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Once awhile when we are blog hopping we would stumble upon a gem. One such gem is called Petitchef.Why not drop in and enjoy the experience of the East meeting the West, sugar and spice and everything nice. Peruse the many genres of dishes from General to Culinary arts, Soups, Cocktails, Large heads Recipes, Recettes diététiques, Recipes exotic & foreign, Regional Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Sauces, Spices and condiments, Dairy Products, Foodstuffs. Desserts, Confectionery, Bread, Wine, Restaurants, caterers, Fruits etc.

I have placed the widget here on my page for your culinary delight and adventure to Petitchef website.

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To all my readers I wish you a very Happy New Year. May the new year brings peace and prosperity and good health to us all. May Allah's blessings and guidance be upon us all. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I see you again in 2010 insyaAllah.

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Black Pepper Beef with Vegetables

This is the last recipe for the year 2009. It has been a pleasure for me and my dedicated video photographer Jaja to produce umidishes for all of you my dear readers. I look forward to another productive year and many years to come.

Not many people likes vegetables especially children. Cooking vegetable dishes can be quite a challenge. In this outing I am sharing with you a delicious vegetable dish that hopefully the children wouldn't refuse :)



500gm meat or chicken (wash and cut thinly into small bite size)
3 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
1 in ginger (slice thinly)
1 stalk spring onion (cut into rough 1in. size lengthwise)
1 big onion (cut thinly into rings)
3 potato (cut into small thin pieces and fry)
2 cups processed peas
1 tomato (cut into wedges)
2 fresh red chillies (cut into thin slices)
100gm cauliflower (cut into small pieces)
100gm fresh button mushroom (canned mushroom if not available)
1/2 carrot (cut into thin strips)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
salt to taste

Black pepper sauce

Mixed the followings with a cup of water:
2tbs black pepper (pounded coarsely)
2tbs coriander powder
2tbs corn flour
3tbs black soya sauce


1) Heat the wok and put in the oil.
2) Fry garlic and ginger until slightly brown.
3) Add in the meat. Let it simmer until the juice starts to appear.
4) Add in mushrooms, cauliflower, carrot, onions, peas, potatoes, the black pepper sauce and salt.
5) Stir in well and add in the chillies, tomatoes and spring onion.
6) When the sauce has boiled remove from the stove and serve.

This dish is quick to prepare and quite well balanced. It is a meal by itself or can be eaten with rice. Hope you will try it. Take care of yourself ya. Bon apetit.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Savoury Potato Pudding (Bengkang Ubi Benggala)

savoury potato pudding/bengkang ubi benggala

Hello to all my readers.In this outing I'd like to share with you a special pudding called Bengkang Ubi Benggala or Savoury Potato Pudding. In the northern state of Malaysia, my home town, this dish is normally given to future groom from the bride-to-be family or vice versa either as a gift in an engagement or wedding occasions. This dish is also served in formal high teas or is made when receiving important guests to the house.

It is not Malay in origin. My guess is it's adopted during the British reign in Malaya then or from the Middle East.

Savoury Potato Pudding


Meat layer:

400gm minced meat or chicken
4 big onions cubed
3 tomatoes cubed
3 fresh red chillies shredded thinly/cubed
1 stalk chinese parsley shredded thinly
1 stalk spring onion shredded thinly
1in. ginger pounded/grated
4 cloves garlic pounded/grated
1tsp. cinnamon powder
1tsp. nutmeg powder
1tbs. black pepper powder
50gm butter for frying
salt to taste

Potato layer:

4 eggs
1/2 cups fresh milk
4tbs. flour
1tsp salt
1kg. potato boiled and mashed
20gm butter to line the baking dish and to sprinkle over the pudding mixture

Meat filling:

1) Heat butter in wok/pan
2) Saute grated garlic and ginger for a minute
3) Add in the meat and spices (pepper,cinnamon,nutmeg powders)
4) When the meat is about half cooked put in the onions and stir well for a minute.
5) Add in the tomatoes, chillies, parsley and spring onions.
6) Add in the salt and stir well until the meat is fully cooked.
7) Remove from fire and set aside.

Potato layer:

1) Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl.
2) Beat in the milk.
3) Add in the flour and beat well.
4) Add in the salt.
5) Lastly add in the mashed potato. Mix well.
6) Line a baking dish with butter
7) Divide the potato mixture in 2 potions.
8) Take a potion of the mixture and spread it well in the baking dish.
9) Spread the meat mixture over the potato layer.
10) Cover the meat mixture with the 2nd potion of the potato mixture.
11) Sprinkle some butter over the potato and bake.
12) Oven temperature 150-175 celcius for 40 minutes and another 3-5 minutes use the upper grill to brown the top if you like.
13) Serve with chilli sauce if you prefer :)


I hope you will try this delicious pudding. Till next time, take care of yourself.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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I wish everyone who celebrate x'mas Merry X'mas and holiday cheers. Have a safe one with your family and loved ones.

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Masak Asam Keladi and Grilled Fish with Chilli Stuffing

Hello to all my readers. Hope everyone is doing good. It's been awhile since I have used charcoal for cooking. Normally I use charcoal when I have to cook a dish that requires simmering for a long time like the rendang or boiling ketupat for Eid or special occasions. In this outing I am going to use charcoal for grilling my fish stuffed with chillies. Somehow charcoal makes the food taste better, similarly cooking with firewood.

