Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fried Blackpepper and Ginger Beef (Daging Goreng Lada Hitam & Halia)


Dear Readers,
Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. Something quite simple today. Fried Blackpepper and Ginger Beef (Daging Goreng Lada Hitam & Halia). This dish has butter,pepper and ginger aroma. Tasty yet simple to cook. Try it.

Here's the video:

And here's the recipe.
Fried Blackpepper and Ginger Beef (Daging Goreng Lada Hitam & Halia)

1/2 kg. meat(boiled and pound roughly)
30 gm butter for frying
1-2 tbs salt (according to taste)
2 tbs black pepper corn (pound/grind roughly)
2 in ginger (pound roughly)
3 cloves garlic (pound or grated roughly)
2 big onions (cut into rings)
juice from half lemon


1) Rub salt and pepper into the meat. Set aside for awhile
2) Heat butter and fry the meat. keep turning the meat for few minutes until slightly brown.
3) Add the ginger,garlic,lemon juice and onion rings.
4) Stir the meat well and fry until they are brown.
5) Ready to serve.

I'd like to share an Indian folklore with you.I make the story short.

Once there lived a man with his wife, a young son and his old and sick father. The wife felt burdened by her sick father-in-law and told the husband to kill the old man.After all he would die sooner or later.

Next morning the man took his father out in the bullock cart to kill him. The son insisted on following. When they arrived at the cemetery the man started to dig a grave. The son asked what he was doing and he replied that he wanted to bury the old man because the grandfather was already sick and dying. The son then took another spade; started to dig a grave. The man puzzled asked his son what he was doing. The son replied that he is following the custom of the family coz he too will bury his father when the father is old and sick. Upon hearing that the man realized his mistake and the sin he was about to commit

The morale of the story is, always show children a good example for them to follow. If parents treat their elders and family well they too as adult will treat their parents and loved ones well.

Till we meet again, have a productive Friday and take care of yourself ya.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan



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