide me with a protective covering on the Day of Judgment.”
“Do not uncover your fellow faults, and Allah will provide you with a covering protection on the Day of Judgment.”

“What will save me from sins?”
“Tears, humility, and illness.”

“What are the best deeds in the eyes of Allah?”
Gentle manners, modesty and patience.”

“What are the worst evils in the eyes of Allah?”
“Hot tempter and miserliness.”

“What assuages the wrath of Allah in this life and in the Hereafter?”
“Concealed charity and kindness to relatives.”

“What extinguishes Hell’s fires on the Day of Judgment”
“Patience in adversity and misfortunes.”


Quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

The man who plants a tree is blessed when people and birds are benefited by its fruits. A man was sent to Paradise, simply because he saved a thirsty dog from death by offering him water and the other was condemned, because he tied and starved a cat to death

He who is not affectionate to God’s creatures and to his own children, God will not be affectionate to him. Every Muslim who clothes the naked will be clothed by God in the green robes of the Paradise

Every good act is charity. Your smiling in your brother’s face is charity… putting a wanderer in the right path is charity; assisting the blind is charity; removing stones and thorns and other obstructions from the road is charity; giving water to the thirsty is charity

A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good he does in this world to his fellowmen. When he dies, people will ask, what property has he left behind him? But the angels, who examine him in the grave, will ask, “what good deeds hast thou sent before thee?





  1. I have read this posting trice . I love the hadis narration by Khalid Al Walid. Good sharing. may Allah bless you about this sharing.

  2. thank you rad for taking the time to read..its not much..the least we can do is share..and pass it would be nice if you could pass it on too..all the good and excellent are from Allah, the bad is due to my weakness.



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