I'm sharing with you Masak Asam Keladi or yam stew. It is a Malay dish, quite popular in the northern states of Malaysia. Normally this dish is eaten with Nasi Ulam or Herbal Rice. I shall share with you Herbal Rice when I could find the herbs to make this rice. For those of you who are familiar with Tom Yam, Masak Asam Keladi has some similarity in term of the sour and hot taste.

The herbal leaf that I am using for this stew is called Daun Kesom.In Malaysia and Singapore this herbal leaf is usually used in the making of Laksa; a popular spicy fish soup eaten with rice noodles. It is known as chi krasang tomhom in Cambodia,as rau răm in Vietnam and pak pai in Thailand.I don't know what they are called in English.


I am also using a sour fruit slices which is native to Malaysia; called asam gelugor or asam keping translated as sour slices. The scientific name is Garcinia.In South India and Sri Lanka it is known as goraka and in Thailand it is known as Som Khaek. It is a souring agent so if you couldn't locate this ingredient you can substitute it with your own souring agent.

So enjoy the video that I have prepared for you.

Masak Asam Keladi


6 stalks of yam (wash and cut the skin off the bulb and take the inner stalk of the yam plant. Cut into small length and boil till soft)

Blend into a paste the followings:

1) 15 dried red chillies (boiled)
2) 2 big onions (medium size)
3) 1 inch belacan or shrimp paste

2 stalk Daun Kesum
5 pieces asam gelugor
1/2 liter water
salt to taste
1 tsp black pepper coarsely pounded
200 gm shrimps (shelled and wash)

1) Put in the boiled yam, shrimps, chilli paste and water in a pot.
2) Add in the daun kesom and asam gelugor and pepper.
3) Boil over slow fire.
4) Salt to taste.
5) Serve when the stew has boiled.

Ikan Bakar Belah Belakang (Grill Fish with Chilli Stuffing)

2 fish ( Cut the back of the fish lengthwise both sides and clean the insides)

Blend or pound into a paste the followings:

1) 12 red chillies
2) 1 in. belacan or shrimp paste
3) 3 stalk of lemon grass
4) 1 big onion
5) 1 in. ginger

1 tsp grounded aniseed
1/2 cup tamarind juice
salt to taste


1) Rub in salt and tuneric powder all over the fish. Set aside.
2) Mix the chilli paste with salt, aniseed powder and tamarind juice.
3) Mix well.
4) Put in the chilli mixture into the fish; both sides and inside the head.
5) Grill till it is done.

So there you have the 2 recipes. I hope you would try them. Until we meet again, thank you for being here with me, take care of yourself ya. Bye.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something Borrowed,Something Blue

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Thats an old English proverb as a good luck token for the bride. In Malaysia the colours of bride's attire are varied according to personal favourites. in this outing I'd like to share with you the wedding of my cousin's son.

The ceremony began early in the morning around 10am with the recital of Marhaban and ended around noon. It's a welcoming Nasheed for the bride and her family as well as praises for Muhammad Rasulullah (PBUH).


The food was good. My aunt's friend was the caterer. The dishes includes Briyani, white rice, dalcha, ayam masak merah, beef kurma, mixed dried fruit acar or chutney, pisang masak lemak (young banana in coconut milk stew), mixed dried vegetables, sambal belacan and fried salted fish. Water melon fruits and red sweet sherbet as desserts.


The bride arrived around noon and was welcomed by the groom and family accompanied by the beat of the kompang.


The couple were seated on the dais for the blessing ceremony by family and friends.



As a parting gift from the family to the guests, we were given a boiled egg decorated with flowers, a scented soap, bahulu (a traditional cake), scented poutpouri and another traditional sweetmeat called wajik (sweetened glutinous rice).

My wish for the newlyweds, may the marriage lasts for eternity and hereafter. To my readers, thank you for your time, take care.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seafood Curry

Hi everyone. In this outing I am sharing with you a favourite of mine, Seafood Curry. I am using lala (clams),coz I couldn't find crabs or prawns or squids at the store nearby..kinda lazy to go to the hyper mart considering the traffic jam. However the method is the same. Of course you would have your way of cooking this and this is just one way. Enjoy.


(PART 2)


1.5 kg seafood(crabs,lala,prawns,squids,lobsters,clams,cockles etc)
1 cup fish curry powder
1 cup coconut milk (can be substituted with cream or fresh milk)
1 liter water
1 big onions (slice thinly)
3 red dried chillies (slice thinly)
3 stalk curry leaf (remove from stalk)
1 in. ginger (slice thinly)
4 cloves garlic (slice thinly)
1 tbs mixed halba spice
3 brinjals (cut into small pieces)
1 tomato (quartered)
3 green chillies (cut into half)
salt to taste


1) Place seafood in a wok or pot.
2) Mix the curry powder with some water and stir to a paste. Put the curry paste into the pot containing the seafood and add the water. Boil the mixture.
3) In a separate pan heat 1/2 cup vegetable oil and saute onions,garlic and ginger.
4) Add the mixed halba spice, dried red chillies and curry leaf.
5) Fry well until the onions are brown and pour all into the seafood curry.
6) Stir the curry to combine the onions mixture with the curry.
7) When the curry boils, add the tomato,green chillies,brinjals,salt and coconut milk.
8) Stir for few more minutes until the brinjals are cooked.
9) Ready to serve.

It's simple to prepare and if you can get the ingredients why not try it. Till we meet again take care. Bye.


