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Laksa Asam

Laksa Asam

Dear readers,

Asam Laksa is a Malaysian favourite especially in the northern states of Malaysia. It's chilly hot and sourish very much akin to Tom Yam. The fish that is being used actually determines the taste of the soup. In my opinion the best fish to use is Ikan Parang (wolf herring) coz the smooth and white texture of Ikan Parang makes the soup tastier.However the fish is very bonny and quite tedious to remove them.

Enjoy the video.


400 gm laksa (boil and drained)
1 kg kembung fish {(slimy mackerel/rastrelliger kanagurta)clean and wash}
40 dried chillies (boil)
1 big onion
1 in shrimp paste (belacan)
some daun kesum
3 bunga kantan (torch ginger)
10-15 asam gelugur
2 liter water

for garnishing:
1 cucumber (cut into match stick size)
1 stalk salad (cut thinly)
few stalk mint leaves (remove from stalk)
1 big onions (cut into quarter rings)
2 red chillies (cut thinly)
5 thai green chillies (cut thinly)
1 lime (cut small pieces)
3 hardboiled egg (halved)


1) Boil Laksa noodles until soft.Drained and set aside.
2) Prepare the soup.
a) Blend chillies,onion and shrimp paste.
b) In a pot boil fish with daun kesum and 5 pieces asam gelugur.
c) When the fish has boiled remove the fish and strain the fish stock from the leaves and asam gelugur.
d) Remove the bones from the fish and pound finely.
e) In a pot containing the fish stock, add in the fish, blended chilli,daum kesum,bunga kantan and asam gelugur.
f) Cook until the soup boils. Add salt to taste.
3) Serve the laksa noodles with the garnishings and the soup.

Laksa Asam

Till we meet again take care ya. Bye.


(pix from umidishes album)


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