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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hello my dear readers and friends. Tis the wedding season again as usual in December. The rainy season not withstanding, invitations are pouring in. Once awhile I stumbled upon traditional dishes like the 'kerabu' or salad at these wedding receptions and that is indeed a delightful experience. The authentic traditional salads or 'kerabu' in Malay is not hard to make but it is time consuming. Furthermore the ingredients are not easy to find in the city. To name a few of my favourite kerabu..kerabu perut with umbut kelapa or rebung, kerabu pucuk paku, kerabu taugeh kerang, kerabu pegaga dengan kelapa,kerabu Ikan sambal belacan, jelatah timun..the list is endless..simply mouth watering.

And there are the 'Acar' or chutneys of various kind that are being served at weddings but none in my opinion beats the 'Acar Limau'. I have made a date with my aunt to learn how to make this delightful appetiser. I hope to show you how to make this acar and other acars, inshaAllah, in future.

For now I'd like to share with you the recipe for a simple kerabu called Kerabu Kelapa Kacang Botol. Enjoy.



200gm Kacang Botol (Four Angled Beans)
1 cup fresh grated coconut
3 red chilli
10 thai chilli
1 tablespoon belacan(shrimp paste) optional
2 big onions
1 in. ginger (slice thinly)
2 lemon grass (slice thinly)
2 tbs dried shrimps (soaked in warm water for 5 minutes)
lime juice from 2 limes
salt to taste


1) Wash and cut the beans thinly
2) Slice 1 big onions into rings thinly
3) Pound the soaked dried shrimps
4) Pound the coconut
5) Blend the chillies with 1 big onions and shrimp paste
6) In a mixing bowl or salad bowl mix together the beans,onion rings,shrimp,coconut,ginger,lemon grass, pounded/blended chillies,lime juice and salt.
7) Mix well and serve.

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you will try this kerabu. Till we meet again bon apetit and take care of yourself.

Salam from me,

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Eid

Kalio Ayam, peanut sauce and Nasi Himpit

How was your Eid? Hope you have had a joyous one. Driving out to visit my family in the rain was not a pleasant experience. Traffic was crawling at snail's pace..poor visibility, poodles of water...sigh*. The smell of the Ayam Kalio, Sayur Lodeh and peanut sauce filled the car as I was waiting yet again for the traffic to move..prepared them in the night for my Dad. I wish I had made my dad's favourite sweetmeat dish..but lately after my illness I feel tired easily. He loves Semolina Dessert or Halva. After cooking the 3 dishes I don't have the energy to cook anymore. My late mum learned how to make this lovely Indian dessert from our Indian neighbour,auntie Sarjeet, when we were residing in Ipoh.

Dad was I went to my niece's place nearby. Her husband is a good cook. I love his Gulai Masak Kawah with bamboo shoot. My sister and her family were also there to enjoy the special Eid dishes that were served. The rest of the relatives had left to visit their folks and friends. There were the usual Ketupat Palas, beef rendang and peanut sauce. Dad came in later and joined us. I was happy to see him. He didn't eat much though. The talk was centered on the flood at Arafah in Mecca. Alhamdulillah no one talk about the local politic.Dad seemed sad however.

My cousin who was in Penang had just passed away two weeks ago. This is sad news indeed. My cousin was a great help to us during my late mum's hospitalisation in Penang. He was a constant visitor, providing us with moral support during that sad time.Sis left early. I would be going to her house next. As I was leaving, I dropped by Dad's was asleep again..kissed him and left quietly to go to my sis's house. Will the rain ever stop..kept thinking about how frail my dad seemed.Thought about my late cousin too..wish I could visit family and relatives more often.Oh no..the traffic light was not working..and no traffic police to ease the few kilometer long jam..:(


Thursday, November 26, 2009



My warmest wishes to all my Muslim readers and friends on this day of EidulaAdha.
On this auspicious day I'd like to share with you sayings and quotes by Muhammad (PBUH). May we be guided by them in our deeds and actions,inshaAllah..amin.

Khalid bin al-Walid narrated the following hadith:
A Bedouin came one day to the Prophet (PBUH) and said to him, “O Messenger of Allah! I’ve come to ask you a few questions about the affairs of this Life and the Hereafter.”

He, (PBUH), replied, “Ask what you wish.”
“I’d like to be the most learned of men.”
“Fear Allah and you will be the most learned of men.”

“I wish to be the most just man.”
“Desire for others what you desire for yourself, and you will be the most of just men.”

“I want to be the most favoured by Allah.”
“Engage much in Allah’s praise, and you will be the most favoured by Him.”

“I’d like to complete my faith.”
“If you have good manners, you will complete your faith.”

“I wish to be among those who do good.”
“Adore Allah as if you see Him. If you don’t see Him, He sees you. In this way you will be among those who do good.”

“I wish to be obedient to Allah.”
“If you observe Allah’s commands, you will be obedient.”

“I’d like to be free from all sins.”
“Bathe yourself from impurities, and you will be free from all sins.”

“I’d like to be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.”
“Don’t wrong yourself or any other creature, and you will be raised on the Day of Judgment in the light.”

“I’d like to bestow His mercy on me.”
“If you have mercy on yourself and others, Allah will grant you mercy on the Day of Judgment.”

“I’d like my sins to be very few.”
“If you seek the forgiveness of Allah as much as you can, your sins will be very few.”

“I’d like to be the most honourable man.”
“If you do not complain to any fellow creature, you will be the most of honourable men.

“I’d like to be the strongest of men.”
“If you put your trust in Allah, you will be the strongest of men.”

“I’d like to enlarge my provision.”
“If you keep yourself pure, Allah will enlarge your provision.”

“I’d like to be loved by Allah and his messenger.”
“If you love what Allah and his messenger love, you will be among their beloved ones.”

“I wish to be safe from Allah’s wrath on the Day of Judgment.”
“If you do not lose your temper with any of your fellow creatures, you will be safe from the wrath of Allah on the Day of Judgment.”

I’d like my prayers to be responded.”
“If you avoid forbidden actions, your prayers will be responded.”

I’d like Allah not to disgrace me on the Day of Judgment.”
“If you guard your chastity, Allah will not disgrace you on the Day of Judgment.”

“I’d like Allah to provide me with a protective covering on the Day of Judgment.”
“Do not uncover your fellow faults, and Allah will provide you with a covering protection on the Day of Judgment.”

“What will save me from sins?”
“Tears, humility, and illness.”

“What are the best deeds in the eyes of Allah?”
Gentle manners, modesty and patience.”

“What are the worst evils in the eyes of Allah?”
“Hot tempter and miserliness.”

“What assuages the wrath of Allah in this life and in the Hereafter?”
“Concealed charity and kindness to relatives.”

“What extinguishes Hell’s fires on the Day of Judgment”
“Patience in adversity and misfortunes.”


Quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

The man who plants a tree is blessed when people and birds are benefited by its fruits. A man was sent to Paradise, simply because he saved a thirsty dog from death by offering him water and the other was condemned, because he tied and starved a cat to death

He who is not affectionate to God’s creatures and to his own children, God will not be affectionate to him. Every Muslim who clothes the naked will be clothed by God in the green robes of the Paradise

Every good act is charity. Your smiling in your brother’s face is charity… putting a wanderer in the right path is charity; assisting the blind is charity; removing stones and thorns and other obstructions from the road is charity; giving water to the thirsty is charity

A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good he does in this world to his fellowmen. When he dies, people will ask, what property has he left behind him? But the angels, who examine him in the grave, will ask, “what good deeds hast thou sent before thee?




Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bread Pudding

This is the promised 2nd. recipe..Bread Pudding. In the northern state of Malaysia,i.e. my hometown, puddings either sweet or savoury are considered as special dishes served during official or important occasions and functions. Some are given as part of gift to future bride or groom. I hope you will try this lovely pudding.



8 slices of sandwich bread or any type of bread as preferred.
4 eggs
4tbs. castor sugar
1cup evaporated milk
1tsp. vanilla essence
1tsp. cinnamon powder
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup walnut
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup fruit mix
100gm butter


1) Cut the bread slices into 4 and butter both side. Set aside.
2) Beat the eggs with sugar until dissolve.
3) Add in the milk and beat the mixture for few minutes.
4) Add in vanilla essence, salt and cinnamon powder.Set aside this mixture.
5) Line the baking dish with butter.
6) Cover the base of the dish with the buttered bread slices.
7) Sprinkle raisins, fruit mix and walnut.
8) Now arrange the rest of the bread slices on top.
9) Pour the egg mixture over the bread and sprinkle almonds flakes.
10)Baked for 15 minutes or until the sides separated and the pudding turned golden brown.

Enjoy the pudding with tea..especially on a rainy day. It's the rainy season here in Malaysia at this time of the year. Some places in the east coast are flooded. Hope parents keep an eye on the children during this time. So till we meet again, be safe.

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Hello to my readers,my community in MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog,family and friends.I have been unwell these past weeks hence the late posting of recipes here. To make up for lost time I shall share two recipes with you. An appetiser and a pudding. I will share with you the recipe for the appetiser first and the pudding will be posted following that.

This appetiser is also good as a salad and I hope my friend Chah in USA who is a vegetarian would try this recipe.Its simple and cost very little to make. Enjoy.



6 pieces of tofu
1 cucumber
200gm bean sprouts

for chilli sauce:
12pcs fresh red chillies
2tbs sugar
1/2cup vinegar
3 cloves garlic
2cup water
salt to taste


Chilli sauce:

1) Blend chilli,garlic and water.
2) Boil the chilli mixture with vinegar, sugar and salt.


1) Deep fry tofu until lightly brown
2) Drain the oil from the tofu using kitchen tissue or muslin cloth
3) Cut the tofu diagonally
4) Make a slit in the centre of the cut tofu resembling a pocket
5) Set aside
6) Cut cucumber into thin strips
7) Blanch the bean sprout lightly
8) Stuff the bean sprout mixed with the cucumber into the cut tofu.
9) Serve with chilli sauce or peanut gado gado sauce.

Bon apetit.Take care of yourself in the meantime.


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Monday, October 19, 2009


I have received a lot of request to show this delicious dish..Spicy Baked Macaroni. It is a complete meal by itself and it is also great for high teas and itself or with hot Thai chilly sauce. This is a dish that allows for creativity. We can use sea food or meat instead of chicken and we can also add some cheese as toppings.

I'd like to apologise for the abrupt ending of the video clip..that is due to a technical oversight and human mood hehehe. My photographer has moods so..:)

I have however provided the photographs of the end result. So here's the video clip.Enjoy.


100gm macaroni (boiled and drained)
100gm minced chicken

1 capsicum
1 big onions
1 tomato
1 carrot

1 tbs pepper
1 stalk of spring onion
1 stalk of coriander leaves
2 cloves garlic (pounded or crushed)
1 inch ginger (pounded or blend)
1 tin button mushroom (if fresh mushroom about 1 cup)
25gm butter
1 tbs vegetable oil
salt to taste
1/2 inch cinnamon,1 star anise,5 cloves,2 cardamom

For custard:
8 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tbs corn flour
salt to taste


For Custard:
1) Beat eggs, flour, milk and salt and set aside

1) Heat butter and oil in pan/wok
2) Fry garlic and ginger for half a minute and add in the four spices (cinnamon,cloves,cardamom and star anise).
3) Add onion. Just sweat the onion and quickly add the chicken.
4) Add in the pepper, mushroom, tomato, capsicum, carrot and macaroni.
5) Add in salt and spring onions and coriander leaves.
6) Mix well all the ingredients and remove from the fire.

Note: The purpose is to mix all the ingredients and spices to the macaroni before baking therefore the frying must not be long.

7) Put the macaroni mixture into a baking dish which has been lined with butter.
8) Pour the custard over the macaroni in the dish.
9) Add some butter on top of the dish and sprinkle fried onions.
10) Bake until the custard is cooked. Use bottom and upper grill for faster cooking time.
11) Remove from oven and serve.

So till we meet again,take care of yourself. To all my Hindu friends, Happy Divali.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'd like to share with you something Italian minus the cheese but spicy. The dish is called Spicy Fried Macaroni. As usual you can reduce the amount of spices involved if you prefer the dish to be less spicy. If you want the macaroni to be chilli hot you can add in 3 tbs of blended dry chillies instead of curry powder. The vegetables involved are my favourite but you can substitute them with yours. You can be creative with dishes like this =). So here's the recipe.Have fun.



400gm macaroni boiled until soft and drained
400gm minced meat wash and drained
1 tin button mushroom (drained the liquid and wash the mushroom.Cut into thin slices)
1 carrot (remove skin and wash.Cut into thin strips)
1 tomato (wash and cut into wedges)
1 big onion (remove skin and wash. Cut into cubes)
1 inch ginger (remove skin and wash. Cut into thin strips)
2 cloves garlic (crushed or dice into small pieces)
3 tbs meat curry powder (mixed with some water to form a paste)
1 tbs pepper (mixed into curry powder paste)
salt to taste
3/4 cup vegetable oil for frying


1) Heat the oil and fry ginger and garlic then add in big onion. Fry until aromatic.
2) Add in the curry powder and pepper and salt. Stir for few minutes.
3) Add in the minced meat and stir well until all the spices are well mixed with the minced meat.
4) Add in the mushroom and carrot and stir well. Fry until the meat is cooked.
5) Put in the tomato wedges and the macaroni.
6) Stir well until all the ingredients are well mixed. Fry for five minutes. Do not fry for too long because the macaroni is already boiled earlier and soft.
7) Scoop onto a plate. Garnish with sliced spring onion,fried onions,sliced red chillies and sliced omelet. Serve with sliced thai chillies and soya sauce if you like.

Till we meet again take care of yourself.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In this video I will be sharing with you a dish called Pecal or Gado Gado. It is the basic version and very simple. You can substitute the vegetables with your favorite vegetable if you wish for example cauliflower,water convolvulus or kangkong, cucumber (raw),young corn etc.

This salad can be taken on its own or with rice.


Ingredients for salad:
150gm long beans
350gm cabbage
350gm young jack fruit
350gm bean sprouts
5 pieces bean curd
3 hard boiled eggs

Cut and blanch the vegetables. The jack fruit however has to be boiled until the pieces are tender and soft. Deep fry the bean curd and cut into small pieces. Cut the hard boiled eggs into quarters or small slices. Arrange the salad ingredients in serving plates.

Ingredients for the peanut sauce:

Item a) to d) Fry in oil drained and grind:
a)20 dried chillies
b)300gm peanuts
c)1 tbs belacan or prawn paste
d)2 big onions quartered

1 cup brown sugar or more if desired
1 cup tamarind juice
salt to taste

Place all the ingredients a) to d) in a mixing bowl. Add brown sugar and salt. Mix the ingredients with tamarind juice and some water. The consistency is slightly thick and not too runny or watery.

Serving suggestions:
1) Place all the salad ingredients in a bowl and pour the peanut sauce over. Garnish with egg slice.

2) Place all the salad ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix them with the sauce. Scoop into a bowl and garnish with egg slice.

Till we meet again take care of yourself. Bon apetit.


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Friday, September 25, 2009


(pic from umidishes album)

The dish I'd like to showcase this time is a cake. This cake has a lot of memories for me. My late mum learned how to make this cake from her aunt who during her younger days had been a cook with a British planter after World War II. In those days there were no metric system and most Malays were not literate in the romanised writings. They were schooled in the arabic form of writings. Thus measurement of recipes were mostly in cups or bowls which I personally find most convenient.

Consequently the recipe for this cake is in the form of the very tin the butter was canned in. No matter what is the size of the tin, we use back the same tin to measure the ingredients involved. Pretty simple. This cake is a family favourite. During Eid relatives and friends who come to visit would expect this cake to be served :) and would also packed some to take home. So I'd like to share with you this family favourite. Enjoy.



1 tin butter
1 tin castor sugar
2 tins self raising flour
1 tin eggs (5-6 eggs depending on grade)
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbs golden syrup or honey
1 tsp baking powder

raspberry jam for centre spread
almond flakes for toppings


1) Whisked together the butter and sugar till white.
2) Add in vanilla essence and golden syrup
3) Beat in egg one at a time till finished
4) Fold in the flour which have been sieved earlier with baking powder.
5) Lined the bottom of the cake tin with rice paper and the sides with butter.
6) Fill in the cake tin with the cake mixture about 1/4 full.
7) Bake at 170 deg celcius for 20-25 mins
8) Turn the cake out of the tin bottom up
while its still warm and spread raspberry jam over it.
9) Place the other cake on top of the cake bottom to bottom, with the almonds topping showing on top.
10) Serve with tea/coffee. Enjoy

(pic from umidishes album; sandwich cakes on the right of plate)

I hope you would try this wonderful cake. In parting I'd like to state that I am just a home foodie and not a chef. What I have shared with you in this blog are dishes that I would share with you had you come to my house as my guest, i.e. the family food. This is how I prepare them and you might have your way of preparing them. Important thing is we love preparing them for our family and friends.

So till we meet again, take care of yourself.


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ayam Berlada for Eid

Busy busy busy..busy with last minute baking and cooking and for some busy with last minute shopping for cakes and cookies..busy with arranging and rearranging the furniture..busy with getting the china and glasses and cutlery out... .busy with a one and million thing. I guess that will be the scenario in every Muslims home now in welcoming 1st Shawal.

I have managed to put together this video on Ayam Berlada which happens to be the family favourite dish. The fried chicken pieces are cooked in blended Thai and dried red chillies. Hope you can try it. Have to warn you though that it is a very very hot dish. Enjoy.

Ayam Berlada

1 whole chicken (cut to pieces, rub with salt and tumeric and fry)
3 onions (blend)
1 bulb garlic (blend)
3 stalk lemon grass (blend)
2 inch ginger (blend)
2 inch galangal (blend)
1/4 cup vinegar
salt to taste
2 pieces tumeric leaves slice thinly (optional)
4 cups oil
1 rice bowl blended thai chillies
1 rice bowl blended dried chillies

1) Heat oil in wok
2) Fry garlic,onions,ginger,galangal and lemon grass
3) Add in the thai chillies and dried chillies
4) Add in the vinegar,tumeric leaves.
5) salt to taste
6) Add in the chicken and simmer over slow fire until the chillies are cooked.
7) Simmer until the liquid is reduced and the chillies thicken and slightly dry.
8) Remove from stove,ready to serve.

This dish can last for few days if we reheat often. Its good to eat with rice, or nasi impit(compressed rice) or bread.

Till we meet again, take care of yourself.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'd like to wish all muslims here a very happy and barakah Eid al Fitr. I hope all of us have benefited from the month long fasting in Ramadan al Mubarak. For a month we have experienced hunger and thirst. By that we ought to be able to empathise with the less fortunate, who have at times sleep with an empty stomach..not knowing when will be their next meal. We ought to be more charitable because as Prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihi salam (peace be upon him) said "A man's wealth is never diminished by charity." Charity will invoke a feeling of generosity and goodwill among us.

We ought to feel nearer to our creator and be thankful for all the life's blessings that we have enjoyed so far and continue to enjoy for the rest of our life insyaAllah. We are trained via fasting during Ramadan to exercise self control. Through self-control, a Muslim practices good eating habits, good manners, good speech, and good deeds and thoughts. Let us hope and pray that what we have been for one month continues for the rest of the year and the rest of our life.

Eid al Fitr marks our victory over greed and lust. It is a time for happiness, togetherness and blessings. I wish to ask for forgiveness if ever during our interactions here I have slighted or hurt your feelings unintentionally,Wallahu'alam. Once again here's wishing you a blessed Eid.


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Time flies. The month of Ramadhan al Mubarak will be leaving us soon. So will the food bazaar that has sprung all over the place throughout Malaysia as is the custom every year. Preparation for Eid al Mubarak is already underway. Top of the list would be the cookies and cakes for guests that would be visiting. For the Malaysians, Eid al Fitr is celebrated for one whole month and as such the cookies must be made in a quantity to last that long.

Gone were the days when the ladies got together to bake cookies in groups. I believe they still practice this in the villages and small towns though, but not in the cities. Its a practice in accordance with the Malay tradition and custom called "Gotong Royong" loosely translated to mean joint bearing of burdens or "tolong-menolong" which means reciprocal assistance, voluntary in nature for the benefit of all. Much of communal work is done in this manner in a Malay society and similarly in the Nusantara of Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

Usually on the eve of the Eid the villagers would get together in groups to cook the special dishes for the big day. Tents would be raised and firewoods are gathered. Big woks are set up over the "tungku" or make shift stove. The ladies would prepare the ingredients for the "meat or chicken rendang" and the ketupat and lemang. The men help with the stirring of the dishes in the big woks and pots and making sure the firewoods are in good supply.

The main dishes are ketupat and lemang eaten with a spicy stew called rendang. Lemang is glutinous rice and coconut milk placed in a bamboo; lined with banana leaf and grilled over fire wood.


Ketupat palas is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in palas leaf and boiled while ketupat nasi is rice stuffed into a woven coconut leaf satchel or pouch and boiled.




The special traditional cake for Eid would be dodol. It is made of rice/glutinous rice flour, sugar palm and coconut milk and stirred for hours till it thickens.

The best part of this cook out is that neighbours get to taste them too. The food are distributed to neighbours, whether they are Malays or Chinese or Indians or Thais etc. This is the custom that has done more for unity than any other programmed campaign. The way to anyone's heart I believe is through the stomach. A gift of food is the best gift there is. There is so much goodwill in that gesture. My Chinese neighbour never forget to give me cookies and oranges during Chinese New Year and angpau of course.Not forgetting the Indians too. I just love their special dishes during Divali.

I leave you with this proverbs:

Principles have no real force except when one is well fed.
- Mark Twain(1)

Confucius (551-479 B.C.) once said that the path to your friend's heart and love goes from your cooking.(2)

Till we meet again take care of yourself.


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source of pics: google search

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chinese ala Malay

The plurality of Malaysian society promotes fusion of popular dishes among the races of Malaysia.Its a delight to savour for example "Laksa Asam" chinese style and Chinese stir fried mixed vegetables (with tempe(fermented soya bean)thrown in) the Malay style.

In this outing I'd like to share with you 2 popular Chinese dishes cooked my way a.k.a Malay style. So enjoy guys.



1Kg chicken clean and cut into bite pieces
4 egg white
black pepper and salt to taste
1 rice bowl dried chillies fried in oil till crisp
1 cup cashiew nuts roasted
4 cups cooking oil
6-8 eggs (as you wish)
1 cup diced walnut
2 big onions sliced and fried
1 bulb garlic slice or pounded
1 inch ginger slice or pounded
1 stalk chinese celery and spring onion cut as u wish


1) Rub in the chicken with salt and pepper and mix well. Pour into the chicken egg whites and mix them well. Set aside for half and hour.

2) Use back the oil that you have used to fry the dried chillies and onion. Fry the marinated chicken till it is cooked and slightly brown.

3) Put in the fried onion garlic and ginger and stir well. Put in the fried dried chillies and cashew nuts..Mix them all well.

4) Lastly put in the celerey and spring onions. Remove from fire and serve.

The next dish that is the craze among sea food lovers in Malaysia is Lala Chilli. The Lala or clams can be replaced with crabs if you so wish. So let us cook Lala Chilli umidishes style.



1Kg Lala or clams or crabs as desired
1 rice bowl blended dried chilli
1/2 rice bowl tomato sauce
1/2 rice bowl chilli sauce
salt to taste
5-8 eggs as desired
1 cup walnut chopped
2 big onions sliced
1 bulb garlic sliced
2 inches ginger sliced or pounded
4 cups cooking oil


1) Fry onions, garlic and ginger till soft and aromatic
2) Put in the chilli, tomato sauce and chilli sauce.
3) Put on salt to taste
4) Put in the eggs and stir slightly
5) Put in the lala and mix them all well
6) Put in the chopped walnut
7) Cook until the shells change to a pinky color and remove from fire.
8) Serve.

Till we meet again, thank you for watching and following. Take care of yourself.


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cooking is like love

(pic from umidishes personal album: Nasi Minyak)

Ever heard of the saying "Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all"(1). It will be an act of love if we treat the eventual dish that we produced as a gift not only to others but to ourselves. So how can we make cooking a pleasant adventure.

The factor that makes cooking a chore and a bore to some is the time that it consumed. Coming home late from work after spending frustratingly long hours in the traffic crawl, the thought of slaving over the stove is certainly not an attractive option no matter how hungry we are. However cooking is not only an art, it is also a science. It started very early; at the time when we design the kitchen. The placement of the sink, the stove/oven, the fridge/freezer and the pantry is important because this is the route that we are going to make often. The position must not only look good from the aesthetic point of view but it must also take into account the efficiency aspect. Time and motion.

Think of what we can do to save time since we are in short supply of it. Prepare in advance what we need before Monday, i.e. before the work days for those who are holding a career or the school days for the home makers with school going kids. Pack meat, fish and vegetables according to serving quantity. Do not lump them into one packet because it takes time to thaw them and repacking them again. Peel onions, garlics and ginger etc and store them in airtight container in the fridge ready for use when required without us having to peel them in the dead of the night after work or early morning when preparing breakfast for the family. Wash and scrub potatos and carrots, peel the pumpkin and gourds ready for baking or boiling or cut up the vegetables and packed them away in advance. Blend whatever is required like chillies or tomatoes or fruits and keep them in airtight container in the fridge. For some meat and sea food perhaps we could boil them until tender and nice in advance ready for use later.

Important thing is to plan the menu for the week in advance so that we have an idea of what supplies to get. We can do all this preparations for the week during weekends. When the time comes for cooking we just have to take them out and hey... we are actually cooking in less time without hassle.

Another thing to remember is to always wash the utensils as you are cooking. Do not let them piled up in the sink for later because the sight of a piled up pots and pans and dishes is certainly deflating.

Invest in some of the cooking utensils and equipment that could save you time. A slow cooker is good for a busy working career person. You put together a stew and time it to be ready when you get home from work. If you like rice, get a rice cooker. It cooks to perfection in 10 minutes or less depending on the quantity. A pressure cooker is best to tenderise meats and ribs in less then 15 minutes. A blender and food processor are gadgets that you must have in the kitchen. If you don't mind microwaving then maybe you could invest in that too.

The above are just suggestions on ways to make a tedious and time consuming chores a breeze. I am sure there are other ways to save time apart from ordering Chinese and pizza..:P

I leave you with a proverb; "Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy.And cooking done with care is an act of love."(2)

Life is actually very simple if we make it simple. Mr Confucius said "Coarse rice for food, water to drink, and the bended arm for a pillow - happiness may be enjoyed even in these."(3)

So till we meet again, take care of yourself.


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(source of quotations)
(1) Van Horne)
(2)source: Claiborne)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

umidishes - Ayam Masak Merah and Vegetables Dalcha

Welcome to my kitchen where I will be sharing with you, our family dishes that was taught to me by my mum and my relations. As with all eastern dishes you are at liberty to add or reduce the ingredients according to your preference. In this maiden entry I am going to share with you the recipe of Ayam Masak Merah or Chicken Chilli.



1 chicken
clean and cut into serving pieces
rub salt and tumeric and deep fried (3/4 cooked)

7 potatoes
peeled and cut into wedges and deep fried

2 tomatoes cut into wedges
2 big onions cut into rings
1 rice bowl processed peas
1 cup raisins
1 cup fried onions
4 rice bowl blended dried chillies
3 tbsp tomato sauce
3 big onions blend
3 inch ginger blend
2 sticks Cinnamon
1 tsp clove
1 tsp star anise
1 tsp cardamom
4 dried chillies sliced
2 bulbs garlic sliced/blend
3 big onions sliced
1 inch ginger sliced
salt to taste
4 cups vegetable oil for frying
1 cup each of sliced mint leaf, Chinese celeries,spring onions, coriander leaves


1) Use back the oil that was used for frying the chicken and potatoes

2) Fry the sliced onions,ginger,garlic, dried chillies and spices (cardamom,clove,star anise,cinnamon)

3) When its browning slightly put in blended onions and blended ginger.Stir and put in the blended chillies, tomato sauce, fried onions, raisins, .

4) Let it simmer a while and put in salt to taste

5) Put in the chicken,potato and peas.Stir well.

6) Let it simmer and lastly put in the coriander leaves, Chinese celery, spring onions,mint leaves,tomatoes and onion rings.

7) Stir well and remove from the stove. Serve.

(pic: from umidishes personal album Ayam Masak Merah)


The next dish to be featured in umidishes is Vegetable Dalcha. This is a very popular dish. It is cooked to accompany all kind of rice dishes in weddings and festivals or in restaurants and food stalls. It is also a popular dip for Malaysian all time favourite Roti Canai, Capati and normal sandwich bread which in some parts of Malaysia is still being baked the old fashion way and is called Roti Benggali. Vegetable Dalcha is suitable for vegetarians. We can add chicken or meat or eggs to the Dalcha if we so wish. The type of vegetables that we used can also varies according to our likings. We can use gourds, pumpkins, sweet potato, all types of beans and peas. In short its a versatile dish which you can customized to your heart content. In eastern cooking there is never a right or wrong recipes. Its entirely dynamic and varies according to the cook preference. So don't be afraid to try and experiment with the dishes until you arrive at your own best recipe. What I am going to share with you is only one way of the many ways of cooking Dalcha. Maybe in future I will show you other ways of cooking Dalcha. So, sit back and let me share with you Vegetable Dalcha. Enjoy !!

Vegetable Dalcha


4 cups of vegetable oil
1 rice bowl dhall or lentils boiled
6 potatoes cut into small pieces and boiled
2 big onions sliced thinly
2 bulb garlics sliced/pounded
4 dried chillies sliced coarsely
1 inch ginger sliced thinly
2 sticks cinnamon
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp star anise
some curry leaves
1 cup spring onions shredded
1 cup chinese celery shredded
1 cup mint leaves shredded
1 cup coriander leaves shredded
2 big onions blended
2 inch ginger blended
2 tomatoes wedged
2 red/green chillies cut in half
3 tbsp chilli powder
3 tbsp curry powder(for meat/poultry)
1 rice bowl santan or coconut milk
salt to taste

vegetables (optional, you can replace with vegetables of your choice:

1 carrot sliced
2 brinjals/egg plant sliced
10 strings of long beans
3 unripened bananas scrape the outer skin and slice into small pieces diagonally

(pic: from umidishes personal album Vegetable Dalcha)


1) Heat the oil and fry the sliced onions,garlic,ginger,dried chillies and spices (cinnamon,cardamom,cloves and star anise) and curry leaves until brown.

2) Stir in the curry powder and chilli powder. Fry for 2-3 mins. Don't fry for too long coz the curry powder and the chilli powder will get burnt if leave too long.

3) Put in the blended onions and blended ginger.Stir well.

4) Put in some water. (the quantity according to the amount of the liquid you want the Dalcha to have. It is best not to be too thick or too runny).

5) Put in the banana, carrot, chilli, tomatoes, coconut milk, boiled dhall and boiled potato. Stir and mix well.

6) Next put in the long beans and brinjals, chinese celery, spring onions, mints, coriander leaves.

7) Stir well and let the Dalcha boils.

8) Salt to taste and switch off the stove. Ready to serve.


So here we are with two delicious dishes which are quite simple and not very time consuming to prepare.I hope you will try the recipe. If you have any questions with regards to the above recipes,feel free to ask me.

Till we meet again, take care of your self and bon apetit.

ge search)


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